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First impressions with the new 991 TT

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Hugo Gunnarsen
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That's an interesting write up. I'm currently planning to get a 991 Turbo S, and I love the interior ... just not so much the default 'settings'.

1) Yes, the non TS trim is in a 'cheap' metal/painted plastic that I did not like at all. TS does come with 'free' Leather/Aluminum/CF, which looks much better (I'm thinking CF, even if Aluminum looks nicer (have that in my M3)). I wish I could have replaced the center of the steering wheel with aluminum or something nice, but then I lose the paddles ... so ... (perhaps after market here)

2) I did pick it in dual-tone (black/red), and leather on the dash/door/back, at that point I think it looks very nice, and up to an M6 level (almost, with exception of buttons and ergo), but I actually like the seats (the sports plus).

3) Should Porsche make the 911 nicer than the Boxter? Yes ... they did add some default trims to the TS vs T, which lift it a bit ... but then again they also added the price

Can you say more about what you like with the 997 interior? I actually found the 991 to be superior to the 997 interior (but still with the 'flaws' above).

My main issue with the 997 Turbo was the lag ... oh the horrible turbo lag ... 991 not so much (still some, but it's not an on/off switch at 4500rpm ... it pulled quite strong at 2k, and took < 0.5s to get into boost ... the 997 took 2-3seconds ... (which almost turned me away from Porsche T ... till I tested the 991 - Better then an M6, but worse than an M3 (M3 was actually better than the CS4 (throttle response), did not try the GT3).
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Originally Posted by James88 View Post
Can I step in with pricing.

991 TT Over 400k
991 TTS Over 450K

Australian Dollar $0.89 to the USA $1.00

They are really bending us over here in Oz..
How do they sell any cars with prices like that?
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Richard Williams
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Hi everyone,
Well, I was very scared when I gave up Jezzabel my 997 Turbo '07 Coupe with all the bells and whistles and Mary, my 996 Turbo coupe '03 plus 70,000.00 and now I only owe 127,000.00 since they didn't give me the 40,000.00 because they didn't have the titles yet so yes I was scared of my new 991 Turbo S....

O.K. The 996 had the best interior to me.. Just racing car. The 997 looks the best on the outside but drives like a house with rockets... Fast but finicky.

The 991 Turbo S is definitely so far superior to either of those in speed, handling, comfort and quietness that there's really no comparison... But that said often it's getting to the speed and not going 93 before you even realize it!

Different animal... This one is basically a cup car and you know it as soon as you start driving her... Hard to even compare. This one is so far superior, but in different ways, that you really have to take a risk!

You can't just leave the driver's window down and drive 65 mph. The echo of the air is painful. The aerodynamics are for a race car and not a casual run about fast car. So.. it's definitely different.... Ridiculously fast and doesn't even notice other supposedly fast cars around, it's calmly just whooshing past them so it's not real comparison. The quiet inside in leather with the carbon and red and black leather is very beautiful with the red stitching on the black dashboard... the brakes are like a very light touch and you slam through the front window....

Take a deep breath and sign over your next years income but you won't be disappointed at all.... I'll post some pictures when I'm permitted. It's been awhile since I've gone back to this site and dealt with forgetting my password! Boy, it takes two days for them to sent you it in the email!

Thanks and let's here from others who took the risk!

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Richard Williams
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