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Default option codes

Can anyone decifer these option codes for a 2002 996TT?
CO2, XKB, XKG, XKM, XKR, XML, XNV, XPW, XTJ, XJ4, X72,X91, 446, 662, 692, o9991, 21411.
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018 Sport steering wheel with elevated hub
020 Speedometer with 2 scales KPH/MPH
024 Version for Greece
026 Activated charcoal cannister
027 Version for California
030 Sport Group
031 Sport shock absorbers
033 Lowered chassis
034 Version for Italy
036 Bumpers with impact absorbers
058 Bumpers with impact absorbers
061 Version for Great Britain
062 Mud flap, rear (series equipment for Sweden)
070 Tonneau cover - Cabriolet
09991 manufacture from the exclusive-programme
103 Adjustment of shock absorber strut
113 Version for Canada
119 Version for Spain
124 Yellow light (series equipment for France)
126 Stickers in French
130 Labelling in English
139 Seat Heating - Left
152 Engine noise reduction
153 Engine parts belonging to a stipulated assembly for type 951
154 Control unit for improved emissions
157 Oxygen sensor and catalyst
158 Radio "Monterey" - 86 "Reno" - 87
159 Motor Sound Pkg
160 Radio "Charleston"
164 Tyres 215/60 VR15
167 Bridgestone Tyres
176 Oil cooler with fan
185 Automatic 2 point rear seat belts
186 Manual 2 point rear seat belts
187 Asymmetric head lights
190 Increased side door strength
193 Version for Japan
195 Prepared for cellular telephone
197 Higher amperage battery
210 Number plate mounting, type II (is reduced space with two rubber protection blocks, which you do not find on the 911 in Europe)
215 Version for Saudi Arabia
218 License brakets front and rear
219 Differential
220 Locking differential
221 Porsche-locking differential
224 Active Brake Differential
225 Version for Belgium
231 choice of tyres (bridgestone/conti/michelin or pirelli) (968)
233 Original tires, Pirelli
235 Porsche approved tyres Bridgestone N2 or Pirelli N2
240 Version for countries with inferior fuel
241 Shorter shifting travel
243 Shorter gear shift lever
249 Automatic transmission
255 Fuel consumption indicator
258 Heating for outside mirror
261 Passenger side mirror - electric - plain
262 Outside mirror for passenger side, plain, manual
265 996: Self dimming interior rear view mirror with rain sensor
266 996: Exterior mirror dimming / heat
277 Version for Switzerland
286 High intensity windscreen washer
288 Headlight washer
288 996: Light washers
298 Prepared for unleaded fuel, manual transmission
302 Type designated on rear end
308 Pneumatic spring for engine hood
323 Sticker, without ESE-Regulations
323 without ESE-regulations (not a clue what this means)
