Author: Brett Foote

Top Five EVs We are Looking Forward to Driving Soon

Porsche Mission E

Tesla’s stranglehold on the EV market may be coming to an end.

  Comments | By - April 20, 2017

What’s Up in the Forums: Shop Crashes Member’s 944 Turbo

Rennlister distraught after “joyriding mechanics” wreck his Porsche. But fellow forum members got his back.

  Comments | By - April 19, 2017

5 Wild Tuned Porsches at the Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show never disappoints, and these five tuned Porsches certainly don’t either.

  Comments | By - April 17, 2017

5 Facts About The Mind Blowing Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid

These are some of the reasons why the 2018 Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is going to be such a groundbreaking vehicle.

  Comments | By - April 17, 2017

5 Porsche Racing Technologies That Made It To The Street

Porsche has been developing road car tech on the race track since its inception. Here are five notable racing technologies that made it to the street.

  Comments | By - April 13, 2017

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