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Accelerating car....accelerating costs??

Old 06-19-2001, 09:16 PM
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Location: oxford, united kingdom
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Red face Accelerating car....accelerating costs??

I just bought what I thought was one of the best C4 Targas in the UK. 38,000 miles, 3rd car garaged by 2 very fussy previous owners, silver, black leather - immaculate. I was very happy to pay top dollar for such a car.

But, after a few hundred miles, a graunching sound from the front drivetrain meant a new clutch/flywheel replacement ($2500 opc), and I found out that the brake calipers had 'lifted'. ($1200 opc)

Again, very happy to make the investment, ok with the clutch/flywheel, and kind of expected some things to go wrong at the beginning on a car with such little use.

Tonight, while driving back from London, I found out that the rear spoiler was clicking and not lifting, so I am expecting another financial hit.

Does anybody know of the rear spoiler problems, low mileage problems, and am I crazy to do this stuff through OPCs?

Will the car stop costing me money, or was this my latest large financial blunder?
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Old 06-19-2001, 09:33 PM
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Red face

Congratulations on your NEW car.

I don't have anything to offer, but say that what you experience on your car is not normal. People have clutch beyond 80k miles.

One question, did you do a PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection). You could have avoided most of the above problems if you did a PPI.

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Old 06-20-2001, 06:02 AM
John Miles
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Doubt that rear spoiler problem will be major cost. You should track down a local specialist. Most in the UK are professional and 30% cheaper than OPC. Where do you live?

Also join PCGB for 10% discount on parts and check out my sites below for more 964 info and contacts. Let's see a photo of your car up on the SmartGroup.

Flywheel problem well known as failure on early cars. Now you are sorted with a new clutch as well.

Finally, make sure that you have ventilated distributor. Check out my Technical page for info on this one.

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Old 06-21-2001, 12:58 AM
Randall G.
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Well, I am afraid there is no such thing as a cheap-to-maintain Porsche. I've owned three of 'em, and they have all had their high $$ moments. These are, after all, exotic (or semi-exotic) sports cars, not Toyota Camrys. Still, as far as exotic sports cars go, Porsches are pretty reliable and relatively cheap. You'll have a few good years of doing nothing but routine maintenance, then all of a sudden have a streak of bad luck (like you're having now) where you'll get hit with a series of big $$ repairs. P-car owners need to have some disposable income to accommodate these "bad times."

If it's any consolation, you shouldn't have to touch your clutch again for around 100k miles. And, I'm surprised you had to work your brake calipers. I've done nothing but replace pads and rotors on my car, and it has 108k miles.

Co-workers and friends often ask me about the cost of Porsche ownership. If they have children, I try to discourage them from buying a Porsche. Porsches are just too expensive to maintain if you are trying to save money for your kids. Unless, of course, you're making (at least) more than 6 figures, and can afford both children and a P-car

Hope this helps.
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Old 06-21-2001, 01:47 PM
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Randall, NOW you tell me (about the costs and what kind of income I need to have).
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Old 06-21-2001, 04:36 PM
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i am skeptical of your mechanic. what does 'lifted' calipers mean. it is uncommon to have to replace them with such little mileage.

why don't you just have somone sit in the car while they try to raise and lower the spoiler while you observe what is going on, maybe you can diagnose the problem.
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Old 06-21-2001, 05:06 PM
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Location: oxford, united kingdom
Posts: 7

Well, first of all, thank you all for your replies and your messages of congrats on my new baby. Technical probs. have moved on a little.

The spoiler problem was a dropped screw, found of course in the bottom of the little black box at the edge of the spoiler housing, and fixed at the princely cost of zero pounds by my friendly local dealer.

He confirmed the clutch/flywheel replacement was necessary, but told me that the light graunching from the transmission was just transmission noise, and will remain. Common he said on C4s, as they put more stress on the transmission. Noise common after 10-12K on all cars.

Caliper lifting was also confirmed. He says that cars that are under-used can suffer from corrosion finding its way under the caliper housing......oh well.

However, as you faithful are well aware, the sublime experiences on the roads, fast or slow, straight or curvy, makes me(most of the time) forget the $$.

I will get some pictures up on the site, if you guys insist...

By the way, do you recommend that I change this distributor thing now, at 40k, or can I wait. How expensive it it?


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Old 06-21-2001, 05:49 PM
Jay H
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Congradulations on your recent 964 purchase.

The distributor vent kit for early 964's is very cheap. About $12 USD. Labor is usually 1/2 hour to an hour to install (or you can DIY). The Porsche Part number for the kit is P000-043-202-52.

There was a recent thread that showed the mileage that 964 owners had their distributor belts changed. I'd keep it in the back of your mind on things you need to do to the car yet.

Randall hits the nail on the head in his post above. I also agree that 911 ownership will be basically cost free other than regular maintenance for a time and then one year you'll get hit with a big dollar repair. It seems it takes a bit of time and money to get a car sorted out after you buy it if it has not been driven much or has not been maintained properly. Disposable income is a must with these aging cars...

Feel free to post some pics. We all like pics!

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Old 06-28-2001, 08:14 AM
Andrew Wright
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Location: Bucks, UK
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Congratulations on picking up what sounds like a beautiful car.

Calipers often need renovation - its just age - your real choice is to have them cleaned up & sorted which usually works & is not massively expensive, or take the opportunity to upgrade the whole braking system - always works & is really expensive.

The vent kit is quick & easy & is likely to be all you need for the distributor - if it hasnt already been done.

The biggest potential expense is sorting any oil leaks .. if this one leaks properly (as mine did) then ú2.5K to ú3.5K depending on how much you have done will be required. The rest is relatively small stuff. When the clutch/flywheel is done, have the leak situation checked out in detail.

After that, if you dont drive it too hard, relatively few real heavy costs - depends why you bought it really.

By the way, you have two of the best Porsche independents in Oxfordshire - Autofarm & AMD - AMD knows more about 964s but Autofarm offer more services
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