325 Version for South Africa
326 Radio - ?
326 Radio, Becker type CR21
327 Radio - 1992 model year Blaupunkt "Symphony RDS"
328 Radio - ?
329 Radio - ?
330 Radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46, All models, not for USA
331 AM/FM Cassette w/2 door speakers
335 Automatic 3 point rear seat belts
339 All wheel drive
340 Seat heating - Right
341 Central locking system
346 Standard colour rims (silver)
347 Platinum anodized wheels
348 Forged wheels - Grand Prix White
351 Porsche-car radio, CR stereo, type DE, etc.
360 Splash guard corner pieces
373 Left Sport Seat w/ Power Height Adjuster
374 Right Sport Seat w/ Power Height Adjuster
375 Clutch lining without asbestos
375 996: Color coded seat backs
377 Combination seat, left, adjustable
378 Combination seat, right, adjustable
379 Series seat, left electrical vertical adjustment
380 Series seat, right electrical vertical adjustment
381 Series seat, left
382 Series seat, right
383 Sport seat - left
387 Sport seat - right
389 Porsche-car radio, CR stereo, type US
391 Stone guard foil, added separately
393 Forged wheel 8J/9Jx16
393 Lateral insignias, hatched black [1978-1982]
394 Disk wheel, telephone styling 8J/9Jx16 Cast - Magnesium
395 Light metal wheels - forged
396 Disk wheel, telephone styling 8Jx15 rear
398 Left outside mirror - electric - plain [Prior to 1996]
398 17 " 5-Spoke Wheels (P205/50ZR17 front, P225/40ZR17 rear) [1996]
398 18" Technology Design Wheels [1997]
399 A/C without front condensor [1978]
400 Pressure cast wheels
401 Light metal wheels
402 50 year anniversary car [1982]
403 Pressure cast 17" wheels
404 Stabilizer bars
405 Level control system
406 50 year anniversary car [1982]
406 Front wheel housing protection [1983-1986]
407 18-inch polished wheels
408 18" Technology Design Wheels [1996]
409 Sport seats left and right leather
410 Sport seats left and right leatherette/cloth
411 Licence braket, front
412 External oil cooler
413 18" Turbo look wheels
414 Combined oil pressure and temperature gauge
414 Transmission oil cooler
415 Wider rear track
416 Leather steering wheel and shift boot
418 Protective side mouldings
419 Rear luggage compartment instead of rear seats
422 Porsche-car radio, CR stereo, type RW
423 Cassette container and coin box
424 Automatic heating control
425 Rear wiper
426 Special model World Champion 1976 1978
426 without rear window wiper
429 Fog headlamp, white
429 Special model "Sebring"
430 Rectangular foglights, yellow
431 Leather steering wheel 363mm
432 Sports steering wheel, leather 363mm (4 spokes)
432 Lateral stripes, Martini [1978-1982]
434 instructions for export market
436 996: 3-Spoke steering wheel
436 Folding Targa top (non-folding hardtop std in 1974 and 1975)
437 Comfort seat left
438 Comfort seat right
439 Special model "Weissach" [1980]
439 Electric Cabriolet top
440 Manual antenna, 4 speakers
441 Fader, antenna booster, 4 speakers
441 Radio speakers and antenna amplifier
442 Prepared for radio without antenna
443 Tinted front and side glass, heated windshield
444 Cabriolet
445 Wheel Rim Caps with Porsche Crest
446 Parts for type "Targa" belonging to stipulated assembly
446 996: Colored Wheel Crests
447 Emergency wheel - with collapsable tyre
447 Headlamp flasher with lower beam [1978-1982]
450 Light metal wheels
451 Prepared for radio for sport group
454 Automatic speed control
455 Wheel locks
456 Sport shock absorbers and stabilizers
457 Front turn signals, yellow with provision for side turn signals
458 16" alloy wheels
461 Electric antenna, 4 speakers
462 Sekuriflex windshield
462 Special model "Weissach" [1982]
463 Clear windshield
463 Lateral glasses tinted, (Series Equipment for Australia)
464 Without compressor and tire pressure gauge
465 Fastening parts for transportation (Series Equipment overseas)
467 Drivers side mirror, convex
468 Graduated tint windshield, green side glass
469 Black headliner
470 Without spoilers, in conjunction with turbo look
471 Integrated rear spoiler
471 Sport group 1
472 Additional rear apron
472 Turbo with standard chassis [1980]
473 With spoilers
473 Power Left Seat
474 Sport shock absorbers (Bilsteins) (For 944 Yellow Koni)
475 Brake pads without asbestos
475 License plate fastening (Series equipment Austria, Finland, Australia)
476 Brake pad with abrasive pad
476 996: Traction control
479 Version for Australia
480 six speed gearbox
481 5 speed manual transmission
482 Engine compartment light
483 Right hand drive
484 Symbols for controls
485 Forged wheels - gold metallic
487 Connection for fog headlamp with parking light
488 Stickers in German
489 Symbols and insignia in German
490 Hi-Fi sound system
491 Turbo look
492 H4 headlights for left hand traffic
494 2 speakers on back shelf
494 Amplifier system
496 Black trim - painted headlight rims
498 Without rear model designation
499 Version for West Germany
503 Cabrio variant (Speedster)
505 Slant nose
513 Lumbar support - right seat
513 Driver's Seat Lumbar Support
520 Controle d'habitacle (Alarm)
525 Alarm with continuous sound
526 Cloth door panels
528 Passenger side mirror convex
529 Outside mirror - passenger side, convex, manual
530 WFS FB 433mhz (assume relates to the frequency of the remote control)
533 Alarm system
534 alarm system
537 Left seat with positrol and lumbar
538 Right seat with positrol and lumbar
544 75 ltr petrol tank
548 Fuel filler neck, unleaded fuel with flap
551 Air Deflector (Cabriolet)
553 Version for USA
559 Air conditioner (with front & rear condenser)
560 Detachable roof
562 Airbag driver's side
562 Airbag driver's and PASSENGER'S side
563 Airbag passenger's side
563 Automatic air conditioner
565 Safety steering wheel - leather
566 Rectangular front fog lights (white)
567 Windshield green graduated tint
568 Tinted windshield and side glass
568 Tinted windshield, side, and rear glass (heated rear) [1978-1982]
570 High output air conditioner
571 Fog tail lamp
572 Heating
573 Air conditioner
576 Without rear fog light
577 Heated and tinted front Windshield
586 Lumbar support - left seat
590 Center console
592 Brake fluid warning system
593 Antilock brake system
595 Rear spoiler painted to match body
596 Spoiler painted matte black
597 Heavy duty battery and starter
598 Insignia "16 ventiler"
599 Front window top shading
601 Litronic Headlights
602 Third brake light "High mount"
605 Vertical headlight adjustment
607 More numerous cables for dashboard
621 Differing parts for engine 924S
622 Differing parts for cars with 2 V-Engine
637 Sport Group
637 928 GT ('89 only?)
