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Buy a Bandage - Haiti....

Old 01-15-2010, 09:35 PM
John D.
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My Reply:

Hello Brother....

You are not alone - I cry with you for all Haiti is today, after the earthquake. I cry for the people too. What Jen and I and all of Rennwish do is so small compared to the hurt of the people there. I am so sad also to read about what the international community try to save - but, as I say to you another time, I know they try to save their own first. that makes me sad...

Today, I start a new program to save the hospital in Cayes. We try to raise money - and then have Fr. Mark at Espwa buy medical supplies , food, beds for the Haitians at the hospital in Cayes - not for our use - BUT for the use for the people of Haiti - the children especially and those people who are like those who you mention. Your people, family and friends. I think "our" people.

I think we can do all that - just for the people. Not for the USA or for the Chinese or for all the countries, alone - but - more importantly - only for the people in Haiti...

It is OK my brother to cry about all that happens in PAP and Haiti - and all that you see. All that you live through. It is all OK..

You - and the people in Haiti do not cry alone.

We cry with you.

You are not alone. We are with you. All who support Rennwish... Please tell people in Haiti who want to give us a hug - all of us hug them back even more.

And please tell them they are not alone either...

I love you,

Your Brother,

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Old 01-15-2010, 10:04 PM
Mike B
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Paypal sent...Prayers to all and thanks to John and Jen.
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Old 01-15-2010, 10:31 PM
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Coin tossed into the wishing well
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Old 01-15-2010, 11:10 PM
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John - our thoughts and prayers are with those poors folks in Haiti, and with you for all you are doing for them. Our donation is made.
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Old 01-16-2010, 06:24 PM
John D.
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Apparently there are a number of copies of this thread in the various forums and sites, so I apologize to all of you is you have read this post in one of those threads as well... You see....

I just came home from work - and while I'm trying to prepare to get into Haiti as part of a rescue, if we get clearance, I wanted to say this...

You folks - all of you - are amazing. I am humbled, speechless - and a lot more than a little proud to be your voice to so many in Haiti who have no voice. In short - what we are trying to do - and will do - is actually "adopt" a hospital for the next few weeks and give the children, men & women (I believe there are about 1500 in dire medical need at that hospital as I write this) - the medicine they require, food, water - and most importantly - simply *hope* that we - or rather YOU - have not forgotten nor forsaken them... I don't really know anymore the right words to say. I do know that those in Haiti do not have the right words, either - to express to all of you their thanks. If you doubt that - please read Adrien's e-mail posted earlier, OK?

As well - on to the "nut-and-bolts"...

In the past 28 hours - Rennwish has raised approximately $23,000 for this effort alone. The prelimary figures are:

$14,267 - PayPal
$8,100 - Committed as "checks in the mail";
$700 - eChecks not cleared but in process

I shake my head in disbelief, because - just like you - I find it amazing that so many could care so much...

And we have just started on attacking that $75,000 goal. I know - we will "just get it done" - as you and Rennwish has so often in the past...

To the number of folks that asked if they could defray the PayPal processing expenses, my thanks - but the answer is "no". It's been our "mantra" that if you give "$1" - then "$1" goes to that Rennwish Program. Jen and I have traditionally offset any PayPal or wire transfer or bank expenses from our end. We will continue to do so - as I made that guarantee that your "$1" reaches the children and the people intact and in full. It's what we do and will continue to do...

A few have asked how we intend to get the funds into Haiti to acquire the supplies, etc... That's easy... We need to get some funds immediately into those purchasing the medical supplies - so they can get them into the hands of the hospital and the folks. So, we'll send enough via instant wire services to make the initial purchases for the first few days. At the same time - we will bank-wire direct into the Haitian financial banks the major portion of your funds, but it typically takes those funds about 4-5 days to clear within Haiti.

So - in short - we'll start getting your supplies into Haiti as a trickle, while the major banks clear the majority of the assets - which will insure the funds, medicine, food and necessities of life continue to flow... This is all being done from "within Haiti" itself...

