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RFR: Cruisin for Epilepsy: Charity Poker Run - August 21, 2011


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Default RFR: Cruisin for Epilepsy: Charity Poker Run - August 21, 2011

We would like to take the time to thank the members of this board who have previously participated in our events. We hope that you and new participants will make it out to this event.

Rally Status: GO BABY, GO!

Rain Date: Sunday August 21st, 2011
Meeting Time: 8:00 AM
Departure: 9:00 AM

Participation Fee: $40.00 per car
Your Fee Includes: Donation, Car Decal, and Poker Cards
Charity Organization: The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey
Event T-Shirts: $15.00 each or 2 for $25
Event Raffle: $5 for 5 tickets

Start Location: Costco Parking Lot
315 Route 15
Wharton, NJ 07885

Costco is located off exit 34 from Eastbound Route 80 and exit 34A Westbound Route 80. Costco is allowing us to use their lot, please respect the following conditions: No Speeding in or out of the lot, no burn-outs, no donuts etc. The Wharton Police are always very friendly to us and our cause, please keep us on their good side.

Cruise Details
  • Total Distance: 125 Miles (Approx)
  • Total Stops: 5
  • Tolls: 1 - Delaware Water Gap - $1.00
  • Highway: Yes
  • Back-roads: Yes
The route for the CFE will be a fun-filled combination of highway and back roads that will satisfy every type of enthusiast. Long stretches of highway and twisty filled scenic roads will make for a memory filled cruise. Below is a general outline of the route in which the CFE will be taking during this event. Detailed directions with the stop locations will not be released until the morning of the event. Each car will receive printed directions to and from each stop on the route.

End Location: The Chatterbox Drive-in
1 State Highway 15
Augusta, NJ 07822

Click the image below to check out the Chatterbox website!

The Chatterbox Drive-In is a family owned fifties and sixties style "drive-in" restaurant that will bring you back to the "good ol' days," even if you weren't a part of them!

Our menu has something for everyone, from salads to seafood to wraps to our awesome 1/2 pound Angus burger and pulled pork sandwich! Make sure you don't leave without having one of our original specialty desserts or without eating some premium ice-cream! Check out the "Menu" portion of our webpage for a full list of our offerings
The large parking accommodations and the awesome menu at the Chatterbox makes it an ideal location for ending this charity run. Grab something to eat and hang out with fellow enthusiasts are a long, action packed rally!

Our sponsors have put a lot of time and money into this event to make it successful. Please take the time to visit them below.

Interested in becoming a sponsor for this event? Send us an email!

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey
Not another moment lost to Seizures

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, an affiliate of the National Epilepsy Foundation, is a state-wide, non-profit charitable agency dedicated to helping to improve the quality of life for people affected by epilepsy and their loved ones.

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, will ensure that people with seizures are able to participate in all life experiences; and will prevent, control and cure epilepsy through services, education, advocacy and research. They provide comprehensive support, personalized services and advocacy for individuals and their families in order to maximize their participation in society.

Epilepsy affects one in 100 individuals and their loved ones. Unfortunately because of the stigma that is still associated with having Epilepsy, it is not often spoken about. Many do not realize that Epilepsy is more common than Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis combined. Our staff is out in the community dispelling these myths and providing information through our statewide trainings and events. The website will be updated regularly with new information so be sure to check it frequently.

Andrea Racioppi
Associate Director Epilepsy Foundation of NJ
Read more information about the EFNJ and Epilepsy

Why Participate?
Have you ever heard the term “The Power of One”? One person truly can make a difference here at the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey and The Family Resource Network. Whether it’s time spent volunteering at a special event or program, or making a financial donation, every contribution counts – big or small.

All funds raised by Royal Flush Rallies will go to The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey to help those with Epilepsy.

The Poker Run is a rally that involves an underlying poker theme. There will be five predetermined destination points during the course of the rally. Each point consists of a short break where your team will receive a poker card for that leg of the cruise. The team with the best five card hand at the end of the event is named the winner. Prizes/Gifts will be given away to the top three hands of the day.

Prizes we have so far

Detailing Supplies from Detailer's Domain
Visa Gift Cards
PC7424XP Porter Cable 7424XP
Raffle: Garmin Nuvi 1350 LMT

Co-Pilots are recommended for the rally. Turn by turn details, Mileage, and Toll Amounts for each stop will be listed on your direction sheets.

Event Waivers
Each driver and passenger will be responsible for signing a waiver prior to participating in the rally. If you are unable print out a waiver we will have several extra available the morning of the event. If we do not have a signed form you will not be able to participate.

Driver Waiver
The Driver Waiver can be found via the link below. Please fill it out ahead of time, print, and bring it with you to the rally.

Download Driver Liability Waiver

Passenger Liability Waiver
The Passenger Waiver can be found via the link below. Please fill it out ahead of time, print, and bring it with you to the rally. Please be sure to fill out the driver section so we can file your waiver accordingly.