642 Additive for cooling water
650 Sunroof
651 Electric windows
657 Power steering
659 Onboard computer
666 Without lacquer preservation and chrome preservation
673 Prepared for lead sealed odometer
675 Instrument cluster - technical lighting
680 Digital Sound
684 1 piece rear seat
685 Divided rear seat
686 Radio "Ludwigsburg" SQM with arimat
688 Radio cd CDR210
691 CD-Player "CD-1" with Radio
692 Remote CD changer (6-disc)
701 Car-version Slant Nose
719 Special reconstruction
756 Special model 924S USA 1988
757 Special model 944 1988
758 Special model 944 Turbo 1988
780 Remove safety certificate
900 Tourist delivery
912 Vehicle without identification plate
925 Version for high altitude areas in the US
930 Seat cover rear LLL
931 Seat cover rear KKK
932 Seat cover rear SKK
933 Seat cover rear SLL
934 Seat cover rear SSK
935 Seat cover rear RLL
936 Leather seats rear
939 Soft leather rear
945 Seat cover front SKK
946 Leather/leatherette seats
947 Seat cover front:cloth/leather/leatherette Seat cover rear:cloth/leather/leatherette
948 Seat cover front SLL
974 Luggage boot cover
975 Velour carpet in luggage compartment
98 Custom Non-Metallic Paint
98 Standard Porsche Leather Interior (deviating std color combinations)
980 Seat cover - Raff - leather
981 All leather lining
982 Supple Leather Seats/Trim
983 Leather seats front and rear
983 Leather seats front (NOT REAR)
985 Parts silver coloured
986 Partial leather lining
989 Left and right sport seats - cloth
99 Custom Metallic Paint
99 Leather Upholstery to Sample
990 Seats all cloth
C02 Equipped with catalytic converter
C03 California type car
C05 Version for France
c15 996: UK package with rhd steering wheel and headlights
C16 UK LUX spec: tinted windows, metallic paint, and a few other goodies.
C23 Version for Australia
C36 Canadian type car
CPZ 996: Thicker steering wheel leather
CSV 996: Electric seat adjustment L & R
CUP Carrera Cup race car
M * Floor Mats
M001 European Carrera Cup Car
M6 Porsche Floor Mats
P02 Stereo with Compact Disc Changer (Coupe)
P04 Stereo With Compact Disc Changer (Targa/Cabriolet)
P08 Limited Slip Differential
P11 996: Self dimming interior rear view mirror with rain sensor
P14 Heated Seat Pkg includes adjustable heating range
P15 Power Seat Pkg includes dual power seats
P31 Sport Chassis (includes 17" 5-spoke wheels)
P32 Sport Chassis (includes 18" technology wheels)
P49 Digital Sound Pkg (includes 490)
P65 With sunroof
P77 996: Sport Seats
PCX Porsche Cellular Phone Handset Kit
R01 Touring Package (not Available w/Airbags)
R74 Touring Package
S** Cellular Telehone Portable (includes exclusive console)
S11 Cellular Telephone w/Mounting Bracket (includes installaion kit)
S6 Cellular Telephone Includes exclusive console
SAC AC Rapid Charger
SBE Battery Eliminator-Cellular Phone
SLB Large Battery-Cellular Phone
SUL Ultra Light Battery-Cellular Phone
SVD Voice Dialer Kit-Cellular Phone
X09 Console with Special Leather Extended Center
X17 Light Rootwood Dashboard (standard with Y59)
X18 Dark Rootwood Dashboard (standard with Y60)
X19 Leather Lower Dashboard
X24 Dark Rootwood Triptronic Shifter
X25 Light Rootwood Triptronic Shifter
X26 Steering Wheel-Special Leather
X28 Light Rootwood Steering Wheel (standard with Y59)
X30 Dark Rootwood Steering Wheel (standard with Y60)
X31 Light Rootwood Parking Brake Lever (standard with Y59)
X32 Dark Rootwood Parking Brake Lever (standard with Y60)
X34 Painted Instrument Dials includes leather trim on instrument Rings
X40 Leather Sunvisors with passenger Reading Light
X43 Leather Console Switch Frame
X46 Aluminum Tiptronic Shifter
X48 Carbon Tiptronic Shifter
X50 Power package option on Turbos
X51 Power package NA cars
X52 Console CD Storage for 5 Discs
X53 Console CD Storage for 8 Discs
X54 Oval Chrome Exhaust Pipes
X56 Lower Carbon Dashboard (standard with Y04)
X57 Carbon Door Trim Panels (standard with Y04)
X68 Tonneau Cover (Cabriolet)
X70 Metal Door Sill with Insignia
X71 Aluminum Instrument Dials
X76 Flared Rocker Panels
X77 Carbon Steering Wheel (standard with Y25)
X85 964 3.6 Turbo S Flatnose option
X86 Light Rootwood Door Trim Panels
X87 Dark Rootwood Door Trim Panels
X88 Horsepower package for 964 series 3.6 litre turbo cars.
