My 993 feels slow now.

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John Velasco
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I drive a Civic Hybrid during the day and the GT3 other times. The only reason I sold the 993 was for a bit more performance. I also thought about the TT and hope at some time to own one, but that extra rush of power is just so addicting. It is a very hard decision.

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I had the same issue driving my e39 M5 everyday. I even thought about a TT.

I find the secret with my NA 993 is to keep the revs up. Above about 4000 rpm, it's a happy camper. It's the 0-60 runs that feels slower compared with the M5. 60 to 100+ still comes on faster than it should, and the engine sound of the Porsche moving toward redline can't be beat. Not only that, the Porsche brakes are better than the BMW and I can carry more speed through the curves in the Porsche.

I've come to the conclusion that the NA 993 does what it was designed to do better than any car on the road. Unless something makes me sell it, I'll keep my widebody C4S, then when I can afford it and a TT I'll pull the trigger.
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Originally Posted by Reynard38 View Post
Build quality there is no contest. The 911 beats just about anything out there (save for 1985 and older Mercedes)
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Scott 1996 993c2
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My 993's are stupid sexy!

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Sometime I'd wished our 993 had about 50 more hp...
But then I' realized why I didn't buy a vette!
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Originally Posted by Svaha View Post
Drive a Civic, then hop in your "fast" 993.
too funny....
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I feel your situation... I just purchased a 340hp Volvo V70R wagon and it smokes the p-car.
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My daily driver is a Jeep Grand Cherokee, kind of essential with teenage kid's. Still when I get the porsche out they want to squeeze in the back. The 993 N/A feels like riding a motorbike compared to the heavy Jeep. With the 993 N/A you can really feel the road and the feedback through the steering is great. By comparison the Jeep feels very divorced from the road. Horses for courses. The Porsche makes me smile evertime I get it over 4000 RPM. If I had dollars sitting around doing absolutely nothing I would go for a 993 TT, but push come to shove I am happy with the 993 N/A and I would rather buy more stock. Call me Mr Conservative :-)
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Originally Posted by jdistefa View Post
My DD is a 1.9 TDI Jetta wagon.
On the occasion that I do think about a TT or Gt3, I think how fast do I really need to go on public roads?
I'm with Mark here.. Especially on our roads (max 110km/h) you wonder how fast you really NEED to go.. Ofcourse its all about accel on and off ramps to the highway but still I dunno.. I like the lines of the NA better but the TT has other points of attraction. I also like the sound of the NA cars better. C2S and C4S's are pretty expensive here in Europe so for me it would only mean an attitional 10K for a turbo with the same mileage in the same condition.. Difficult decision but as I said before, leaning towards the NA alternative. As someone said, there's always something faster so actually it is more about being satisfied with what you have and love it for the right reasons !
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Default speed is relative

speed is always relative... relative to the pavement, relative to other cars, etc. To me, speed is not the rush; it is the change in speed (i.e. acceleration, deceleration, lateral G's) that are exciting. My 993 hands-down beats my M5 in three out of four vectors. Sure it sucks when some yahoo in a cheesy mustang pulls up next to me at a light when I'm in the 993 and starts revving his engine. Those are the only times that I wish I was in the M5 over the 993. But then again, not many people want to race me in the M5 (either uninformed and think it's just another 4-door sedan, or informed and scared).
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My x's volvo turbo wagon was awesome and I miss driving it now and then. But the 993 is still fun and as was posted before, a solid 50 more hp would be good...
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Well I drove the 933 up to Rome (GA) Friday to look at some land I'm buying. Once you get the car out of the Atlanta stop and go traffic it is a real pleasure to drive, and the sound can't be beat!
Maybe I'll use it for the longer trips and use the BeastMW for 'round town and the track. Once we move out to the farmland it'll be a lot more go than stop.
Plus the 993 is paid for. That's a BIG plus.
Anyway here's a link to the car that caused all the confusion. It's a LOT of fun.
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Originally Posted by Reynard38 View Post
Well I drove the 933 up to Rome (GA) Friday to look at some land I'm buying. Once you get the car out of the Atlanta stop and go traffic it is a real pleasure to drive, and the sound can't be beat!
Maybe I'll use it for the longer trips and use the BeastMW for 'round town and the track. Once we move out to the farmland it'll be a lot more go than stop.
Plus the 993 is paid for. That's a BIG plus.
Anyway here's a link to the car that caused all the confusion. It's a LOT of fun.


I am also an E30 325is owner. Frankly, I'm amazed (though I must admit that I'm not sure I believe) that you could build an M20 (notwithstanding the fact that's it's a turbo) to put out enough HP to upstage your 911 and not blow apart in 10 seconds. [For all those who are not intimate with E30 325is BMWs - the M20 is a 2.5 liter12valve 6 cylinder which comes standard. It puts out 168hp and 164lbs in a car weighing approximately 300lbs less than a NB 993].

I see that you've enlarged the engine 2.7 liters (presumably with an eta or TD crank to achieve the extra displacement and lower compression). I imagine you are running a custom fuel injection system as it's unlikely the standard motronic can handle the fuel requirements of your car. Does the car have an intercooler? Glad to see you've done a 5 lug conversion (even though E30 M3 brakes are still mediocre).

Much as I love my 325is for what it is, even with 300hp it simply doesn't compare to my 993. (My EVOIII E30 M3 wasn't close either). The 993 is a total package - brakes, handling, steering in a balanced package. The 325is is nice, but it's steering, brakes, and structural intergrity are lacking at 168hp - not to mention 300hp.

For me, the longer I own my 993 (it's been 9+ years now), the more I love it. Same with my 325is, but to a lesser degree. I'll probably never sell either.

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Amazing E30!

I have followed some of the transformation on r3vlimited - congratulations! As if the slope wasn't slippery enough for 993s, must stop the freefall with my E30 too...
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You are forgetting that once you get used to it your new turbo or GT3 will start to feel slow and then you'll want to add some more power and it's off down the slope again... My old 3.2 felt really fast until I got a Honda Fireblade and then it started feeling really, really slow! Find three fat blokes, stuff them in the car, drive them off to a burger joint, dump them there and Wahey! A whole new sporty car!


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