Mission E Cross Turismo: Dramatically Different, Distinctively Porsche

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As radical as the Mission E Cross Turismo might seem, it’s still immediately recognizable as a Porsche.

When Porsche dropped the Mission E Cross Turismo concept at the Geneva Motor Show, it quite simply shocked the world. No one really knew what to think, quite honestly. As if the Mission E itself isn’t a seemingly radical departure from the Porsche we know and love, here was an all-electric off-road wagon. But once the dust settled, a realization kicked in. Despite its radical nature, the Mission E Cross Turismo is quite obviously full of Porsche DNA.

And that’s exactly the message behind this recent video bit from the automaker. With proportions that are “not only dynamic, but dramatic,” there’s no mistaking this vehicle for anything else. And that’s truly saying something in a business where many automakers seemingly get lazy. And in some cases, rip off each other’s designs, time and time again. Like every other Porsche, the Mission E Cross Turismo is quite obviously a Porsche.

Mission E Cross Turismo

And according to Director of Exterior Design Peter Varga, “the most important task was to make it a real Porsche, no matter the drive technology.” The “freedoms” afforded by electric power surprisingly came second. But this is something we’ve come to expect from Porsche. Above all, they’re determined to retain the characteristics they’re known for. And in this case, that translates to aerodynamics as well as design.

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