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Thinking of Selling the GT for Something Newer

Old 06-30-2010, 02:31 PM
Rob Edwards
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Erik, I know you said you fit in it at 6'1"- any place to put your feet? I sat in William A's 512BBi a few weeks back. Between my 2 giant paws covering all 3 pedals, and my right knee occupying all of the R-1 shift plane, I would be totally unable to drive his car. At 6'4"/215 would I have a prayer in a 355 6-speed?
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Old 06-30-2010, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Marine Blue View Post
Anthony I do appreciate all of the input. I will probably continue to attend concours since I enjoy it but I'm not sure I will actually participate. Too easy to win with a newer car IMHO. If I don't sell then maybe we'll have an opportunity to compete. I was actually considering coming down in July for the next concours in Long Island, this will really depend on if I have the car or not or if someone is seriously interested or not.

There are technically three factors for this purchase, they include Fun to Drive, Reliable and I have to like the way they look. I realize the last one is purely opinion. I did drive a DE prepped 964 and I liked it but I didn't walk away thinking "I want one". The handling is excellent but it just doesn't feel modern. It is very mechanical and I really want something that isolates that feeling. I realize that some of the steering feel will be lost but overall if the car does what I want I really don't mind.
Well I have to agree 100% the 964 on down are all very old school. A direct connection to the road with no creature comforts. I grew up with these cars starting with the early 911E's then SC's and so on. What I enjoy the most about them is their mechanical connection to the road the point and shoot handling, the loud raspy exhaust and the lack of electronics. Although how a 964 is set up will change its characteristics tremendously. As you move to the 993and then the 996 and 997 you loose this feel and move into a more modern feeling car. As a DD I enjoy these newer cars but for a spirited drive give me the older cars hands down. This is not the case for everyone, usually you find those that grew up with these cars are permanently addicted. I guess that is why I drive the GTS. This is everything the 911 is not. It is as modern as I prefer for a weekend driver. I find the newer the car the more I feel like I am driving a video game and I leave that for my game room. You need to really push a 964 for a few hundred miles it will eventually get under your skin and throw a switch which is hard to turn off. Although not the car you are looking for I can guarantee you that. The 993 might be a bit more but possibly not. I do know of a nice 993cab for around $28k if your interested?

Originally Posted by Marine Blue View Post
Personally I do not care for the appearance of the 996. The curves are lost, the interior is not elegant or sporty and overall my impression is that Porsche focused strictly on performance.
Couldn't agree more although a 996TT with aero package, a done up GT2 are far different than your run of the mill 996 especially the early 3.4liter cars. IMO Porsche dropped the ball with the 996 but that is my opinion but the widebody cars have that something extra that helps them out.

Originally Posted by Marine Blue View Post
The 997 is a huge improvement, not as nice as the 993 on the outside but definitely attractive and compelling visually. I've thought about a used 997 Cab and I may need to test drive it but overall the Spyder seems more like the type of car I'm after. There is talk about a Clubsport version of the Cayman S which sounds interesting but I really think a convertible would be cool and suit this region of the country better. Supply/Demand and appearance IMHO, not much else as Anthony has pointed out.
Huge improvement especially the 997.2. Very nice cars I would use one for a DD but could not replace my GTS with one.

I would test drive the spyder. It is leaps and bounds beyond a boxster in both looks and performance and worth the $70k asking price IMO. Although that depreciation is always a concern. Suspension is a bit on the stiff side though.

I have a friend who has some cars you might be interested in I will send you a PM.
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