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Hi Stephano,

I apologise for the confusion. It appears as though the dealer posted on this board before you and that is how the misunderstanding happened. I am very sorry for that.

Let me start again by welcoming you to Rennlist. You truly have a beautiful and, it appears, a very rare car.

It would be really interesting to hear the comments of Adrian Streather or Marc Bonger about your car.

Do you have any pictures of the interior or the engine itself? I am assuming that the exterior of the engine remains basically the same, but I have seen factory cars with very large intercoolers straight out of Zuffenhausen.

Enjoy Rennlist!
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Excuse my ignorance but Marc Bonger book ?? Got any details, ISBN ?

All the best

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Originally Posted by TomF
but I have seen factory cars with very large intercoolers straight out of Zuffenhausen.
Can you elaborate further about these intercoolers you have seen ? AFAIK there were only the 3 types ever sold by Porsche for the 993tt/GT2
1) stock factory side to side
2) GT2 pressure sensing side to side (looks just like stock, similar thickness but larger surface area and has different pressure sensing inlet pipe/location
3) Secan EVO Porsche M/S back to front (currently ~$30K new)

I did quite a lot of research on this and whilst I know quite a few "people" have represented (usually through ignorance rather than design) other intercoolers as "factory" , they have in fact been after market - the common one being the TTP design which even Cargraphic (a reputable high end vendor) used to describe as "intercooler motorsport"

Re the Bongers book, it is about Porsche cars and Ruf models, MOD500 kindly got me mine, but not sure where from ?
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30 grand for an intercooler? wow. how rare were they?
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Originally Posted by Rassel
Note that the Ruf book is the same as this one except for the paper slipcover.
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Thanks for that . I thought I was going to have to polish my very rusty German !

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Originally Posted by Sbrillanti View Post

It is what I know. Three kind of engines are known: M64/60, M64/60R, and M64/60S. I have never heard of a M64/60RS engine.
My car was made as a 993 TT in 1996 with a M64/60 engine of 408 hp, I presume.
In 1998 a "major" upgrade was done: this was a completely new engine fitted in the car. The old one was not elaborated, it was changed. What kind of engine is this? I thought it was the original M64/60S of the new Turbo S, but it is punched RS in the engine. In the specification paper it is registered as M64/60RS with 331 Kw. This means that at least one M64/60RS engine was built. Which are the real specs of this engine are not known.
A few archived photos are attached.
I have the exact same car. Same color too. Ocean Blue Metallic. Lets compare notes. PM me your email
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Originally Posted by Sbrillanti View Post
I have recently purchased a 993 TT with 450 HP engine. The car was built in 1996 and the new engine was built and fitted in 1998.
The original 993 TT engine is named M64/60 (408 HP); the original 993 Turbo S engine is named M64/60S (450 HP); the original 993 GT2 engine is named M64/60R (430 HP).
The engine in my car is M64/60RS, with 450 HP and typical Turbo S double pipes exhausts.
What kind of engine is this? It seems fantastic. Max speed has been recorded as 304 KM/H, and 0-100 KM/H acceleration is 4.0 seconds.
Any info about this Turbo "RS" engine?


All 993 turbos (Street) had the same M64.60 engine. Internals are all the same.
The differences are on "kits" around the engine; Factory or at the dealer.

There is no underpowered Turbo S engine or overpowered regular turbo engine. They all use the same M64.60 engine and they all come with 408HP from factory (402.3 mechanical horsepower = 402.1 electrical horsepower = 407.9 metric horsepower).
All turbos with more HP are alterations to the same engine, made at factory, dealer or aftermarket.

If you have a 993T, 993TS or a GT2 and for whatever reason you order a new engine from Porsche, you will receive an M64.60 engine, with the specifics, around the engine, accordingly to your model. But the engine is the same.

The 993 RS uses a different engine. M64.20.

Dealer invoices could/should include alterations they made to the car prior to delivery.
(Let’s say someone bought a new 993T and ordered the “X50” upgrade. The dealer will charge him and there will be an invoice for an 993T with “X50”, not from Factory…)
So you can buy a brand new car from an official Porsche dealer with a certain specification that not necessarily came from factory. But they will not alter factory documents. So to make sure, check your engine number, not the one the dealer gave you. That will tell you what it is.

Vin number will tell about the car.
And factory invoice will tell the options.
That’s about it.

If I had an RS stamped on my engine, it would be crazy cool anyway.
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There were some changes from 96 to 97 but I don't remember if something changed on the specifications for the M64.60
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