X89 Painted Porsche Crest Rim Caps
X92 964 3.6 Turbo S flatnose special front spoiler option
X93 964 3.6 Turbo S flatnose special rear spoiler option
X95 Painted Brake Calipers
X97 Aluminium/leather shift ****
X98 Aluminium/leather parking break handle
X99 964 3.6 Turbo S flatnose rear fender vents option
XC3 Hardtop (Cabriolet)
XC8 Light Rootwood Gear Shift **** (standard with Y59)
XC9 Dark Rootwood Gear Shift **** (standard with Y60)
XD1 993: Aero II Turbos S Front Air Dam
XD2 993: Aero II Turbo S Rear Deck Lid
XD4 Porsche Crest Rim Caps
XD9 Wheels Painted to match vehicle's color
XE3 993: Dimming Rear-View Mirror
XF5 Leather Covered Instrument Rings (standard with X34)
XF6 Leather Gear Box Tunnel (standard with Y17)
XF7 Leather Covered Tray Located behind parking brake (standard with )
XJ4 Leather Ignition Lock Rosette
XJ5 Leather Covered Ignition Key
XJ6 Leather Steering Wheel Casing
XJ8 Leather Tiptronic Shift Plate
XK7 Leather Wrapped Shift **** and Cover (deviating colors or to sample)
XM5 Leather Control *****
XM7 Leather Covered Glove Box ****
XM9 Leather Turn Signal/Wiper Switch
XN1 Leather Power Window Switches (standard with Y66)
XN2 Leather Inside Door Handles (standard with Y66 and Y16)
XN3 Leather Fresh Air Side Dash Vents (standard with Package Y65)
XN4 Leather Fresh Air Center Vent (standard with Y65)
XN7 Leather Parking Brake Lever (standard with Package Y17)
XN8 Leather Sunvisors
XN9 993: Leather Sunvisors With Mirror
XP3 Leather Cabriolet Boot
XP6 Leather Seat Belt Locks & Housing (standard with Y17)
XP9 Leather Radio Speaker Trim Rings (standard with Y66 and Y18)
XR3 Leather Seat Hinges (standard with Y67 and Y18)
XR6 Leather Front Backrests Lock Controls (standard with Y67 and Y18)
XR7 Rear Window Washer
XSC 996: Crest on Headrest
XV1 Leather Covered Ventilating Cover (standard with Y65)
XV2 Leather Fresh Air Side Vents (standard with Y65)
XV3 Leather Air Conditioning Switches includes heat adjustment covers
XV4 Leather Heat Adjuster Switches (standard with Package Y67 and Y18)
XV5 Leather Seat Adjuster Switches (standard with Y67 and Y18)
XV6 Leather Ring Plates for Seat Adjuster (switch Standard with Y67 and Y18)
XV7 Leather Fuel Tank Pull ****
XV9 Leather B-Pillar Seatbelt Covers
XW1 Leather Seat Belt Rosettes
XW2 Leather Rear Seat Belt Locks & Housing (standard with Y17)
XW3 Leather Clock Adjustment
XW3 Leather Rear Window Wiper Switch
XW4 Leather Light Switch
XW5 Leather Wiper/Instrument Light *****
XW6 Leather Door Lock Pin Rosettes (standard with Y66 and Y16)
XW8 Leather Door Entrance Panel Sills (standard with Package Y66)
XW9 Leather Entrance Panel Covers
XX1 Embroidered Floor Mats (requires leather interior trim)
XX2 Footwell Lights
XX3 Map Pocket Lights
XX6 Leather Shift Lever **** Pattern insert with deviating colors
XZ4 Leather Glove Box Rosette
XZ7 Leather OS Mirror Adjuster Frame (standard on Y66)
Y01 Spoiler-Aero Kit I w/Front Duct
Y02 Spoiler-Aero Kit II with Rockers
Y03 Shift Lever/Brake Handle-Carbon
Y04 Carbon pkg I - lower dash, door trim, guage panel (standard with Y25)
Y05 Shift Lever/Brake Handle-carbon and aluminum
Y06 Shift Lever/Brake Handle-Aluminum
Y07 Shift Lever/Brake Handle-aluminum and light wood
Y08 Shift Lever/Brake Handle-aluminum and dark wood
Y09 Light Rootwood Pkg - steering wheel, parking brake, shifter, dashboard
Y10 Dark Rootwood Pkg - steering wheel, parking brake, shifter, dashboard
Y16 Exclusive Package I - leather door rosettes, handles, speaker trim
