C.J. Wilson Planning to Compete in 2019 Le Mans?

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CJ Wilson

We get the scoop directly from the former All-Star pitcher, who is also an official Rennlist forums member.

Things move fast in the world of motorsports, and we aren’t just talking about the cars themselves. In the span of roughly a calendar year, former Major League Baseball pitcher C.J. Wilson has gone from racing newbie to driver and owner of his own team, CJ Wilson Racing. And Wilson certainly appears to be catching on quickly in his new career. But as we recently learned, he isn’t exactly content with competing in GT3 Cup racing or even just winning some races. Porsche enthusiast Wilson, who is an official member of the Rennlist forums, has his eyes set on a much bigger goal: Le Mans. How do we know? We got the scoop straight from the source: the sports legend himself.

Recently, while checking out Porsche photos and brand updates online, we curiously went to check out what C.J. Wilson was up to on Instagram. When we spotted that he was online at that moment, we attempted to quell our curiosity about his future racing plans. “When is your shot at the podium (at Le Mans)?” we asked. And to our surprise, Wilson personally responded without hesitation, saying: “2019 probably.”

Wilson previously shared with the media that was interested in racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans as soon as 2018. However, his recent Instagram exchange with one of our Rennlist editors seems to indicate that Wilson is taking his time to carefully strategize his approach to one of the most famous and grueling races in the world. Whether that will happen with his own team or another doesn’t appear to be an issue. And while the short-term goal appears to be simply an appearance in the legendary race, Wilson has made it quite clear previously that he eventually wants to win Le Mans as well. Spoken like a true competitor.

The famed athlete is also driven by an obvious dissatisfaction with the way his professional baseball career with the L.A. Angels of Anaheim ended during the 2015/2016 season. After a stellar ride that included a Game 7 World Series appearance, the drive is clearly still there. An injury sidelined his career on the diamond and led Wilson to a new career as a multi-car dealership owner, but his determination to compete again cannot be questioned. Where others may choose to simply kick back and enjoy retirement, C.J. Wilson looks poised to steer his way to the top of yet another sport. And we’ll be there to cheer him on.

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

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