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  1. nc_growler
    05-13-2010 02:18 AM
    Awesome introduction to the car today Dave. Thanks again for all the encouragement and shredding. Can't wait to post a series of pics to the "post a picture" thread shortly... :-)
  2. SharkSkin
    05-09-2010 08:30 PM
    Ron, just saw your message about the oil issue today. Glad you figured it out!
  3. deptotpr
    04-26-2010 01:15 AM

    Please take a look at my thread "Need my Fellow Rennlisters! 1978"

    I have two pics of my oil leak. The oil is just sitting there?

    What is your first instinct/thought? Thanks, as usual Ron-
  4. SharkSkin
    01-25-2010 05:17 PM
    Ron, coolant color should not matter for a pressure test. You can bring it over hot and with the rad cap loose, we can prep it and tighten the cap, then apply pressure. Having most of the intake plastic already removed so we can just pop that one piece off would help as well.
  5. Ron_H
    01-24-2010 03:34 PM
    Dave, if you have time next Saturday afternoon, and can perform a pressure test on my cooling system I would be grateful. Nicole also said she might bring by her Saab. I may be able to pay her then so I could take it off of her hands. If you're busy that day, no problem. It seems a pressure test is the best way to find leaks particularly if I use some colored coolant which I have left.
  6. Chuck Schreiber
    02-09-2009 09:00 PM
    Forgot to check your reply and work has had me hoppin the last week.

    I know, I need to get her out and blow all the carbon out of her for sure!!!

    Could be your injectors leaking?? The accumulator should do just that, accumulate pressure so you can start it after the car sits for a while. I saw one of the others w CIS post that his car was extremely hard to start after it sat, replaced the accumulator, and it cured the problem.

    The pic where I've got the 2 padded clamps are where your second pump lives. I've got nothing but the hose at that point with the clamps.

    Your update on the fuel lines and torque tube, etc are excellent!!! Keep up the good work partner!!!
  7. SharkSkin
    02-02-2009 04:22 AM
    Not sure about the accumulator. It shouldn't matter, with a good check valve, right? If it leaks down nw it's got to be something in the engine bay.

    You've got to get that car out and drive it! If you lived local I'd offer to take it and blow the cobwebs out on a regular basis. That's probably all it needs. When you have a chance, I'd love to see a pic of how the hose is routed through the area where my second pump lives. I'm guessing there is no bracket to mount a pump?

    Anyway, I managed to FTP my site update, but I can't load it in a browser to check it. Damned IB.
  8. Chuck Schreiber
    02-02-2009 01:45 AM
    Got the car buttoned up today and drove for a while. Have not started the car since probably May. CIS does not like to sit!!! Took about 4 cranks to start and it died several times. finally idled ok, but needs to be run. Hesitates at higher RPMs but last time I had it down it was the same. I ran her for about a half hour around town and it was a little better, but really needs a few tanks, some miles, and some f injector cleaner. Knock on wood, no leaks so far in the new lines. Will get her next weekend and take her out, will let you know how it goes.
  9. Chuck Schreiber
    02-01-2009 11:08 AM
    Thanks for clarifying. Finished the line, clamps, etc, yesterday. Need to put about 2 gallons in her and a fresh battery today. Will crank up this afternoon and check for leaks. If none found, I'll drive her the rest of the day and then move her to storage about a mile away. Need to make room for wifey's new car.

    In regard to starting and firing right away, I hear you. CIS should fire immediatly even after sitting. Until I want through all my pump problems, leaks, etc, the 79 could litterally sit for a month and would fire right up, every time! Faster than the GTS does for sure! Is there any chance your fuel accumulator could be bad? Is it original?
  10. SharkSkin
    02-01-2009 12:49 AM
    I meant the check valve that screws into the pump, not the tipover valve. Both fuel pumps have integral check valves, but IMHO the car is not holding pressure after shutdown. If I restart quickly, like when leaving a gas station, I touch the key and it's running. If it sits for 20-30 minutes, it will fire then die, then second try it fires right up.

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