How Long do you keep your Porsches?

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21 months for the c2 and 14 months for the C2S. I normally keep my "fun" cars between one and two years. If it wasn't for the loss of bucks on each sale, I'd change cars every six months...always looking to improve upon what I had before. I have been this way since I was 16 and I guess that's why I must be approaching close to 75 fun cars
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I've never sold a Porsche. Had the 993 since 1998 and will hopefully still have it to pass down to my daughter when I'm too old to drive it. It still manages to thrill me after 13 years together. I've put lots of time and effort into the car and love everything about it - the way it drives, feels, sounds, smells, and of course the way it's made.

Had the Boxster S for a month and a half. I like it a lot but don't love it. I will sell it someday when 997 prices come down some more.

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6 years and 30,000 miles and loving it! Very soon .. there will be a widebody to keep her company.
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7 years and running... no intention of selling it... just of progressively sliding down more and more the slippery slope.... more fun for me than getting the latest model every two years... the car gets personalized...
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11 years. The 993 gets better and feels "newer" to me each year. Just have to go browsing at new cars to confirm this. Most of them have evolved into appliances.
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I've owned my GR 1996 C2 since 1997. It's a keeper. It's my weekend fun car. I get tempted now and then to give it a Porsche brother (GT3RS) but I don't have the garage space right now. I've also thought about F-cars but question the ownership experience. For me, I am still having an affair with my 993.
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993 C4S for 7 months. Don't intend selling mine - made me smile and feel good on the inside when I took it for a 200km run today.
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over 7 years on the 993 - hope to keep as long as I can physically drive it
still have a 944 sitting in the garage, can't sell for sentimental reason - not really worth anything anyway
and hope to add another p-car that I won't sell
If I stumbled across a Porsche that was a great buy(something someone local has to dump quick and cheep), had the cash, I would consider buying/driving/selling for small profit.
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89 944 T (1992-2008) should have kept it for DE car :-(
96 993TT (2008-4ever) :-)
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1987 Carrera 10 years>>>1996 993 C4S 15 years and still doing well
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Owned my car since 2002, and November will make it nine years even. Hard to believe that I've had it for almost a decade. It's the longest I've ever owned any car.
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Had my 996 for 2 years, recently bought my 993 to replace it.
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we had the 912 from 84 to 97 or about so 13 years on that one
the 911SC we got in 95 and had it until 06: 11 years
the 993 we got in 06 and have no current plans to sell it.

so far our average is 12 years, with the 993 just under half way.

Personally I think the 993 is a keeper.
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'73 914 -3 years,
'68 911L 4 years,
'84 3.2 Targa 18 years 200k
'96 993 5 years 60k

I think we should ask how many miles have you driven them
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Never sold a Porsche, either. My 993 was my first 911 and also my "Dream Car" spawned from bedroom posters of a 930 and a Ferrari 308 back when I was 10. Once we were finally in a position to finally get my Dream Car (huge kudos to wife who was fully supportive!!), I found the perfect 95 back in 2001 and hope to drive it until I can't which case the kids can have their turn!

And same goes for the Trackmeister. With the crap economy taking its toll on family expenses and discretionary dough, I've had a few bouts of "should I sell her," but then weighed the pittance I'd get for it vs the cool-factor of having a "vintage" 911 in the house. The kids can have that one, too!

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