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Need radio code


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Default Need radio code

I had to replace the battery on my wife's 02 Boxster S. It has the original CDR-220. The serial number is 15007385.

Does anybody know what the code is?

thanks in advance!

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Just call your dealer, give them the VIN nr and they should be able to give you the code.
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Or head over here with your request:

"Which radios fitted to Porsche can have their unlock code recovered through serial number?
- CR-220/CDR-220 - Becker
- CR-210 - Becker
- Traffic Pro NAV/CD - Becker

Which radios can not have their unlock code recovered through serial number?
- CR1 - Alpine
- CDR-23/24 (or later) - Becker
- PCM (Porsche Communication Management) – Siemens & Becker

How to get your radio serial number?
Hold down the TP button for at least 10 seconds after you turn the radio on. "Becker 1" will be displayed. Rotate the right **** (slowly) and it will display the Becker model number. Then rotate it again and the serial number should be displayed on the radio.
Or, if the radio is out of the car the then the serial number is on the label.

Press tone, then 8 and 0 simultaneously. "Becker" appears. Press station up arrow on right. "PR-VERS" appears. Press one of numbered buttons below display, directly below the LCD arrowheads (try a few). The model number will appear. Press station up arrow on right. "SERIAL N" will appear. Press the numbered button again. The serial number will appear.
Or, if the radio is out of the car the then the serial number is on the label.

CDR-23 (or later):
These radios do not have a security code - that is, not that the user enters.
These radios are security tested on the MOST (fiber optic bus) system to see if they are the "programmed" radio. The radios are programmed and recognized by the car’s DME and can only be replaced by a shop with a PST2 or PIWIS. These radios will not request a code when battery power is disconnected.

Traffic Pro:
Select the Service Menu, press NAV and multifunction key 10 simultaneously in radio mode. Use multifunction keys Nxt and Prv or turn the right control **** to select the individual items.
You can move through the following items:
- Model-No.
- Serial-No. <-- this is what we need
- Changer Reset
- Radio Software
- Radio Bolo
- Navi Rom
- Navi Flash
- RTC Value
To quit the service menu, press END.

I get a WAIT in the display - what do I do?
You have to wait 1 hour - with the radio on and ignition switch on (or the car running).

Neither of the suggested numbers worked - what do I do now?
My program does not always work. It works maybe 95% of the time but I have no explanation why it doesn't always work.
You can try 2 digits different each time (and sometime that works). So if your code is 1013 - then try codes 2 digits different from that code (i.e. 1011, 1009, 1015, 1017. etc.)
If that does not work then you will need to contact a dealer or Becker. Becker charges to look up your code and some dealers do too.

Can you give me a code for my PCM?
These units are manufactured jointly by Siemens and Becker, and the only place where you can get the codes required is from the dealer/OPC. The PCM’s require two codes, the ICS/Siemens code and a Becker code. The ICS is the first code requested.
Sorry, the only place you can get a PCM code is from a dealer/OPC.

Can I post my VIN to get a code?
We do NOT need your VIN - only your radio serial number.

Where can I post my lost code request?
Please post your request here:
Lost Radio Code - post your request here

Please DO NOT PM me or email me (or anyone else helping with the codes) your radio code request - we will only answer requests in that one thread. "

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Help please.
Type 4462
Ser X5026924

Fixed horn lost radio
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I am brand new to Reenlist. This is my first post. My 2003 Boxster S Bose CDR23 radio will not turn on and only "flashes" PORSCHE. Dealer says it is shot and I must purchase a new one for $795. How do I know it is really shot? I see many used CDR23 radios for sale. Does a replacement radio, if needed, have to have the same part number as on my radio? Thanks much for any help!!
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Lost my books and radio code was in it. I have a Becker CDR220 in a 2002 996. Serial # 15001316 - can anyone help?
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Originally Posted by JDAY996 View Post
Lost my books and radio code was in it. I have a Becker CDR220 in a 2002 996. Serial # 15001316 - can anyone help?
See post #3. Loren at can supply your radio's code. I think you have to join renntech first though. I'm a member and submitted a code request to Loren and he responded promptly and that was that. The code worked perfectly. I had to drive the car 30 minutes before I entered the code Loren supplied as I tried a number thinking it was the code and it wasn't.

A dealer should be able to help. You might have to show up in person and there might be a charge. My dealer supplied me with my radio code once at no charge.
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Post your radio code questions on Heiko will answer your question. There is a thread in the general questions area. He is on there at least a few times a week. He always knows the codes somehow.
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Would someone kindly do me a favor?

I have tried to sign up for Renntech seceral time with different emails, however I cannot receive the link to confimer the account activation.

Long story short, I need the radio code for a radio I purchased from eBay.

thank you in advance to anyone that can help by posting my request on RennTech

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