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Truck vs. Truck

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Originally Posted by jlanka View Post
Every time I see this thread, this pops into my head:

I loved spy vs spy growing up.

People on the inter web get VERY passionate about which pickup truck is better. There are all sorts of memes with different brands of trucks humping one another and worse!
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Mussl Kar
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My fully loaded F350 Lariat Superduty arrived at the dealers last Friday, took it home Monday. Cooled seats may sound frivolous, but after sweating out loading your car the ride gets you so refreshed you forget about it. My forth Superduty and I switched out my 2015 because of the trailer technology package with all of the cameras and TPMS too. Sometimes a DD to.
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I think all are fairly close in terms of ability and reliability.

For me it just came down to price. Chevy and GM had the most aggressive discounts at the time. You can readily get 15% off sticker on a truck in stock.
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Tom W
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I'll be signing the paperwork and picking up a new GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax LST tomorrow. Had everything I wanted (except trailer TPMS - will use the existing add-on one for that) and ~12% off the MSRP.
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Old 03-03-2017, 12:58 AM   #20
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Chris I went with a 2015 GMC Denalli 2500 HD single rear wheel and short bed. Ive hauled a 32' Featherlite Gooseneck with two cars and my 28' renegade bumper pull. I kinda miss the dually on the road but love it driving around town, never an issue towing, I would do it again.
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Originally Posted by mooty View Post
2009 2500
2011 3500 dually
2013 3500 dually
all duramax. the only prob i had over three trucks 290k miles is the 2009 had a broken window switch.
i tow and DD the trucks.
I've got his 2009 GMC diesel. It's been rock solid. My only complaint is that about 2 years in after buying it, lots of rattles began forming in the interior. I'll get a new one at some point.
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Old 03-09-2017, 03:49 AM   #22
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^ upgrade to a real truck 3500 dually
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Old 03-09-2017, 09:56 PM   #23
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Waiting for the 2013 to come market John
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Really appreciate all the comments - Thanks!
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Originally Posted by audipwr1 View Post
Waiting for the 2013 to come market John
i have a beat up 2015 dually
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The Superduty just underwent a full revision, updated frame, cabin etc...

I bought a 2017 F-250 after I test drove a gm and the ford. for now the ford is ahead
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I am on my second ram Cummins. Had a 2500, now have a 3500. I drove all of them extensively before deciding. You're not going to hear me say that any of them are bad. In the end to me, the six cylinder Cummins diesel is just so special. It sounds and drives differently then the V-8's. For me it was all about that engine. And now with a medium duty transmission in the 3500, it's even more special. They all have plenty to work, and they all have pretty much the same functionality at this point. So you cannot go wrong with any of them, I think. In a perfect world, you could take all three and blend them together. I would take the Cummins engine and mate it with the Allison transmission and the interior and technology of a Ford. Ha ha.
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As Mr Sullivan says, I dont think you could go wrong with any of the Big 3 trucks these days. I have a 16 SRW F350 6.7 crew cab long bed. 1st time towing my 14klb 5th wheel toy hauler I looked down and was doing 85 uphill, in quiet comfort. While I like the exterior looks of the GMs, the fit and finish of the Ford's worked for me. It is now my quasi daily driver.

I have a buddy that runs an indy truck shop and he will tell you to buy the truck you like. They all have their issues, but all-in-all they are all very good.
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I am a truck newby.....

How do you test drive a truck. I guess you can't do a fully loaded 6 hr tow session....

Some of you say test drove all three extensively. What do you do and look for?
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We tow with the following rigs: All are diesel.

2014 2500HD GMC: 24ft enclosed dove
2016 3500HD GMC Denali Dually: 48 foot goose
2016 Ford F450 Dually: 44 foot 3 car ATC stacker
2016 Ford F250 Short Bed: 32 foot dove (moving to a goose)

All are nice trucks, all are 4 doors. None of them know the trailers are back there, even with the stackers, so i don't know that I would pick either over the other in regards to engine etc. Tow at 85mph with no issues. The 2500HD is the base model without any frills, so that is the least desirable from a comfort aspect, but still a nice truck! Step up to the denali and you have all the bells and whistles. Apple play radio for hands free on the phone is nice. Heated and cooled seats, leather, the works. The fords are pretty much the same interiors, again, all touchless phone options, leather seats etc. We haul 10+ hours in any of the rigs with no issues, all comfortable. The Dually 3500 and 450 ride like turnip trucks without a trailer attached, very rough and bouncy. With the goose attached, they are very nice riding, though if you are in the back seat you do feel a little bounce. The F250 and the 2500hd you can drive around town without the trailers and not get beat up. The F250 with the 2 car 32 does sway a bunch, so that trailer is gone and we are moving to a gooseneck setup on that rig.

Dodge....stay away from a dodge.

For my open 22 foot trailer, i tow with a 475hp raptor and it doesn't know that is back there.

Reliablity wise: 32k mostly towing miles on the 2500hd and had to replace a leaking radiator and oil pan gasket under warranty
3500hd: 10k miles and no issues so far
F250: I think we are around 20k miles.....SUNROOF NOISE LIKE A MF. I think they finally figured it out and seems much better. And other than putting the 44 foot goose neck front corner of the trailer through the back window when we were using it to move the trailer, haha.
F450: I think around the same 15k miles or so, zero issues.

Ford vs chevy: I think they have both gotten outstanding. I was always a chevy truck guy (played with dodge for 2 years, wont ever do that again), but i love my raptor and the new finally got the interiors on part with chevy and i really like these Ford trucks now. I say drive them all and see what you like about each. Don't think you could go wrong with any of them.
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