Smaller alternator issue completed(pics)

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Default Smaller alternator issue completed(pics)

As some of you may be aware, I have posted previously about my ongoing search for a smaller alternator that looks somewhat factory and will allow for my 3" intake pipe clearance. Yes I could remove my A/C but with ice cold R134 that would just be silly. So...I am happy to say that I beleive I have finally found a solution thanks to S-G autoparts and thier wonderful return policy. lol

This is my previous factory alternator, it's wedged in there so tight I doubt it would move a bit even if I removed all the mounting bolts.

So onto something better. Going from a recent members post I first tried a Nissan Sentra alternator. This was nice a small however the mount tabs were 180' opposite instead of being offset like the stock Bosch unit. This created a problem attaching it to the mounting bracket. I could have fab an extension to mount this but the other issue was it only peaked at 70amps. I then test fit a few more alternators before finding this little gem here:

How much more perfect of a match could it get!?!

This fit onto the factory bracket a little tight at first but quickly lossened up.

Here it is installed as a test fit. Notice the massive amount of clearance I now have between my inlet pipe and the new alternator. Before the pipe was litterally wedged against the alt which I had to also grind some metal away. You can see how my pipe-turbo coupling hose is shifted up a bit from the factory alternator.

I still have to work out the wiring as I have no idea how the Nissan alternator wiring goes. If anyone has an ideas please let me know. I know ne of these two tabs will go the the factory switched power wire, but what about the second? And also how do I find out which is which of these two?

So there it is, a 1997 Nissan Quest alternator that is a great match which some minor work to fit in a 951. This alternator is rated at 110amps with 70 amps at 1100rpm and peaks 130amps at 6k rpm. It came a with a nice little dyno sheet, lol. The back of the alternator sits much farther forward which is also much farther away from that hot alternator killing turbo. I do not think heat will be an issue due to placement and the fact that this alternator has massive cooling fins inside it, plus is completely open so it will easily dissapate heat. It makes the factory alt look like baking oven. I still have to figure out what I will do about the pulleys as this one is a 5 rib where stock is 6. My two choices are to eitehr get a 5 rib belt of the same length or switch the alternator pulleys. Either way would work just as well I assume.

This is as close to a bolt on as I have been able to find. The one fabrication required is to grind ~1/8" of the 1/4" thick bracket directly underneath the alternator and drill the mounting holes for the larger Porsche bolts. The nice part about this is that nobody will see that area that was ground down once installed.

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Nice work! I'll be interested to see how this works out!
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very nice im tracking your progress also
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Dude, the pulley is significantly bigger in diameter. Wont this pose an issue?
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Very Clever solution to a fairly common problem! PROPS =)
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what is the weight of the new nissan alternator?maybe this could be another way of weight savings.good work.
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Originally Posted by shortyboy
what is the weight of the new nissan alternator?maybe this could be another way of weight savings.good work.
That was my question as well, I am guessing around a kg. NIce work on finding one that matches the spacing of the front to rear lugs.

I am liking the bigger pulley too since my 951 likes to sit above 4000RPM
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As far as the pulley goes I have been searching to find what size crank pulley the Nissan Quest uses so I can figure out the ratio. The shaft size is the same so I can switch the pulleys if needed. The only issue with using the new pulley is that is has one less rib slot. I don't see why I couldn't use a 5 rib belt which would just leave one slot open on the crank and a/c. People with 240sx do this all the time when upgrading to this alt and haven't heard of any issues with belts "jumping". The alternator is now mounted and in place but the hold up now is what pulley to use. Not really a huge concern, just option A or option B, lol.
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Originally Posted by shortyboy
what is the weight of the new nissan alternator?maybe this could be another way of weight savings.good work.
I haven't weighed it but it is certainly lighter. This isn't exactly a tiny alternator so it's still heavy but yes way less weight than stock. Of all the alternators I tried, this one weighed the most, it also puts out the most amps so it's a fair trade off.
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Great work!
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sweet mod
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Pulley swap will take all of 3 seconds...
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great job......I will be watching this also.........
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How much did you pay for it?
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