Porsche 996 Turbo Is the Best of Its Breed

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996 Turbo

X50-equipped 996 Turbo has been lovingly cared for over the years, and it shows!

Porsche’s 996 platform of the legendary 911 generally doesn’t get much respect. Mainly because, well, people just don’t particularly care for those “fried egg” headlights. Of course, we like the 996 just fine around these parts. And we’re happy to scoop them up at a discounted price thanks to this relative lack of popularity. But you won’t get much of a discount on this immaculate 996 Turbo.

996 Turbo

Yet, the somewhat lofty sticker price of this 2005 Turbo S, which we spotted over at The Collector Car Network, is certainly viable. For starters, it’s fitted with the relatively rare X50 package, which boosts output to 450 horsepower. This might be a 13 year-old car now, but its sub 4-second 0-60 and 190 mph top speed are still impressive. Even by today’s lofty standards.

996 Turbo

This particular 996 Turbo also shows a pretty low 33k miles on the odometer. Despite the fact that it’s spent its entire life in Utah, there’s no sign the car has ever seen a salty road. The car clearly benefits from the presence of a clear protective wrap and spending nasty weather days inside. Regardless, this is one of the cleaner examples we’ve ever seen. Whether you talking about the spotless interior, perfect paint, or sanitary engine bay.

996 Turbo

The automatic transmission will certainly turn some folks away. But the car does have some pricey lightweight GMG wheels and Pirelli tires underneath. Overall, you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer 996 Turbo, no matter where you look. Whether you’re a fan of this generation of 911 or not, it’s hard not to appreciate that. And even at its greater than six figure price tag, this is still a car that’ll outrun quite a few modern supercars. No matter what the headlights look like!

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