Petrolicious Perfectly Captures the Romance of the Road in a 911

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Short film focuses on a reimagined and redesigned Porsche 911 modified by Singer, and it is pure poetry in motion.

A lone Porsche drives on a desolate and long, winding road in the early morning. The sound of the engine roaring cuts through the quiet. There is no one and nothing on the road but a driver in his Porsche 911. And this road is all his.

“I don’t want to encounter anything other than open road that turns and twists as much as possible,” he says. “While the windows are down you smell the exhaust, you smell the fuel. It’s not like a new car. It’s not like an exotic car. You get in those cars, you come out clean and pretty. When you get out of this car, you smell like you’ve been driving something vintage, brutal. There’s a lasting effect to that.”

These are the powerful first shots from the short film The Porsche 911: Reimagined by Singer, Driven by Enthusiasts by Petrolicious. If you’re not familiar with Petrolicious, you should be. They take the power of cars and driving and capture it in beautifully-done films, using remarkable cinematography, music, and high production values. The subject of this film, Matt Euson, takes his Porsche around his home state of Indiana, tearing up the back roads and tooling around town in his Porsche 911 modified by Singer Vehicle Design.

Petrolicious Porsche video

Singer is the brainchild of Rob Dickinson, former rock star and front man for Catherine Wheel, who created Singer Vehicle Design with the goal of creating the ultimate driving experience, and the ultimate 911.

Euson’s Porsche, named “The Indiana Car,” was the 28th creation by Singer. The car started as a C2 964 manual, which Euson bought used and then sent to the lab of motor madman Dickinson. Singer took its inspiration for The Indiana Car (appropriately donning a “Goes2 11” vanity plate) from the 1973 RSR, with the suspension and braking of the 993 Turbo. They wanted to improve upon the car and create a renewed Porsche experience.

The refined interior includes Cognac-colored leather by Spinneybeck. The aftermarket Recaro seats look utterly luxurious with the Spinneyback leather weave. Euson says, “The smell is so familiar to me, it’s like my old baseball mitt.” Also wrapped in leather is the rollbar and the steering wheel. “As soon as I touch it, I can have my eyes closed and I know what car it is,” he adds. The door handles are also leather straps. To keep a vintage style, the gauge package is retro-styled, and the radio looks like the classic Becker, but it actually utilizes modern audio technology.

The 4-liter engine produces 400 hp, and the custom intake was made by Singer, including sleek touches like the Porsche logo and lettering. Obviously, this car requires a manual transmission, and when Euson takes the car out, the sound of the gear shifting is just symphonic.


‘I’m going to drive the wheels off it…It’s the ultimate restomod hot rod. I’m going to drive it until it doesn’t go anymore.’


It’s the details that make this car truly outstanding. It’s hard to improve upon a legend, but Singer does it very well while keeping the spirit of the Porsche lineage first and foremost. This is a triumph in design. As Euston says, “It’s classic. It’s raw. It’s fast. It’s high-revving…What they’re doing is taking a really really good car and they’re making art out of it.”

Petrolicious Porsche video

In addition to its many features and attributes, the Porsche is actually practical. Euston uses this car not as a rarely-touched collectors item, but as his daily driver; taking it to work, picking the kids up from football practice, going out to dinner, and of course, long aimless drives.

As Euson drives off, we can feel the freedom that the Porsche gives the driver, the sense of abandon, power, and complete satisfaction. And Euson takes the words right from our mouth: “I’m going to drive the wheels off it…It’s the ultimate restomod hot rod. I’m going to drive it until it doesn’t go anymore.”

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Photos: Petrolicious

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