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OFFICIAL 991.2 GT3 RELEASE *Confirmed 500HP 4.0 & Manual option*

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Default OFFICIAL 991.2 GT3 RELEASE *500HP 4.0L & 6 speed manual*

Note: additional articles, videos, and pictures in posts I've made below. Some skip a few other member posts.


2018 991.2 GT3

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Original spy shots days before the release:

Name:  photo40.jpg
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Some specs:

Front clearance no lift = 88mm or 3.465"

Front axel lift on .2 = 1.5" vs. 1.2" on the .1's

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These brochures have some options not available in all countries. Specifically the Club Sport Package. They haven't tailored each brochure to each region.

991.2 The New GT3 BROCHURE in ENGLISH:

For reference, 991.1 GT3 BROCHURE:


Name:  photo374.jpg
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** UPDATED as relevant material becomes available **

Will post latest update below:

4/26/17 Carfection and Autocar VIDEOS
4/19/17 Autoblog article
4/1/17 GT3 spied testing video
3/28/17 (Car Magazine article)


Carfection VIDEO on the TRACK 4/26/17

Autocar VIDEO on the TRACK 4/26/17

Autovisie VIDEO with Chalk GT3 4/26/17

2018 Porsche 911.2 GT3 MANUAL Spied Testing on Nurburgring, Nordschleife!

DPCcars VIDEO with Andreas Preuninger and Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser - Head of Porsche Motorsport:

DRIVETRIBE VIDEO with Andreas Preuninger:


Geneva unveiling with Mark Webber VIDEO:



Carfection VIDEO:

DPCcars GT3 unveiling VIDEO:

AUTO BILD VIDEO with Andreas Preuninger (IN GERMAN).

AUTO BILD GT3 startup:

YOUCAR VIDEO. A little drift action:

GT3 Soundcheck VIDEO:

Yellow MANUAL .2 GT3 with Andreas Preuninger:

^^ Video link to the one inside the above article:


Autoblog 4/19/17

CAR Magazine - First Ride:

Road & Track interview with Andreas Preuninger: 991.2 GT3:


PistonHeads with Andreas Preuninger. This is a must read:

Jalopnik (Stef Schrader) was the first to report the news of our advance posting of the official release. Has this thread linked to her article as well


Porsche USA microsite:

EURO Configurator:

Canadian Configurator:

Porsche USA - The New 911 GT3:

USA Configurator:

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991.2 GT3
2018 GT3
Porsche 991.2 GT3
Porsche 2018 GT3

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This car is BOMB.
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Can't wait for mine

37 lb weight penalty for the PDK, which is more than half a second faster to 60 mph than the manual. Still undecided which transmission I'm going to go with, but with such a hit to straight line performance just to 60 mph, definitely makes me lean towards the PDK.
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Higher base price but nice to see PCM/Nav and Apple CarPlay standard. I wonder whether this means equivalent of "Sound Package Plus" will also be standard and/or whether a better audio option will be offered?

Cute of Porsche to make PDK-S "standard" and the manual available (presumably no-cost "option"?) so as not to leave $$$ on the table from manual buyers. But I suppose we all guessed that would happen.

No mention of LWFW. I guess at least we won't have to agonize over whether to order it and have endless arguments on this forum about which is better. Maybe its omission is a nod to the 911 R VIPs?

Looks like no wing delete. Oh well.

At least they got the big stuff right... 4.0L, 500hp, manual. Where's mine?
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Additional PHOTOS:

Name:  photo911.jpg
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^^^ Crayon/Chalk

Name:  photo410.jpg
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Originally Posted by STG View Post
No wing delete = they need to give the R guys something

They can keep their wingless ones.
and SMF
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So in summary its 4.0L 500 bhp with manual as we had pretty much suspected. It also weighs the same as the outgoing model assuming you spec with PDK.

Of surprise to me was the considerably slower 0-100 time with the manual box and the very marginal weight drop with the MT. I assume the reasons are that the gearing is short (good) and it has a heavier mechanical diff for the MT car (expected).

Price increase looks around 6% which seems very reasonable.

No talk about major revisions at this stage to the engine.

They can keep the track app tho LOL!
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Since the press release doesn't specify RPM and only says "high-revving", I suppose this means a much lower redline as most anticipate. Will it be same as RS and R? Different?

If less, it might help protect values a bit for .1 GT3.
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gimme a few years and once the "market pricing" jack is over, i will order one. base, zero options. it will be 1 of 1.
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I think the 0-60 time of 3.2 should be for 0-100 kph. 0-60 should be 3.0 (last one was 3.1 sec with 3.8L). I wonder if the 3.8 sec for manual is also 0-100 kph?
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So if track precision app is standard, does that mean Sport Chrono is standard too? After all, on GT3, all sport Chrono included was the clock and the app. So if Sport Chrono isn't standard are they really going to make the clock an expensive option and if so, who would tick that box now?
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First Reactions

1) WOW WOW WOW - nice job of listening to customers by Porsche, the design to the voice of the customer and the call of the marketplace is #1 here for me
2) The 140K and change price is impressive - think of this in the context of all those autos we regularly discuss, all the McLaren's, etc., etc., what else can you get for this kind of money. The only real argument here is the 350GT and Grand-sport at 1/2 the price argument, but is still not the same car.
3) Both transmissions as an option - super, I am surprised at the 6 tenths of a second difference in 0-60, for a track car I think you have to go PDK, for weekend state road fun, manual.
4) 500HP motor - great

I would say they nailed it, will be harder to get than last GT3's IMHO, its not a numbered chassis like the R, but for those that really wanted an R and didn't get it, this is just as good to me.
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