Porsche GT3 Racers Heat up Australia with Intense Action

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The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge is one of motorsport’s most hotly contested events. And this clip shows us why.

If you’re a fan of motorsports, you already know that it’s hard to top the intense action provided by the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. Partly because it features nothing but Porsche 911 GT3 racers, of course. But that one-make lineup also makes for some of the most exciting semi-pro and aspiring pro driver action on the planet. It’s no surprise then that Porsche’s GT3 Cup is one of the largest and most popular racing series in existence. And if you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, here’s nearly an hour of juicy footage sure to do just that.

This clip covers all the action from round four of the Aussie GT3 Cup Challenge event at Queensland Raceway. Before the race even begins, the competition is clearly heated. Cooper Murray enters the race as the points leader. But both Simon Fallon and Max Vidau are right on his tail in the title hunt. Heck, even the cars bringing up the rear are fighting it out like they’re potential champs.

Porsche GT3

Rubbin’, as they say, is racin’. And there’s plenty of rubbing going on here. To the point where lots of cars find themselves staring at expansive green fields of grass. It’s the kind of aggressive driving that we’ve become accustomed to in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. And obviously, that’s part of what makes it such great TV.

Porsche GT3

And it’s no surprise, given the fact that most of these guys are just trying to make it in the big leagues. For those of us who love all things motorsports, it also gives us something to root for. All while watching our favorite rides scream around the track!

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