Make Your Porsche Cayman Safer for Motorsports Action

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GMG Porsche Cayman Harness/Roll Bar Front

Protects the driver if the Porsche Cayman flips while also providing a place to mount a racing harness.

While flipping through the Rennlist Marketplace, we came across this lightly-used roll bar/harness bar for a 981 Porsche Cayman. This piece was listed by forum sponsor RaceDevelopmentCenter, who posted it for sale after removing it from a customer’s car. It was only used for about a thousand miles and it appears to be in great shape, but best of all, it is considerably less expensive than when it was new, giving our members a chance to score a great piece of safety equipment for a fraction of the initial price.

The Introduction

When the representative from Rennsport-One listed this harness bar/roll bar for a 981-era Porsche Cayman, he offered a brief explanation of why the shop was selling this used piece while also including the details from GMG, the manufacturer of the bar.

“We just removed this from a customer car that was used lightly for about 1000 miles. Attached photos below of the actual item for sale. We are willing to powdercoat this any color upon request and will bill customer our cost.”

Product description from GMG:
A GMG original design, our 981 World Challenge Harness/Rollbar is a great option for those looking to track their GT4 or Cayman. It is made of 4130 Chrome-Moly Steel Tubing that has been TIG welded and normalized for superior strength and rigidity. The GMG World Challenge Harness/Roll Bar is designed to work with standard reclining seats or racing fixed back seats.

The bar is designed to be minimally invasive while still integrating many features. The cross brace, which sits just behind the seats, is positioned in a way so as to not require cutting into the bolster hump between the seats. By keeping the bar one continuous piece we have avoided compromising the structural support it adds to the main hoop. The main hoop mounts to the seat belt anchor positions while the rear section bolts down directly on the rear strut towers (doubling as an added support for the rear coilovers). Trimming of the rear strut tower caps will be required (templates are provided).

Standard finish is a durable Satin Black powdercoating. However, we offer a number of custom colors to match your styling needs. Please allow for an increased lead time for custom colors.

-Minimally invasive design while simultaneously added
-TIG welded out of precision cut and formed US-made 4130 Chromoly Steel Tubing
-Provides a mounting point for clip-in harnesses.

Vehicle Fitment:
-2014-2016 Porsche (981) Cayman, S, GTS”

Finally, the list price is just $1,500, which is $795 less than GMG’s list price.

Simple Safety

If you do any racing with your 981 Porsche Cayman, this bar setup from GMG can be helpful in a variety of ways. Most notably, if you are ever in an accident that puts your Porsche on its lid, this bar will help to keep the roof from crushing in against you. Also, even if you never flip the car, this bar provides an easy solution to mounting racing harnesses, but most importantly, it mounts in the car without any cutting, so if you decide in the future that you don’t want it anymore, your Cayman will not be left with hacked-up spots where the roll bar used to sit.

GMG Porsche Cayman Harness/Roll Bar Side

Finally, if you are concerned with how it will look in the cockpit of your Cayman, the seller will have it powdercoated any color that the buyer wants, for a price, of course.

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