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958 Cayenne DIY: (Aftermarket) Trailer Hitch Receiver Installation


958 Cayenne DIY: (Aftermarket) Trailer Hitch Receiver Installation


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Default 958 Cayenne DIY: (Aftermarket) Trailer Hitch Receiver Installation

For those who purchase a 958 without the tow package, and would like to add the ability to tow or throw miscellaneous attachments on, fear not! It's easy to do! (Additional Bike carrier thoughts at the end)

No drilling or welding required.

I ordered a Draw-Tite hitch receiver from etrailer.com. They also offer a Curt, both at pretty good prices so far as I could tell, and both install the same way. Also, I cheated and screenshot some of the photos from an installation video I found on YouTube (will link it in the bottom)

What you will need:
- 958 Cayenne (duh)
- Hitch Receiver of your chosing (also, duh)
- T25 Torx bit (I used a T20 & T27 on mine, as my T25 went missing)
- 18mm socket, 1/2" ratchet, 4"-ish extension, and a jack handle for leverage couldn't hurt
- An extra set of hands can prove VERY useful in this. Highly recommended.

What To Do:

1. Remove your outboard tail lights by pressing in on the side of the black cover thingy towards the front of the car. Undo two screws holding them in, unclip the wiring and set them somewhere safe.

2. There's 4 screws on the bottom of the middle panel. Remove those.

3. Remove two screws (per side) from under & inside the bumper cover.

4. Remove two screws (per side) securing the wheel well liner.

5. Carefully pop the wheel arch trim outwards (only need to do about halfway around) and remove the 3 screws (per side) holding the bumper on.

6. Remove one screw (per side) in that black bulbous bit inside the hatch opening, with the black bulbous bit.

7. Remove the bumper by pulling the sides by the rear wheel well outwards on both sides and bringing the whole things straight back. This is part A where it will be helpful to have a second set of hands. (Watching the video will be more helpful than photos if needed) If you have the parking sensors, those connect with one harness clip similar to the tail lamp wiring connection at the driver's side of the car. The joint of the two attaches inside the bumper and pops out pretty easily.

8. Remove the 4 18mm bolts (per side) and remove the bumper bar.

9. Replace with hitch receiver of your choice. This is where it will be VERY helpful to have a second set of hands, and tighten down the 4 bolts per side.

10. Installation is reverse of removal. At no point did I come across any hiccups, or can think of any tricks aside from having multiple little containers to hold the screws nearby where they came out, and pushing forward on the bumper cover while tightening the 3 screws that hold it on. All said and done this took me about an hour and a half working at a leisurely pace.

11. Sit back and be proud of your handiwork. Consider purchasing a boat for a little bit, then remember that you own a premium German SUV, and that will likely cost you as much as operating costs of a boat. Think of all the practical things you can do, but probably won't, then throw a bike rack on it (and a bike) and go hit your favorite trails, knowing that you won't be making a filthy mess of your interior, or trashing panels with tire marks ever again.

Curt Hitch Install Video:

For those who may be interested, I picked up a Kuat Sherpa 2.0 rack to carry my bike. This was the main reason for the hitch install. I went with this because I decided I wanted a platform-type carrier, rather than a hanging type. The Sherpa is one of the lighter ones of it's type out there, at only 31lbs, making it VERY easy to remove and install. It's also small enough when folded up to fit in the trunk, should you ever want to for whatever reason. The easy of use, and the fact that I can tilt it backwards to be able to access my trunk with the bike on were pretty big factors in my choice. I also think it's one of the most aesthetically pleasing bike carriers on the market.

NOTE: Small photos showing a black vehicle are captures from the Curt installation video that's included in the thread.
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Thanks for this! It's on my "someday" list!
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Originally Posted by EpiKAC View Post
Thanks for this! It's on my "someday" list!
Glad to help!

It's a pretty inexpensive ($170 for the receiver shipped if I recall) and easy (2 hours taking my time) addition that definitely adds an element of practicality.

I'll likely be picking up a hitch basket for camping trips this spring, and eventually adding the trailer wiring.
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Know this is an old thread, but wanted to say the Curt hitch installation video above is excellent.
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Did you have to do any trimming like it says on etrailer?
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