Engine removal phase 2

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Default Engine removal phase 2


Now I’ll spent a few lines about the jacking up!

The 2 front wheels were driven on wooden blocks with a stop to prevent the car from moving forward when lifted. And to be sure that the blocks are not slipping on the floor of my garage, they are equipped with two rods that are introduced in holes drilled through the floor.
The blocks are 9cm height (3.5”) My hyd jack is a AC DK 20 Q…. Ilifted the rear in 2 steps to have it high enough. As you see it on the picture, The lower part of the rear is 85 cm from the ground (33.5”). From what I read on the forum, I think this should be enough to clear the engine. The ATV lift is 9cm high when completely folded. If I put a wooden layer of 3cm (1.2”) this will give me a height of 73cm (28.7”) free to roll the engine on the ATV lift free from the car.

Then I followed the Workshop manual procedure.
Starting with tha AC compressor. 1 electrical connection and 4 bolts (13mm) Here take care to hold the bolt with you hand or it will fall somewhere in the engine bay… I was lucky!

Here you see the bolts and the frame which is under the compressor:

Then the air filter box. 2 clips for the cover. Then 1 screw (10mm) on top of the fix part and an electrical connection (air T°).

When pulling the box out of the manifold, take care not to loose the rubber gasket!

To remove the rear blower, I first removed the left part of it. 2 bolts (10mm)

The rear blower is also hold in place by 2 bolts (10mm)
See picture for their postion:

When it’s removed you have a “nice” view on the electrical compartment on the left wing.
See picture for the connections. There are 3, and each one is connected differently!

The connections on the left side are shown disconnected on the picture. Follow Worshop Manual.

On the right here are the electrical connections:

there are also 3 breather connections on this side:

Then we disconnect the power steering lines….oil spilling! Think about it. Then plug the openings.
Disconnect the fuel line on this side

then the fuel line on the left side

At this stage, I still don't have the throttle cable disconnected. As advised by others, I'll do it when the engine will be a bit lower.

But I miss one step from the workshop manual: page 10-105 n°11 they say "detach breather hose from resonance flap housing"... I do not find it!

So I stop here go for a good night sleep. If you can help me on that one...Thanks

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resonance flap housing = Varioram or the two-stage intake manifold on earlier cars.
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TomF: thanks for help, I'll have a second look in tha corner. I think it's already disconnected, but the drawing in the workshop manual shows a rubber tube close to the throttle cable...

Cayenne AK: what do you mean "R" rating for language? Please if I use wrong words sometime let me know. That a real exercise for me...and my Harrap's shorter!

KKim: that's a good idea the webcam! The other day, I tought that I would love it if there was was in the classroom when you go To Callas or other events!

Graham: you welcome whenever you like. I'm home until X-mas. But during the week-end, I should help my wife to renew a bedroom upstairs, and we have no spare for the moment. We could still arrange something.

Now it's breakfast time , and then ....the movie continues! I feel like in "Alien"...I'm afraid it jumps from somewhere
Thanks to all for your encouraging posts!
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