Porsche 993: Top 5 Comfort Modifications

Being comfortable in your 993 can come easy to some, but could be better for others.

By Nick Vaughn - March 17, 2015

This article applies to the Porsche 993 (1993-1998).

Modifications on any car can be subjective to the person making said modifications; comfort modifications are no different. We have combed through various "must have" sections and have compiled our "Top 5 Comfort Modifications" list for the Porsche 993. This will give the reader a better idea of the modifications best for them.


DIY Cost – $500 and up

Professional Cost – $1500 and up

Skill Level – On a scale of 1 to 10 this is pushing a solid 7. Suspension is something that you definitely want to get right, it's the base of your car. While the professional cost is much higher, if you don't have the knowledge, we would recommend a professional for this installation.

Bilstein seems to be the most recommended company for suspension upgrade. They are recommended 8 out of 10 posts on the forum. Bilstein makes various products for various driving styles. General driving versus race set up will lead to different suggestions for each installation.

Wheels and Tires

DIY Cost$800 and up

Professional Cost – $1,000 and up

Skill Level – Low skill level required. Depending on if they are already mounted and balanced, you may need professional assistance.

The consensus on the forum was to install at least 18" upgrades. That said, some upgrades in that size and above can make for a rough ride, although some may not. There are literally thousands of options for wheel and tire combinations. Do your research. If comfort is your top priority staying closer to stock size wheels and tires may be your best bet.


DIY Cost – $500 and up

Professional Cost – $1,000 and up

Skill Level – Varies depending on if you are going with a stock replacement or installing another option. 3 to 6 range on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most difficult.

A seat swap out will help, not only give your 993 a new look, but also make it more comfortable. Depending on the seat type the car has, you may simply want to get new covers. Of course you could always go with an upgraded seat from another model or younger car. There are certainly many options available to help make your Porsche more comfortable to sit in, physically and visually.

Pro Tip

Keep in mind if you choose new seats rather than stock, you may need to purchase adapters or modify the seat rails. Do your research before purchasing a non-factory option.

Window Tint

DIY Cost – $50 to $150

Professional Cost – $250 to $500

Skill Level – Mid-range difficult unless you've done it before. It takes time and patience. Would definitely recommend having this done professionally.

The opinion on window tint inside the community is you're either for it or against it. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground on this topic. The argument for tint is keeping the inside of the car cool. It also protects the leather and trim from aging prematurely. It is a relatively inexpensive option and can be completed in a matter of hours.

HID Lighting

DIY Cost – $100 and up

Professional Cost – $250 and up

Skill Level – Low skill level to medium. Swapping out bulbs from factory to a xenon kit can be easy.

High intensity discharge lighting (HID) is a great way to improve visibility while driving. While this upgrade may not be a physical comfort option, it can help you remain calm and comfortable while driving at night. One simple option is to swap out bulbs from factory to new HID style lights. The change can give the HID look and improve visibility some. The other option is a complete kit installation. A kit install can be more time consuming but the results are fantastic when completed.

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