Air-Cooled Porsche 911 Build Aims to Be a Hot Rod Outlaw

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Porsche 911

Instead of dialing up Singer or Magnus Walker, this Rennlister decided to build his own amazing custom Porsche.

The terms “hot rod” and “outlaw” still draw a good bit of ire in the world of Porsche. And it’s understandable, because we don’t feel like you have to mess with something like an air-cooled Porsche too much, if at all. But we can also appreciate tasteful builds that aim to modernize older cars without going too over-the-top. And that is exactly what Rennlist member AG81 is aiming to do with his 1988 Porsche 911.

“I have to admit that to this point, the forum is mostly a place I’ve used to learn and buy parts. I am not much of a social media guy. This is my first air-cooled Porsche build, but not my first hot rod. So far, I’ve finished the paint and stripe restoration. I’ve got the interior somewhat disassembled. The dash is finished with A/C relocated to the radio opening. The WEVO Shifter and G50 PSJ are amazing in this car.”

Porsche 911

Next up were some small but very cool exterior mods. The OP drilled out and painted the door handles black, then installed a set of modern headlights with black trim rings.

Porsche 911

The next step was to completely clean up the engine bay and perform lots of maintenance items. And if you were doubting the incredible attention to detail on this build, the OP even went to the trouble of cutting and stitching up his own carpets. At this point, the interior was looking simply outstanding.

Porsche 911

Finally, after what feels like forever, the new wheels arrive. And it’s safe to say they look utterly fantastic.

Porsche 911

With the inside and outside of this incredible Porsche looking great, it was time to address more maintenance items. Things like brakes, which received a 100% refresh with all new components. Then little things like deleting the rear bumper guards and machining some custom trim for the dash. If nothing else, it’s pretty evident that the OP is one incredibly talented guy.

Porsche 911

The OP continues to make small, incremental tweaks to his amazing build. So you’ll want to be sure and keep up with this project, which you can do by heading over here. Because even if you aren’t a fan of modified Porsches, it’s hard to argue with this tasteful and overly impressive body of work!

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