Y17 Exclusive Pkg II - leather seatbelt locks and housings, shifter tunnel, parking brake, tray behind parking brake
Y18 Exclusive Package III - leather seat adjuster switches, hinges, etc
Y23 Aluminum Tiptronic Selector includes aluminum brake lever
Y24 Carbon Tiptronic Selector includes carbon brake lever
Y25 Carbon package II (Y04 plus: steering wheel, shifter, brake handle)
Y26 Carbon Pkg III
Y29 Aluminum/Chrome Pkg (instruments, tailpipe, door sill)
Y59 Light Wood Pkg (steering wheel, shifter, brake lever, dash)
Y60 Dark Wood Pkg (steering wheel, shifter, brake lever, dash)
Y61 Carbon Tiptronic Shifter includes carbon hand brake
Y62 Light Wood Tiptronic Shifter includes wood hand brake, aluminum switch
Y63 Dark Wood Tiptronic Shifter includes wood hand brake, aluminum switch
Y65 Dash Pkg (leather vent covers)
Y66 Door Pkg (leather sills, pwr switches, locks, speaker trim, etc)
Y67 Leather Seat Pkg (switches, hinges, adjusters, etc)
Y75 Front and Rear Spoilers with Aero Kit
Z02 Leather Console Tray
Z05 Leather Headliner (Custom Color) Includes A- and B-pillars and visors
Z06 Steering Wheel-Deviating Color
Z07 Trunk Carpeting (matches interior color, without CD changer)
Z08 Trunk Carpeting (Matches interior color, with CD changer)
Z09 Custom Leather Carpet Welting (color matched to sample interior)
Z11 Leather Carpet Welting standard color or matching interior color
Z21 Seat Stitching-Alternate Standard Colors
Z27 Headliner, Leatherette (deviating current color; visor & pillars)
Z27 Headliner, Standard Leather
Z27 Leather Headliner (Porsche Colors) Includes A- and B-pillars and visors
Z31 Leather Knee Bar
Z35 Leather Knee Bar (requires all-leather interior)
Z41 Pearl White Metallic Paint (requires metallic paint to sample)
Z42 Door Trim Panels-Leatherette
Z43 Door Trim Panels-Leather (includes armrests, requires full leather interior)
Z44 Leather Armrests/Compartments Lids
Z45 Front Seat Inlays (deviating current colors; requires full leather seats)
Z46 Rear Seat Inlays (deviating current colors; requires full leather seats)
Z50 Seatbelts, Red or Yellow Front
Z51 Front/Rear Seat Inlays (deviating current color; requires leather)
Z53 Head Rests Stamped w/ Porsche Crest (requires leather upholstery)
Z65 Leatherette Beltline In standard deviating colors
Z66 Leatherette Beltline (Cabriolet) in deviating standard color
Z69 Carpet-Standard Color (deviating from interior colors)
Z79 Deviating Standard Color A & B Pillars
Z86 Dashboard in Deviating Standard Color
Z95 Titanium or Black Brake Calipers

M6A Black mats with porsche lettering
M6F Metropol blue floor mats
M6H Natural brown floor mats
M6J Nephrite green floor mats
M6K Natural grey floor mats
M6M Boxster red floor mats
M6P graphite grey floor mats
M6S Savanna beige floor mats

P16 PCM2 (porsche communication management 2version)
P74 Xenon headlamp pagage
P78 Sport seats with full leather interior

342 Heated front seats
411 18-inch light alloy carrera wheels
415 18-inch light alloy turbo look 2 wheels
450 PCCB (Porsche ceramic composit brakes)
476 PSM (Porsche stability management)
549 Roof transport system
571 Carbon air filter pagage
580 Non smoker pagage
635 Parking assyst system
652 Delete sunroof
662 PCM (porsche communication system)
696 AM/FM radio with CD
750 Delete cabriolet hardtop

E70 Leather interior package
E71 Light wood interior pagage
E72 Dark wood interior pagage
E73 Carbon interior pagage
E74 Leather pagage small
E75 Light wood pagage small
E76 Dark wood pagage small
E77 Carbon pagage small
