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Rennlist Top 10 HP/TQ

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Default NZ951's Top 10 HP/TQ

944 or 968 Turbo 2,801+cc

1. Duke (3.1 16v), 676 RWHP @ 1.5 bar E85
2. Corleone 560WHP at 1.25 bar E85
3. Zoran (3.0 16v) 537WHP (dyno dynamics)
4. 333pg333 (3.0 8v) 552 rwhp @ 25 psi E85
5. Refresh951 (3.1 8v) 535 RWHP @ 24 psi E85
6. George D. (3.0 8v) 531WHP / 495TQ (dynojet)
7. Duke (3.0 16v) 514 rwhp / 450 ft/lb @ 17 psi pump gas
8. Markus951 (3.0 16v) 495 RWHP / 395TQ
9. DFASTEST (3.0 16v) 480WHP / 470TQ (dynojet)
10. RolexNJ (3.0 8v) 461WHP / 406TQ (dynojet)
11. Tom M'Guinn (3.0 8v VR5) 450WHO/473TQ (dynojet)
12. CMF (3.0 8v) 421RWHP 381TQ @ 16psi
13. Pete95zhn (3.0 8v) 405.7HP 565.5Nm

944 Turbo 0 - 2,500cc

1. Special Tool 602WHP / 480TQ (mustang dyno)
2. LindseyR 479WHP / 453TQ (unknown dyno)
3. Under Pressure Performance 475WHP / 392TQ (dynojet)
4. Bob Patterson 458WHP / 461TQ (mustang dyno)
5. George Darling 427WHP / 350TQ (dynojet)
6. Stewardx 416WHP / 388TQ (dynojet)
7. Raceboy 415 WHP, 16v, 1.2 bar, pump
8. 95ONE 415WHP / NO TORQUE (Dynojet)
9. Blown 944 410RWHP/445TQ (Dynojet)
10. RKD in OKD 395WHP / 381TQ (dynojet)
11. MPD47 394whp/391tq (dynojet)

Post your dyno chart (in WHP/kW).

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Soon to have 217hp at the crank on a 2.5l. Sorry to make any of you jealous.
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Ted Wright will be on that top ten list this saterday!

and i'll be on the bottom hahaha woot
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NZ for your lists i think you should just do a top 15, and just list the displacement next to the person. There just arent enough cars to fill the lists. As for my numbers, we wont know till late august.
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Mike, thanks for the advice, I will do that for the overall... but I want to keep the others separate, as I think its important to make the distinction.
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heres mine
this was around 16.5psi with messed up a/f ratio. i plan on tuning it and seeing what i can get out of it.
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special tool
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472 and latest 533 dyno (SFR and wasted spark)
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He he, I know I wont last long on the list, but I'll take a few hours of glory: 236 whp / 258 wtq
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should it be specified what kind of dyno the numbers come from? are dyno sheets required for proof, or are we on the honor system?
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See sig. Stock everything excepts chips and EBC for those numbers.
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AMAF had like 900 h.p.!!!!

J/K guys.
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Peak numbers are fine, however the actual power curve is more important. The type of dyno used is a must, as load dyno (such as Mustang) reads lower than a DynoJet.
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We will know EXACTLY how much lower here in a few weeks because I have made zero changes and am going to the dynojet.
And I am not going to drop the throttle so early like a wuss this time, either.
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My numbers (297 rwhp, 317 rwtq on 2.5L) probably won't survive as a top 10 overall, but it probably makes a top 10 for a stock K26, albeit a K26/8. Here's the dyno chart (from a Dynojet) I posted last year:

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dyno before started really playing around with the power perfect and maf tuner.

I guess I need to go back because with my air/fuel cleaned up a little im prolly making a little more power now.

Ahhh vitesse..... my dyno will look much better.

I was thinking since I was going to have to buy his chips anyway if I want his turbo ect....why not do a test between johns chips and the koklen's I run now. I know there would be a jump.

I think it would be kind of cool to compare and see just how much difference there would be. Plus with before and after dyno's it might help him sell some more Not that he needs any help.

301hp 341tq
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