Wouldn’t You Rather Take the Driving Test in a Porsche 911s?

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These driver’s ed students don’t know how good they got it. I had to take my driving test in a Geo, and these lucky stiffs get to take out a hot new Porsche 911s. And they’re not even remotely excited about it. Sheesh.

Of course, the premise of the Porsche produced video below doesn’t exactly fly if the students aren’t properly freaked upon realizing their driver’s test car will take place in a state of the art sports car. Yeah, a kid would likely be pretty confused by such an automotive wonder as the 911s. And that’s where most of the vid’s humor comes from.

At the beginning of the clip, we are asked (in French, with English subtitles) a question: “What’s the best way to learn to drive a sports car? Experience #1: Take your driving test in a sports car.” Which leads to all the obviously dramatized shenanigans that clearly show “Experience #1” to be a poor choice.

But we soon get to the real point of all this, which is that the Porsche Experience Centers are really the best way to learn how to drive a sports car. And then comes the really exceptional part of the video: where they show off how much damn fun the PEC experience truly looks.

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