E80 Alu-look pagage large
E82 Alu-look pagage small

X45 Instrument dials painted interor color
X69 Carbon door sills model insignia
XD3 Rain sensor windshield
XAA Aero kit
XAD Rear side GT fins
XAF Turbo aero kit
XAG Carrera rear spoiler
XCE Rear center console alu-look
XEH Self dimming inner and outer rearview mirror
XJB Rear center console painted silver
XKX Lower part of instrument panel painted silver
XLF Sport exhaust system
XMA A/B-pillar,roof liner leather
XME Rear center console painted exterior color
XMF Front console in interior leather
XMJ Rear center console carbon
XML Rear center console light wood
XMP Leather sun visors lighed mirror
XMZ Rear center console leather
XNB Rear center console dark wood
XND Lower instrument panel body color
XNS Steering colum covered interior leather
XPA 3-spoke steering wheel interior leather
XPB 3-spoke steering wheel light wood/leather
XPC 3-spoke steering wheel dark wood/leather
XPD 3-spoke steering wheel carbon/leather
XPG 3 spoke steering wheel alu-look/leather
XRB 18-inch sport classic wheel/tires
ZRC 18-inch sport techno wheel
XRL 18-inch ssport design wheel
XSA Sport seats painted to match body color
XSB Sport seats backs leather covered interior
XSC Porsche crest in headrest
XSD Seat adjustment ***** leather
XSU Lowered seats (-10mm)
XSW Seat belts maritime blue
XSX Seat belts guards red
XSY Seat belts speed yellow
XTG Inner sill parts/release leather
XTJ Door grip light wood/leather
XTK Door grip dark wood/leather
XTL Door grip carbon/leather
XTN Mirror adj.cover leather
XY5 Leather tiptronic shift plate
XZD Dome lamp cover leather
Z099 All exlusive option deviating stich
Z0997 Custom tailoring
Z108 Upper dashboard in deviating color
Z109 Lower dashboard in deviating color
Z110 Instrument hump in deviating color
Z111 Seat insert in deviating color
Z112 Front seat in special leather
Z113 Front/rear seats in deviating color
Z34 Deviating carpet color
Z48 Front hood W/O porsche crest
Z77 Steering wheel deviating standard color
Z84 Stich front/rear seats deviating color
Z84G Deviating stiching front seats GT2
Z88 Door and sash stich deviating color
Z96 Alcantara roofliner deviating color
Z97 Deviating color-436 steering wheel
TD5 European Delivery
FLY Air transport from factory
VA3 Tourist delivery prep.
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Originally Posted by sandvik951
XF5 Leather Covered Instrument Rings (standard with X34)
XF6 Leather Gear Box Tunnel (standard with Y17)
XF7 Leather Covered Tray Located behind parking brake (standard with )
XJ4 Leather Ignition Lock Rosette
XJ5 Leather Covered Ignition Key
XJ6 Leather Steering Wheel Casing
XJ8 Leather Tiptronic Shift Plate
XK7 Leather Wrapped Shift **** and Cover (deviating colors or to sample)
XM5 Leather Control *****
XM7 Leather Covered Glove Box ****
[etc, etc, etc]
Holy (dead) cow, Batman! Can any of that stuff be ordered afer the original sale? I'd be interested in adding a few pieces to my car.

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Yes and No.
Some Exclusive options can only be ordered (as replacement parts, based on VIN#) if they were part of the car's build.

So, if you have someone's VIN who has the options they want, they can be ordered for you via parts.

Caution: you may be surprised how expensive Exclusive option parts are thru Parts.
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Thanks guys. Nice works, the whole list no less. Bravo, Bravo!
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