What if Porsche Decided to Build a Truck?

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Porsche GT Vision Truck 3

Don’t worry, a Porsche truck is not really happening, but we wouldn’t mind one if it looked like this.

Automotive illustrator, Alex Baldini Imnadze, first caught the eyes of the Porsche community a couple of years back when he rendered the gorgeous 906/917 Concept.

Fast forward to January 2019 and Imnadze has once again enthralled Porsche enthusiasts. This time, Imnadaze has produced this rendering of a futuristic Porsche truck, meant to haul his race-car concept. We came across his Porsche heavy hauler on his Instagram page.

Porsche GT Vision Truck 2

Called the Porsche GT Vision Truck, the front of the hauler reminds us a little of the Tesla Semi, which is actually going into production. However this Porsche concept seems much stronger aesthetically. The rear appears to be inspired by the 918 Spyder hypercar, with the one-piece taillight and the (probably unnecessary) air diffuser. In an ideal world, the truck’s powertrain should be electrified. After all, that seems to be where the auto industry is headed.

That said, since Porsche doesn’t actually manufacture trucks, do not expect to see anything like this on the roads anytime soon. Although, if you think about it, such a truck could be very useful for the company to transport its own race-cars, or to provide trailer services to its VIP customers who own mileage-sensitive vehicles, such as the 911 R and the 918 Spyder. There will, however, be the risk of brand dilution.

Porsche GT Vision Truck 1

We definitely recommend checking out Imnadze’s Instagram page. In addition to Porsche, he has done some beautiful illustrations and renderings for several other marques as well, including Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Bugatti, and more.

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