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Why NOT TO drive in the rain


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Rust issues? There is one area of concern in general with these cars and rust.

If one lifts the car without protecting the surface coating at the lift points this can damage the surface coating, crack it, and give water a chance to get in.

Now the metal is zinc coated so there's some other line of defense against rust forming but I have to mention those of you that use indy tire shops that do not use the rubber pads when lifting the car these lift areas get beat up over and over again and ths can damage the zinc coating enough that rust can set in.

You should avoid lifting the car without the proper rubber pads to protect the lift points.

If the car gets lifted without this protection these areas need to be inspected for the early signs of rust and dealt with accordingly.
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Originally Posted by ivangene View Post
I waited 30 years for a Porsche - I sure as hell am driving it as often as i can...I have a LOT of time to make up!!!!

OH - and a Porsche is a great car (DUH) which means....its a great foul weather car ---- DUH DUH !!

I bought it for ME





Reminds me of a girl I dated way back - I used to tell her that she should have been an Oprah singer. me Me MEE
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Originally Posted by 996pp View Post
Since the rainy season is rolling over here in california i thought i might bring this topic up.
I have heard and read alot of people don't drive their cars in the rain and can't seem to understand the reason behinde that. Mine is my daily driver so i don't have a choice it gets driven rain or shine. I can understand snow and salt (which we never get in california) take a toll on the car but whats water gona do?
Has anybody had any problems or rust issues?

___________2003 996 aero kit
In SoCA I try to avoid driving in the rain since it is the only guaranteed way to avoid SoCA drivers that are not the most skilled at driving in the rain.
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Originally Posted by silotwo View Post
Reminds me of a girl I dated way back - I used to tell her that she should have been an Oprah singer. me Me MEE
Oprah??? You mean Opera singer.
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Originally Posted by calbo View Post
Bah, it never rains in Portland.
Oregonians don't tan, they rust.
30 or more people a year in Oregon die of falling off their bicycles and drowning.

It's called liquid sunshine some places.

If you don't exercise the seals they get screwy i.e. shrink, rot and dry out. You also give little critters the idea they own a 911 as their house and playground.
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I live in Portland and like driving the TT in the rain because it feels so damn good
Besides, I bought the car for me, not the next guy.
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Where I live it rains on and off so often, and it's hard to predict when it will actually rain... so I have no other option. It doesn't bother me unless I just washed/ waxed the car, and think about all the hard work that just went to waste.
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Before I bought my Turbo I had a PPI done on a car that had two homes. One in Atlantic City and the other on the Florida coast. The car passed with flying colors except that the undercarriage was corroded from road salts. It was corroded so badly that the inspector basically told me not to buy it at any price. He said it would be very difficult and expensive to work on because of fasteners seizing and components needing replacement due to the damage.

I ended up going the other extreme buying a car from Las Vegas that had never seen rain or been wet underneath. Now that car is 9 years old, has 22K miles and looks brand new all over. The underside is gorgeous and I'd like to keep it that way. I work on my own stuff and really like the pleasure of touching tools to like new fasteners without road grime and residue from dirt, water and salts. I have 2 SUVs that I can drive in rain and snow and off road. My Porsche is my fair weather ride.

Maybe the next guy will appreciate it pay the big bucks for how clean it is like the guy that bought my last 996. I never refrain from driving the Turbo P car to save it. I love driving my Jeep and have two licensed motorcycles and Boxster as well.
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I drive mine in the rain with no issues. I do not do snow anymore due to the traction issue. Not worth the risk.
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I saved my prior 3 Porsches to keep miles down and condition perfect, and I still got my *** handed to me come resale/trade time. My car now will be driven - not enjoying a car so the next owner gets a cream puff is no longer on my agenda.

By the way - I'm pretty sure it rains like a ***** in Germany.
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What's rain?
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Originally Posted by calbo View Post
Bah, it never rains in Portland.

In the last thirty years in Portland I've seen it sprinke, drizzle, mist, downpour, soak, spit, and fog, but never rain.
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Mine's a DD, and has been for 6 1/2 years. Yes, it's driven in ALL conditions.
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If I know it's going to rain, I drive my truck.
Just to keep the car clean, longer.

I did had an incident a few yrs. back where I was on a Highway during a HEAVY downpour & hydroplaned
off the road, it was pretty exciting....wide tires & driving too fast.
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