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Fab is Back! With this GT3 RS

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Hold on, we also have another great shot by Ted 7 with (almost) all the cars we just did for GoldRush 9... Here:

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Default 'Hippy paint color trivia'...

Originally Posted by dark knight View Post
not to sound like Eduardo, but heres some hippy paint color trivia,
the real color I believe is Koenigsblau or royal blue the rainy race
made it look purple pictures, the 917 short tail hippy that came
laster looks purple so man get the 2 confused
You are right...that just doesn't sound like 'Eduardo'!

This sounds more like the real McCoy:

Originally Posted by Z356 View Post
From another thread:

But of interest to those following this one. 162435, I will
send you a pm re: getting the owner to agree to reveal the
information on the color codes used on his vehicle. Thanks.

I met the owner of the 'blue/green' 'Hippie Livery' 918 at Rennsport V.
In fact he let me drive it for a short bit. I also have posted a thread on
Rennlist about the unique two paint PTS 918's...

The Last of the 918s - the special PTS cars & their stories!

I have also exchanged notes with the person that posted first
about this 'Hippy Car' 918 at Rennlist (162435):

918 PTS - Hippie livery

For the sake of accuracy on this 'reference' PTS thread, the 'blue'
color used on this 'Hippie' 918 is actually NOT 'Königsblau', which
is a vintage Porsche 356B color from 1960/1961. I owned a 1964 356C
Carrera 2 coupe that was painted PTS 'Königsblau', or 'Royal Blue'
as that color was called in English. The color code was '742'. Porsche
internal paint # was 6012. So I am quite familiar with that color! See
a representation of 'Königsblau' on a 356 below, which doesn't
generally show any hint of 'purple':

The owner of this particular 918 requested PAG to match the colors
of another 'psychedelic' 917 (917-043) that resides in Pennsylvania
at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum painted in the same
Martini livery (remember that photos often 'lie' about true color).

I have the particular color names & codes for the 'blue/green' 918
from Minnesota, the 'Hippie' livery car. But I am waiting to ask the
owner of this particular 918 if he doesn't mind if that information is
posted here on Rennlist. It's just common courtesy, since I respect
the privacy of these owners re: their cars. But I can confirm to you,
& others here on Rennlist, that the blue on that 918 is actually not
'Königsblau', the old Porsche 356B vintage color!

Originally Posted by Z356 View Post
6) Hippie 917-021 'Blue-Purple/Green Martini 918' - in Paint (except Martini decals)

So far, these are all the 918 I have seen done in this special PTS process. The latter involves painting two colors on the same panels, something which is not normally available via PTS.

Costs: 'If you have to ask, you can't afford it'

Regular PTS on the 918 was $21000 for most colors. Some of the more complicated PTS were priced at $49,000
(e.g. Pearl White 947). The two exclusive 'Liquid Metal' paints, which required 9 coats applied in high precision
(metal flakes were aligned properly by magnets) and three clear coats, was priced at $63,000.

I can only guess that for the design, labor & execution of these last PTS 918s in historic liveries, PAG probably
charged their customers over $100K + for the privilege! And when you add some of the special requests done
by 'Porsche Exclusive' in the interior - e.g. special leather colors, deviating stitching, deviated leather beading,
unique leather headrest embossing - the combined expenses for the paint & interior is probably close to $150K
for these special PTS 918s!
For the 'Blue-Purple/Green' & 'Yellow/Red' Hippie car, the story now takes an interesting turn. Both color schemes are based
on 'one' historic 917 chassis # - 917 -021. That chassis was raced in various liveries. And that is where the story needs to be
told in full so that you can understand what these two 918 owners were trying to 'honor' or 'pay homage' in their particular
(& expensive) color schemes:

Confused? OK, one more:


What about the 'Blue-Purple/Green' Hippie 918? How true are those colors to the original historic livery? The
'other' 917-021 painted in this color scheme is apparently in Belgium. From the photos in the 'Classic Driver'
article above the darker hue appears more 'purple' than in the 918 color scheme. We don't know if that car
was available to the 918 owner to request color samples.

But there is another 'psychedelic' 917 (917-043) that resides in Pennsylvania at the Simeone Foundation Automotive
Museum & is more accessible to research for color. It is also painted in a 'Blue-Purple/Green' Martini livery.

So what color scheme was followed by the 918 owner in reproducing the original livery? Did they nailed the colors right?
I think we will need to see that car photographed in different light to see if the 'purple' comes through on the base blue!
If anyone can add more to how the colors of this car were 'chosen', we would appreciate the input.

Altogether, it's a fabulous story of these last, and very special, PTS 918s. And let me leave you all with this video which
attempts to capture the era of the 917-021 which inspired some of our subject matter:

Had enough on 'hippy paint color trivia'?
Or do you want to know more?

Originally Posted by Z356 View Post
7) Hippie 917-021 'Shell Martini 918' - in Paint (except Martini decals)

OK, now that you know the story on 917-021, let's go to the easiest of the two 918 'Hippie' color scheme
to explain why it was done that way. The 'Yellow/Red' Hippie 918 is duplicating the livery on 917-021 as the
Shell Psychedelic (at least it's third racing livery paint job):

It is probable that the 918 owner chose to follow the colors researched by Gunnar Racing for their careful
restoration of the formerly Rosso-Bianco 917 in 'Shell Sandeman' livery.

Although that original livery did not have the psychedelic design, it was painted in the exact same Shell Oil
colors (the 'yellow' has a bit of mustard & the 'red' has a bit of orange) that would adorn the later 'Yellow/Red'
livery #2 on the 917-021. And even the 'red' seats on that historic car are reproduced on this 918 'tribute'! So
all of that makes sense!
Basta...I am taking a break!

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ok so the 917 #021 in the book, which I have but haven't looked at too hard yet, is the original #021 rebuilt. My real question is this, if I ever get this built
what color should I paint it to be correct, I was thinking the Simeone museum car color was correct, actually isn't there some confusion as to which car is the real 043
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Default Hippie Livery Idea

I read an interview of Tony Lapine several years ago. He indicated the livery was not inspired by the "Hippie" movement at all. Mr. Lapine based it on the purple iris flowers he grew in his garden. I got the picture that he did not approve of the name given to the car by the automotive press.
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Here is the first car we did for Mooty.
Attached Images  
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Heads up. Just posted a couple of new photos of this car, as well as Salzburg and Martini liveries to this post:
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