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992 C2S vs 991.2 GTS builds...

Old 02-11-2019, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Drifting View Post
991.2 GTS 450 hp vs 992.2 S 443 hp (AND 120lbs + heavier than 991)

conclusion 991.2 GTS much better car, and we haven’t even discussed cosmetic changes.
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Dr. Ice
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I currently have a 2017 C2S with RAS, PDK, Sport Chrono and PSE, but I am looking forward to getting into a similar equipped 992 soon. The 992 will be a better car in about every way. Anyone telling you to buy a 991.2 probably has one for sale so they can move up to a 992😜
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Yeah it's just too bad it looks like azz.
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Originally Posted by groundhog View Post

Pietro its hard to know what to make of Porsche times - they appear quite selective and without knowing who the drivers are, its like comparing apples, oranges and limes; often without proof and driven by marketing necessity and balance.

Auto Motor und Sport is a really good source of reliable information and they use the same driver for their supertests - Chris Gebhardt (who is still a very good driver).

Chris tested the 991.2S and did a time of 7:34

He also tested the 991.2 GTS and did a time of 7:24 (7:23.77) and the 991.2 GT3 7:18.

The Porsche works drivers are appreciably quicker ~ 5s per lap e.g. Chris Gebhardt 991.2 GT3 7:18 Vs Porsche works driver, Lars Kern 7:12.7

I suspect Chris will be about 5s quicker in the new S and put in a time around 7:29 e.g. splits the last gen GTS and S.

Also its worth noting the Auto Motor und Sport times have video proof and a published sector break down. In this regard Porsche are very selective and as I pointed out above play times relative to marketing.

I look forward to independent reviews of performance

Its worth keeping in mind these times are blisteringly fast and a 7:25 by a works driver is crazy quick for a grocery getting Carrera S.
Never understood why ppl cared so much about track time. 99% of buyers wont even track their car more than once a year. 90% of buyers wont even track their 911 ever.

That's a fact.
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Originally Posted by GT3(991) View Post
I don't understand all the hate with the new 992, some people complain about the weight, but a 2018 911 Turbo S has a curb weight of 3528 lbs and I don't hear anyone complain about the performance of that car.
Are you kidding? All you hear on the GT3 forum about the Turbo S is that it's a heavy pig and that all the weight affects the handling of the car. That is an especially weird comment coming from someone with a userid of GT3(991) as I would think you are familiar with the GT3 forum discussions. Do some searches there about the Turbo S. The Turbo/Turbo S gets killed there for its weight.

Personally, I'd skip the 991.2 GTS and 992 and go with the Carrera T. Lighter and last narrow-body 911. I enjoy driving it more than my GT3.
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Old 02-12-2019, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by gary.lee View Post
Never understood why ppl cared so much about track time. 99% of buyers wont even track their car more than once a year. 90% of buyers wont even track their 911 ever.

That's a fact.
It’s about capability and panache.

99% of the people who’d wear a Rolex Submariner will never go diving and 90% may never even go swimming with them.

But yet, there they are, all over the wrists of land lovers.

Same me with a steel Daytona. Almost no one uses the chronograph function for countdowns or to track time. We have iPhones for that.
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I just went through a similar decision process these past months. The factors in my decision were as follows...

  1. Was it important to buy a new 911?
  2. Aesthetically, which model did I think was the better looking car? Which one was I passionate about?
  3. Were the "improvements" in the 922 that I disliked? Were the dislikes important enough where I preferred the 991.2 design implementation?
  4. Since I wanted a manual transmission, was the wait for another year for the 922 worth it? Did I think Porsche would eliminate or postpone the introduction of the 992 manual transmission and I would regret not ordering the 991.2 GTS?
  5. Was there an urgency where I needed to buy the 991.2 GTS now before the selection and/or allocations dried up?
  6. Does the added performance of the 992 really make a difference for the way I will use the 911?
  7. Did the 922 add more complexity and opportunities for issues due to the application of more technology? Will the 991.2 have a potential for less issues during ownership?
Let us know what you decide. The chase is half the fun!!!

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Get the car that will scratch your itch when you walk up to it. Both cars are very similar in performance. If you get the 991.2 GTS are you getting it with a manual or PDK. The manual 992 is 10 months out. The 991.2 GTS allocation is good through May as a 2019 model and you can surely negotiate a decent discount on your price and the GTS cars hold their value much better than a C2S or C4S. I like the 992 but would never get a PDK without the ability to shift with the stick so that makes the decision for me to get the 991.2 in either tranny now as opposed to waiting. You can replace the 991.2 GTS with the 992 GTS in 3-4 years. I prefer the look of the 991.2 over the 992. I sat in the 992 just last week and I am not satisfied with the front end. I will adapt to the interior and back end eventually but as mentioned now I have to get a MT since I won't have the nubbin. Been driving and racing 911 cars since 1980 and getting rid of the stick on PDK was the most blatant blunder I have seen by Porsche in many years. The sales in China drove that decision I heard. Make your decision on what stirs your passion the most when you walk up to the car. If you order the 991.2 GTS, get the RWS for sure.

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What I can contribute is relatively unbiased as I daily a '18 GTS manual with RWS and have plenty of both to sell...but I immediately was impressed with driving the 992 C2S. Accel and grip and even the steering/ rear steering are improved noticeably.

Manual is a bit out- so tide yourself over with a GTS and then get a RWS manual car next year.
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