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Custom Ordering a 991, 'Porsche Exclusive' and You!

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Custom Ordering a 991, 'Porsche Exclusive' and You!

Old 07-14-2018, 02:39 PM
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Default Lead time for made to order 991 Targa

I am hearing up to 9 months - and this is just picking options with no paint to sample or other complexities. Does that sound about right?
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Old 09-09-2018, 12:04 AM
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Default Porsche Photobook Brochure Example

I requested Photobook info from email ([email protected]) and received this brochure (pages attached). No application form was included.
The email did state that a Phonebook request must be received before a car starts production.
Attached Images
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Old 09-09-2018, 10:49 AM
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Old 09-11-2018, 08:04 PM
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Any one know how to get in touch with Yana?

A phone number would be great

Please PM me
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Old 09-12-2018, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Cyberbug View Post
Any one know how to get in touch with Yana?

A phone number would be great

Please PM me
I responded to your other message. Here it is again:

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Old 09-12-2018, 11:15 AM
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Thank you
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Old 09-24-2018, 01:50 PM
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Default Carmel Area Restaurants Recommendations for Rennsport VI

Fellow Rennlisters:

As many of you know, I lived in Carmel from 2000 to 2016. Here is a list of my favorite restaurants &
wine tasting rooms in the area in case it might be useful to some of you visiting during Rennsport VI.
My favorite French restaurants in Carmel:

Casanova on 5th Ave between Mission & San Carlos

La Bicyclette on Dolores at 7th

Affina on San Carlos & 6th

Seventh & Dolores

My favorite Italian restaurants in Carmel:

La Balena on Junipero between 6th & 5th

Lucca on Dolores between 7th & Ocean

My favorite Sushi restaurants in Carmel:

Akaoni on Mission between 6th & 5th.

Sushi Heaven on Dolores between 7th & 8th

Other recommended dining restaurants in Carmel:

Dametra on Ocean at Lincoln (Middle Eastern)

Mission Ranch on 26270 Dolores Street behind the Carmel Mission. (American).

Clint's only remaining restaurant in Carmel. Don't bother with the
one he sold a long time ago - Hog's Breath!

My favorite breakfast place in Carmel:

The Cottage on Lincoln between 7th & Ocean

A favorite 'Classic' place for afternoon drinks or evening music in Carmel!

The Cypress Inn on Lincoln at 7th

Best 'Happy Hour' (drinks/appetizers at low prices) in Carmel!

Il Fornaio on Ocean at Monte Verde (4:30 to 6:00 PM)

Vesuvio on 6th at Junipero (4:00 to 6:00 PM) Go to the rooftop!

Other restaurants in Carmel Valley & Carmel Valley Village that I recommend:

Baja Cantina (Mexican) on 7166 Carmel Valley Road (not far from Carmel-by-the-Sea):
The weekly gathering of sport cars & hot rods is on Thursdays!

The Baja Cantina owner, auto collector Pat Phinny, also is the proprietor of 'Turn 12'
restaurant (American) in downtown Monterey - thus named because Laguna Seca
has 11 turns...!

Carmel Valley Village (20/30 minute drive from Carmel). Can also be accessed via
Laureles Grade from Route 68 in vicinity of Laguna Seca):

Cafe Rustica on 10 Del Fino Pl / Carmel Valley Village

Corkscrew on 55 West Carmel Valley Road / Carmel Valley Village
The owners, Walter & Gaston Georis, also are the proprietors of Casanova &
The Biclyclette in Carmel. Gaston drives a Boxster.

Wine Tasting
Bernardus Winery Tasting Room on 5 West Carmel Valley Road / Carmel Valley Village
Bernardus Winery is owned by Ben Pon, an ex-Porsche factory driver,
whose family are Porsche (& VW Group) importers for Holland!

Talbott Vineyards Tasting Room on 5 Pilot Road, Carmel Valley Village
Talbott Vineyards was owned by a friend, notable motorcycle collector, Robb Talbott!

