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Oil Change/$300=Rip off!

Old 02-24-2009, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by helispud View Post
I also change my own oil, mostly because it's a 6 hour round trip drive to the nearest dealer. I also don't over fill, which happened the one time my dealer did change it.
Looking at your avatar makes me think you only did half the job
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Old 02-24-2009, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Dariof View Post
My 10 year old could find them, without the premium.
You must be very proud of your 10 year old. Myself, I stand by my statement. I doubt I'd have noticed a thing. Wherever the seepage was, it sure wasn't dripping and I've got no telltale signs of a leak on my garage floor. Perhaps it was easier to spot with the car up on a proper lift in a well-lit service area. I have my doubts with the car on jack stands in my dimly-lit garage and me awkwardly crawling around on my back with barely half a clue about what I'm looking at.

I figure it was money well spent.
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Old 02-24-2009, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Minok View Post
Really? You changed your oil daily. With practice, you could probably get it to hourly. It is possible.

No not daily, but often enough if running it hard or if I ran it at Englishtown. Besides, back then, I did not use Mobil-1 and oil was cheap. Besides, the engine alone is worth big money if you have to rebuild it.

It depends on what is really needed. Sure I can change my oil way more frequently than is needed, but that is just a waste of time and money. Now to some it may not be a big deal to light up and burn a $100 note every couple of months or so, but I don't see the point in the time and cost of doing an unnecessary oil change.
Mobil-1 is not all that expensive along with a filter. What IS expensive is a failed engine, or more condensation than normal.

I'm not saying to change it every 1000 miles, that's a bit much unless you are a club racer, but to change it at 3K to 5K miles. Sure, it can go longer, but for some of us feel more secure in a fresh filter and oil after a set mileage has passed.

Sure, the cars engine has VarioCam and other items that require good oil that's clean, but most important, the right viscosity.

Me, I try to change it no more than 5K miles, but mostly 3K miles.

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Old 02-25-2009, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Likemystoppie? View Post
I make my own coffee, and cheezburger, does that count?
You bet!

Cheddar beats american singles, btw, but that's just MHO.

Oh, and don't forget the pickles!
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Old 12-31-2018, 05:03 PM
Tony Trunzo
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This offer is so great!! Porsche owners are truly the best!!!
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Old 12-31-2018, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by abe View Post
I laugh at all of those who think there time is so valuable that $300 is a bargain for an oil change. It takes no more skill nor cost to change the oil on a Toyota than a Porsche...yet some people here are willing to dish out the bucks on the Porsche. I do the easy services myself...and my time is also worth $$$. But when your sitting at home on a day that you are not working, nor recreating and only writing stupid things like I am doing now...what is my time worth? It is times like this that I rather save myself the $300!.
My time is valuable only if I’d actually be working at the time I want to change my oil. For instance last week I was on a staycation at home and realized I was up at the 5k limit. Since I had the supplies in my garage, my calculus was that it would literally take twice as much time just to drive to the dealer and back as just to doing it myself. There have also been plenty of times when I’m consumed with work, travel, etc where I considered it justifiable to pay the dealer $180 and take their loaner because I pass by on the way to work anyway, so it’s a net time savings.
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Old 12-31-2018, 07:47 PM
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Default Has to be said ...

... in this discussion. At least for a 997.1 C2S, it doesnĺt get any easier, especially with the LN spin on adapter. No plastic cover to remove. Drain nut and filter easily accessible. Try a 955 Cayenne. Impossible to do without getting oil all over everything. More time to take off and on the plastic under cover.
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Old 12-31-2018, 10:02 PM
j beede
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My 997.1 C2's oil and filter are silly easy to change. I would like to use the dealer but don't because of the cost, distance/inconvenience, and risk of leaving my car on their lot. Five quarts of 0W-40 Mobil 1 is $26 at Wal-Mart. I find the Porsche-branded filter to be hard to install and of low quality. Napa Gold has met all expectations, not sure why it costs $20. I change the oil, filter, drain plug, and washer every 3,000-4,000 miles. Given the plastic canister and aluminum pan/plug... I choose to use a torque wrench to install the filter and drain plug. The specs on both are higher than what "feels natural" to me. Transferring the dirty oil from the drain pans to the empty jugs is the only part of the process that I dislike doing. I consider it character building. The whole process takes me 2 hours or so from the time I move the SUV out onto the street until I re-park the SUV back in the garage--job done. The two "professional" changes I have had (one for PPI, one at the dealer) were both done long ago and both resulted in overfill conditions. I would be annoyed to pay $150-300 for an oil change only to have to go back to the dealer or climb under the car to adjust the oil level!
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Old 01-01-2019, 11:43 AM
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All 3 stealerships near me said $300. When I explained how cheaply I could do it myself, they said they had to charge for lift time because "it takes an hour to drain properly" and they "aren't able to work on other cars during that time because a lift is taken up". I'm not paying them to watch my oil drain. go work on something else for an hour if that's how long it takes, don't charge me for your inaction.

the closest stealership also tried to charge me $5900 to change a clutch until I explained how cheaply I could get the parts on my own and almost exactly how to do it over the phone, that the only reason I brought it in was lack of space/tools at home. Ended up paying $2900(still too much in my opinion) but that beat 5900 and it had to be done. After that me and one of the mechs are on a first name basis and he will answer questions/give advice via text if I need it on a DIY project.

fuel evaporator valve was bad(tripping a code), the porsche part was $500. I bought an identical Audi one with the same electric plug for $36, no issues. DIY For the win
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