Download Passenger Liability Waiver

Donations and Tax Information
Donations can be made in the form of cash or check. Checks can be made out to the "The Epilepsy Foundation of NJ". The EFNJ is an IRS registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. All donations made via check directly to the EFNJ are tax-deductible.

All donations will be collected during registration the morning of the rally.

Here are some pictures from our previous events...

Royal Flush Rallies Photo Albums

We would like to thank all of you who have participated in our previous events. Last year's events consisted of the Motoring for Mitochondrial Disease Charity Poker Run and Accelerating for Autism: Chapter II - Charity Poker Run. The year was a huge success as we were able to raise over $8000 for both charitable organizations. Its our goal to share this wonderful experience with you while doing something we all love. Spread the word to your friends and fellow members. The more participants the more successful we can make this event! Additional donations from outside sources and non-participants are more than appreciated.

If you plan to attend, please Private Message or email us at [email protected] with the following information:
1. Name
2. Car you plan on attending with

After you RSVP, your name will be added to the attendance list.

There is no RSVP deadline, you will be able to register and participate up to the day of the event. If you definitely plan to attend please RSVP to make things a little easier for organizational purposes. You can reach us at [email protected]

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any of your concerns. Additional information can be found on Euro Addiction.

Royal Flush Rallies

Things to Remember:

1. Driver/Passenger Waiver
2. Full Tank of Gas
3. Radar Detectors
4. EZ-Pass or Change for Tolls
5. Two-Way Radios
6. Have Fun!

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Reserved for RSVP list

1. Joey- Porsche 911 GT3
2. Anthony- BMW M5
3. Pete- BMW E30
4. Evan- Audi B6 A4 / Infiniti FX35
5. Brian- Audi A6 4.2
6. Sandeman- Audi TT
7. Tom- Audi B6 S4
8. Eric- Lingenfelter Z06
9. Dave- BMW M5
10. mad70sx- Audi B6 S4
11. crazyfastS4- Audi C4 S6 / B5 S4
12. John- BMW E46 M3
13. justin- Kia Sportage
14. NYCOMPM3- BMW E46 M3
15. Tommy- VW Jetta GLI
16. Stephen- Porsche 997 C2S
17. John- Pontiac G8
18. John D- Mini Cooper S
19. Pavlo- BMW E46 323i
20. Craig- Audi S4 Avant
21. Zak- Audi B5 A4
22. Ghazi- Porsche 911 Turbo
23. Zach- BMW 335i
24. Colleen- BMW E46 M3
25. Jeff- Ford Mustang 4.0
26. Matt- SAAB 9-3
27. Nicolas- Subaru Legacy GT
28. Alex- SAAB 9-3SS
29. Coderedpl- Audi B7 S4
31. wrxmyers- Audi B7 A4
32. Bryan- Honda S2000
33. Shamoo- BMW E92 M3
34. andresito360- Porsche 911 Turbo
35. BaLLZDeePNYC- Audi B8 S4
36. Maguire- Audi B5 S4 Avant
37. Chris- Ferrari 355 F1 Spider
38. ThePeoplesChamp- Audi B5 S4
39. Tyler- Subaru WRX
40. Kevin- Infiniti G35x
41. Muhammad- BMW 135i
42. crazyseaman- BMW E46 M3
43. PhillyB7S4- Audi B7 S4
44. Quimby- Infiniti G35
45. Lostkhan- BMW 135i
46. slates74- Subaru WRX
47. anthonydemont- Infiniti G37
48. Luke- BMW E46 M3
49. Charles- Mercedes CLK63 AMG BS
50. Chris- Lexus IS300
51. Space Ghost- BMW E92 M3
52. BallZDeePNYC- Audi B8 S4
53. Fred- Pontiac GTO
54. carchrism5- BMW 1M
55. Ben- Bullitt Mustang
56. Val- Mitsubishi 3000GT
57. Nick- BMW E46 323i
58. Jcaramia- Porsche Cayenne Turbo
59. jafo- Ferrari F355
60. Josh- Subaru WRX STI
61. Doug- Subaru WRX
62. Liran- Audi B8 S4
63. marty from dvag was here- Audi B7 A4
64. audisarecool- Audi B8 S4
65. BEE5S4- Cadillac CTS-V
66. Hollywood516- BMW 330i
67. gofast182- Honda S2000
68. Bobby- Infiniti G37
69. Jon- Infinitie G37x
70. 92 Stealth TT- Dodge Stealth Turbo
71. Mr . Move- Mitsubishi EVO 10
72. jerrypecs- Acura TL
73. a4spoolin- Audi B5 A4
74. Sonny- BMW E46 M3
75. Sammy-BMW E46 M3
76. BrianPSTi- Subaru WRX STI
77. Fridlich- Dodge Neon SRT-4
78. Rich- Audi B8 S4
79. Stephen- Audi B5 S4
80. Jeff- Audi B7 S4
81. Chin- Honda Accord
82. silver 4dr- Audi B6 A4
83. Bill- Ford Mustang GT 5.0
84. Stef- VW Jetta Trek
85. Abe- BMW E92 M3
86. Warren- Audi C5 A6
87. Dave- Audi B7 RS4
88. Dre- Toyota Supra T 800whp
89. Danny- Nissan 370z Supercharged
90. Jon- Audi B8 S4
91. Marco- Toyota MR2 Turbo
92. Bobby- Porsche
93. Hugo: Lexus IS300 Supra Swap
94. Aurori- BMW E46 M3
95. PJ- BMW 335XI
96. Jon- BMW 740i
97. Kamil- Lexus IS300
98. Matthews- GSXR 1000
99. Mortara- Honda CBR 600RR
100. catawalks- Honda S2000
101. Edreos- Nissan Maxima
102. Steve D- BMW E92 335i
103. AJ- Mitsubishi EVO 10
104. Megan- Volkswagen GTI
105. Justin- Mitsubishi Evo X
106. Lewis- Subaru Legacy
107. Shoof- Lotus Elise
108. SICKZ06- Jaguar S-Type R
109. Mounir- SAAB 900 AERO
110. Kidder- SAAB 900 SPG
111. TDK- Camaro 2SS
112. wrecked- Honda S2000
113. Todd- Subaru WRX
114. Scottie- Subaru WRX
115. Don-Subaru WRX
116. Andrew-BMW E30
117. Sean- Subaru WRX
118. Val- Mitsubishi Evo RS
119. Grupman- Mercedes CLK 550
120. Klein- BMW E92 M3
121. Loeb- Subaru WRX