Finally - here and an edited private e-mail I sent to a contributor, who was worried if he'd done enough...

....Honestly? I am so overwhelmed by you and others - I am speechless... Since the earthquake - in private - I've been a mess. I've lost some "friends" - and given the situation, have felt like "what can we really do?" - which pales in comparison to all the International Aid, syndicated charities, etc... But then - as I got in contact with my folks (like Adrien and Marc), knew that there was so much to do...

All we want to do is get aide to the people who need it... One person to one person....

Giving an entire hospital - which has been forsaken so far - medicine, supplies, food, water, - HOPE - is what we do best. In fact -- it is what "we do"...

That "we" is you and the folks who have contributed - have done. It's "person to person". That's personal. That is you.

You made a huge difference - simply by choosing to care....

So, my thanks.... My "job" is easy... My "job" is to ensure that $1.00 donated goes to $1.00 of aid. No newspaper articles. And no clips on major network TV news... No pictures.... No pat on the backs....

Just simply - people-to-people.

My thanks for that,

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Old 01-19-2010, 03:02 PM
John D.
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Since the last post in the 928 Forum is on the 16th, I just wanted to say.... And......

I've said it before - and I'll keep saying it - thank you.....

As well - if you have contributed to this program and I have your e-mail - you should have gotten a "semi-personal" thank you..?? What's "semi-personal"??? Well - it was an e-mail sent out to over 200 folks who have contributed... I'm a little humbled by all of you... I always have been - and I always will be...

For that - it gives me great pleasure to make public our first "press release".. It was edited and authored by many of you - and requested by many more... If you would like - feel free to use it and distribute it as you will.. This success is not to my credit - but rather - to yours collectively....

In short - we have reached nearly 50% of our goal of $75,000 since last Friday afternoon.... And while we still have a long road ahead - we can - no rather, we will do this....

Here is that press release..... (<--- Click there if you want to read it...)...

My sincerest thanks,


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Old 02-04-2010, 01:27 PM
John D.
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You folks are incredible... Thank you! A special Thank you to JoAnne and Jenn for keeping everyone updated while I was in Haiti. I know it was difficult, as there was so much going on, and frankly - I was running at 100MPH...

As well - it gives me a great deal of pleasure to announce that North Country Region (NCR) of PCA ( has donated $5,000 to Project Rennwish! I was greeted with the check upon my return from Haiti last evening. We can only hope that other PCA Regions help out - as Rennwish has it's root's in Rennlist, and that site has supported PCA Members, Events and Regions for over a decade - as it is, and was - about the "people". In short - I am humbled, speechless and eternally grateful to NCR, its Board and the 490 Porsche owners that region represents. Therefore, in one of our projects (orphanage(s) or one of the schools), we will be dedicating a room or a building to the Members and Board of North Country Region in Haiti.

Being a Member of NCR and PCA throughout the years - their action makes me proud of being affiliated with both. I hope - and challenge - any other PCA Region to follow suit, as indeed - it is "about the people"...

As well- I have the following subject areas & pictures I'll be adding to the websites later:

Our work with Pastor Andre's Orphanage;
Food Distribution Issues;
Pastor Vilnor's School and food distribution;
Our Programs with Pwoje Espwa;
Our Foster Children in Haiti Program;
The medical supplies we brought in for the Hospital & Clinics;
Our work with the McCall children while in Haiti;
Life in Haiti - refugees, sleeping in the streets, etc.
And discuss our course of over the course of the next few months...

The road ahead will be difficult - and if we are to succeed, which I have no doubt we will - it will take all of us pulling and pushing together - as a team. And as well - discuss and explore new avenues to expand and support what we started many years ago in Haiti.

So - we will just "do it" and get it done...

My sincerest thanks to all of you...

And yes - it is great to be home, if only for maybe (I'm not sure yet?) a week before I head back - as there is an incredible amount left to do.

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