Porsche Reportedly Taking Pre-Order Deposits on Mission E

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Porsche Mission E

Reserving a Porsche Mission E allegedly costs only $1,000 and guarantees you a markup-free sale.

Tesla created a bit of a stir when they began taking pre-order deposits for their Model 3 EV prior to the car’s launch. The move helped the company raise much needed cash for the endeavor, with over 300,000 people chipping in $1,000 to hold their place in line. Now, it appears that Porsche is taking a page from Tesla’s EV planning by doing exactly the same thing with the Mission E. At least, that’s what Reddit user cloudone is claiming.

“Just put in a deposit for a Porsche Mission E at my local dealership. They told me there are already 20 people in front of me. I’m already a big fan of electric cars, [and I] can’t wait to fly to Stuttgart to pick up my car. ETA is 2 years.”

The cost for reserving Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle? A Model 3-matching $1,000. Obviously, Porsche doesn’t need the cash to spurn development, as Tesla did with its entry level sedan. Since the Mission E and its development costs are already covered, you don’t risk losing your cash. But it’s still interesting that Porsche would choose to allow this to happen.

Porsche Mission E

Granted, it’s impossible to tell if the Mission E will attract flippers the way recent Porsche performance models have. And cloudone claims that he even received a one page contract from his dealership promising to sell the car at MSRP when it’s available. That promise alone might turn out to be worth a lot more than $1,000.

It’s a sure sign that at least one dealership isn’t exactly confident that the Mission E is the next 911 R. Regardless, we’re guessing Porsche won’t have any problems selling each and every one they make. So if you plan on getting one and want to avoid any potential dealer markups, it might be worth looking into.

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