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Come on guys we need some more RL support!
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Semi big update for you all today! We have published the route outline as well as the final destination. General details of the route for this cruise can be found under the "Route" section.

We selected the Chatterbox Drive-in as the destination point for this cruise. Some of you may recall we have used this end point once before for one of the Autism runs. The great food, atmosphere and parking accommodations made it a top choice for our rally. You can click the image below to check out their website.

Waivers: The event waivers can be found under the "Additional Details" section. Everyone participating in the rally, Both Drivers and Passengers, are required to fill one out. Please populate all fields and print these ahead of time to make the registration process the morning of a lot smoother.

Spread the word! Let's get this event out there and spread the word to friends and family. Feel free to copy and paste this information on other forums to gain more attention. We have been consistently getting 100+ cars at the last couple of events. Let's make sure we match that or do better this time around! You can also find frequent updates on our Facebook Page.

RSVP List: The list has been updated as of today. If you don't see your name on our list please send us an email or PM with your information

Check back frequently for more information to come!
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Let's go guys! Come out and have a great time with fellow enthusiasts while supporting a good cause
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RSVP list has been updated!
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Last update before the rally! We have just around 100 cars who confirmed they are coming out this weekend. There is still time to increase that number by telling your family and friends! This is going to one rally to remember so don't miss out!

We will be raffling a Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT at the end of the rally this year. Grab your raffle tickets during the course of the run to have a chance to win this awesome gift!

We also have a lot of cool prizes from detailing equipment to gift cards for the winners of the poker run! Are you feeling lucky?

With that being said I don't really see any further updates coming so here are a couple of things to remember:
  • Waivers: Please fill out and print your waivers and bring them with you. Please, don't forget because we will only have a limited amount at registration. This goes for both Driver and Passenger waivers.
  • Time: Please try and plan accordingly. We will be making every attempt to leave around 9AM from the Costco lot so please be on time.
  • Gas: Fill up your tank before you arrive at the starting point. There rally is a little over 100 miles total so to avoid stopping during the middle of the run please be prepared.
  • EZ-Pass / Change: There is one toll during this course of this run. The location is the Delaware Wap Gap on the border of NJ/PA, which charges .75 cent per car.

Everyone have a safe trip to the starting point! See you all bright and early Sunday!!!
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All. We deeply apologize for the late announcement, but due to the change in our weather forecast we have decided to postpone the rally for everyone's safety. We want everyone to have the best possible time at our event, but with this kind of weather it makes it extremely dangerous and miserable. Please spread the word to everyone else who you know planned on coming. Again, we are sorry but hope to see you all next Sunday on the 21st.
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Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning! Remember, it is not too late to spread the word and tell your friends and family to tag along. We have a RSVP list of well over 100 cars now. Let's keep it growing.

WEATHER: The forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms tomorrow AFTERNOON. The run is starting prompt at 9 AM and anticipates being over early afternoon. Our event should be well over before any chance of thunderstorms. Regardless if anything drastically changes during the day today we will notify everyone by 9PM tonight of the rally status. Simply check the "Rally Status" line in the original post to see what is going on. Again, i highly doubt the rally is going to be pushed back again because of the weather.

WAIVERS: Please remember to fill out, print and print your driver and passenger waivers in the morning. We will have limited supplies of extra copies so don't forget yours at home!

We look forward to seeing everyone in the morning! Get ready for another great charity run with RFR!
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