We’re Lovin’ this Current Craze of Lifted Safari-style 911 Builds

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Safari 911 off-road

Who needs an SUV when your Porsche 911 does just fine?

Off-road Porsche 911’s are nothing new, really. Since the early days of Porsche’s involvement in Eurpoean racing, rally events were prolifically entered by the bolstered, rugged, go-anywhere coupes from Stuttgart. At their highest point, Porsche’s evolved 911, the 959, snatched a 1/2 finish at the 1986 edition of the Paris-Dakar rally, showing that the car was an astonishing performer both on and off-road.

Thirty years later, it becomes tough to imagine anything other than one of Porsche’s SUV as an off-road adventurer. However, this Safari build that we spotted on Jalopnik is one of the first based on a 996 that we have ever seen.

Safari 911 off-road

Let’s talk about this color for a bit. It’s green, but not quite green in the military camouflage sort of way, rather, it’s a bit like an olive or dill pickle. OK, that can be forgiven. But the white accents? We can imagine they’ll be polarizing, and the yellow laminates on the headlights don’t help it be universally appealing either. We’ve seen better military themed cars, is what we are aiming to say.

Hues aside, the build looks pretty stout. A crate engine with only 35,000 miles on it will relieve anyone concerned about an engine about to let go. Only 3,000 miles have been accumulated since the Safari conversion was complete as well. Ride and handling from the 2 inch lift are said to have been completely unaffected, despite being on winter tires.

Does a Safari style build ruin a Porsche though? That’s up for debate, but it seems to us as the 911 evolved, it was designed with the road in mind rather than the great outdoors. Despite this, we like a little trend bucking, and a rough and ready Porsche 911 has great appeal. Think about this: your other option for a Porsche off-roader you could just get a Cayenne Transsyberia. And that was orange.

Check out a lot more of this timeless Porsche at Jalopnik.

Photos: Jalopnik

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