You can visit his motorcycle museum nearby! A must if you are into motorbikes!

Carmel Mid-Valley
Jeffrey's Grill / 112 Mid Valley Center / Great Breakfast & Brunch spot.
Halfway to Carmel Village. Closer to Quail Lodge & Carmel proper!
By the way, you can drive from Carmel to Greenfield (on 101, south of Salinas)
via Carmel Valley Road using Monterey County G16 Road. Pretty twisty...and a
good Porsche interior road to drive!

Here are some more recommendations in Monterey:

Big Sur down the coast on US 1:

Deetjens (Breakfast or Lunch - you will not soon forget the place or the ride!)

Ventana (Lunch)

City of Monterey

Tarpy's Roadhouse on 2999 Salinas Hwy (Route 68 just past Monterey Airport)

Monterey Fish House on 2114 DelMonte Ave

Sandbar & Grill on Municipal Warf #2 (less tourist than Fisherman's Warf).

Crystal Fish on 514 Lighthouse Ave. (Best Sushi in Monterey)

Bistro Moulin (Best French restaurant in Monterey)

French Bakeries

Paris Bakery on 271 Bonifacio Pl, Monterey

Lafayette Bakery at 3672 The Barnyard near Carmel

Finally, Monterey Bay Aquarium in Cannery Road, Monterey
(if you do one tourist stop, this is the one!).
World class aquarium on Monterey Bay!
Hope to see some of you at Rennsport this week!

On my way from Scottsdale to Carmel today!
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Old 10-30-2018, 09:57 PM
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Default A personal word, if I may...

Dear Rennlist Friends:

Today I sold the 2017 .2 991S that I just posted on Rennlist Classifieds:

I want to congratulate the new owner of this fine vehicle. He is a fellow Rennlister who first saw the ad here on
our forum. I appreciated the great response to this ad from so many of you. I am glad to see the special specs
of this car were appreciated by so many of you! This '17 .2 991 Carrera S replaced my '15 'Signal Green' .1 991
gt3. The reason was that I didn't love PDK. And this '17 was not only a manual, but it was equipped with the
'Sport Package' which featured 'Rear Axle Steering'. I loved this '17 .2 991S and soon overcame my trepidation
over not being a 'naturally aspirated' engine. This car was/is a torque monster...and handled like a junior gt3!

I will repeat here what I recently posted in about my future plans in automotive subjects & Rennlist:

"So I am not abandoning Porsche or automobiles made in 'das vaterland'.
At 68 years of age, and having been a Porsche customer since 1973, I am
still dance to the tune of 'Deutschland über alles'. But I am not particularly
happy with PAG at the moment, given how badly they are handling PTS
and also for allowing dealers to engage in the ADM abuse. I have never
seen a corporation utilize their best & most loyal customers to subsidize
their dealers' profit margins so boldly & so flagrantly! But PCNA & PAG
are OK with it because it allows them to push more Panameras & other
less desirable cars on their US distribution channels. They will soon find
out, when leaner economic times come back, that this was a very short-
sighted policy.

In the meantime, I will explore the possibility of jumping to the dark side
and buying a Ferrari 488 Spider before I buy my next Porsche (the upcoming
Boxster Spyder). Ferrari is not without it's own issues. But at least dealers
have to sell their cars at MSRP to the original customer. And while the models
are 'hot' (meaning first few years after they are released), dealers get them
back from their VIP customers & re-sell them at a profit. But we are now almost
at the end of the 488 model cycle & I have been able to get an allocation for a
488 Spider at MSRP without having to kiss *** or pay a premium. That was not
available to me from 2016 until now. This doesn't happen often at Ferrari...but
when it does, you have to take advantage of it.

