Rennlister Transforms Porsche 997 Carrera S into 911 R

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Porsche 997 911R

The Porsche 911 R is an amazing, albeit expensive and rare machine. So why not build your own?

Without question, the Porsche 911 R is an amazing car. A pure, unadulterated driving experience for those of us willing to trade sheer performance numbers for the joy that we get from doing things ourselves. And unsurprisingly, all of these wonderful characteristics have driven demand for the 911 R (and prices) through the stratosphere. Which is part of the reason why Rennlist supporter TPC Racing is transforming a Porsche 911 R into a 997 Carrera S for member Hammerman501.

“This factory 2005 Porsche Carrera S will be undergoing a huge transformation over the next few months. We’ll be morphing it into a 4.0 liter X51 build with a variety of GT3 parts and aftermarket goods. That will essentially have this Carrera easily pushing over 400hp with a new aggressive 911 R inspired look.”

The plan also includes sleeving the original block and fortifying it with forged rods and mostly all factory Porsche X51 parts. Plans for the suspension include TPC Racing adjustable sway bars and drop links, a DSC Sport suspension controller, and 3-axis accelerometer. Rounding out the package are a set of factory GT3 brakes. It’s an interesting and ambitious plan, but one that we were obviously stoked to see come together.

Porsche 997 911 R

Disassembly soon began, and the headers were modified to fit the Porsche with a little custom fabrication. A 997.2 GT3 RS airbox was also scheduled to be altered to work with the X51 throttle body. Soon, the engine was out and off for a total rebuild.

Porsche 997 911 R

Of course, this was the long, tedious part of the build. But once the engine was assembled and in the car, it fired right up and ran smoothly. A huge hurdle in any rebuild. With that out of the way, TPC moved on to modifying the airbox and installing the exhaust. And the results of that hard work sure looks like a piece of fine art.

Porsche 997 911 R

At this point, the engine work was completed and this 997 Porsche sounds amazing. It also reportedly pulls hard with a wide, linear torque band.

Now that the hard part’s finished, this killer Porsche build is ready to move on to the next steps. So you’ll want to be sure and head over here to keep up as this awesome ride goes through the final stages of its transformation!

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