Here is what my 488 Spider might look like. Sort of like Ronald McDonald's car
when you think about it! But I am a real sucker for their 'Rosso' interior with
deviated stitching and love the 'Giallo' paint they offer. So much better than
Porsche's current 'Racing Yellow' which has too much 'green' tint. And their
two-tone exterior color with a 'Nero' (black) deviating top is seldom (if ever)
offered by any other car manufacturer. I find that a really a cool & innovative

My next model from Zuffenhausen will be the new Boxster Spyder scheduled to be produced
in the second half of 2019. I have the #2 slot at my dealer in Colorado & hope I'll be able to
spec that in PTS. But we will see. As I just told you, I am quite disappointed with the way
PAG & PCNA is handling PTS. So we will see.

I have my 1973 914 2.0 in 'Ravenna Green' for sale at Rennlist too.

For the meantime I will keep my original paint, original interior, 57K original miles 'Crystal Blue' 1970 911E Targa:

I am the third owner & this car has a wonderful provenance:

1) Original Window Sticker. 'Crystal Blue' was a special color in MY1970. Porsche informed us via an article in
Christophorus after the end of MY1970 production that only around 15/16 cars of the total 15K built in that model
year were done in this wonderful solid/uni 'blue' color! So it's quite rare...besides being beautiful. And in my car,
it's still the original factory 'Crystal Blue' paint!

2) Subject of an article (& its cover) of Issue #4 at Gmünd Magazine back in 1980 at a time when only rare models
& race cars made the cover of this prestigious publication, the first dedicated only to Porsches.

First in Class & First in Division Preservation Class at the 2009 PCA Parade Concours d'Elegance in Keystone Colorado.

In 2012 at the Salt Lake City PCA Parade my Targa was selected by a panel of judges that included
Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Hans Peter Porsche, Oliver Porsche & Detlev von Platen for the prestigious
Honorary 'Judges' Choice' Award, the last trophy presented always as a surprise at Parade's Concours
Banquet on Tuesday night! For my 1979 911E Targa to receive the recognition of the Porsche family in
a field of top competitors in a national concours of at a PCA Parade was the proudest moment in my
history with the brand!

Here is a video taken the morning of the Concours before the competition began:

Needless to say, this is a very special automobile. If I were to part with this unique & exceptionally
well-preserved survivor, it would take close to US$300,000 to do the trick! Mechanically, it's also in
top shape. I just spent $30K plus with Patrick Motorsports in Phoenix to built rebuild the motor! So
it drives as good as it looks!

Finally, a word about Rennlist & my lack of active participation in the past months. I am not enjoying
the banter at Rennlist at the present time like when I first join back in 2009. And I know for sure that
moderators have failed miserably in keeping this forum safe from senseless strife & active trolls. So
I am taking an extended break. Hopefully the forum will get to place that will be welcoming to me &
many of my old Rennlisters friends that sadly also don't post anymore. Regardless, I wish everyone
that I have met through Rennlist my best & want to tell you it has been a privilege knowing you &
assisting some of you in matters related to PTS & 'Porsche Exclusive'. Bonne Chance!

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Old 12-01-2018, 12:51 AM
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Default 'Lizard Green' debuts as a 'Special Color' on the 992...

You might recall that I talked about this possibility earlier this year when the color was introduced with the .2 991 gt3 RS....

I must tell you all that this is, personally, one of the best news I have seen coming from PAG regarding the
color palette of their cars. Porsche is finally giving us a stunning 'solid/uni' bright green color at a relatively
affordable price ($3270) vs the now very expensive PTS option. And without the drama, delays & frustrations
associated with PTS! I trust that 'Lizard Green' will also be a 'Special Color' on the coming 2020 Boxster Spyder
...and that will most likely be the color I will choose on that model on my allocation. And I predict this will be a
much more popular color option for customers than 'Miami Blue' and 'Lava Orange' in the long run. Simply
because, unlike those two other colors that were 'massaged' rather unsuccessfully by the color fashionistas
at PAG, 'Lizard Green' is almost a faithful reproduction of the very popular formulation of the vintage 911 color
'Gelbgrün/Lime Green'!

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