Transmission oil change DIY

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Default Transmission oil change DIY

Transmission oil change

Quick facts
Req. Change Frequency: every 48,000 miles (min)
Oil (qty): 75 W 90 gear oil (3.8 qts)
Fill and Drain plug Torques: 22 ft-lbs.
Fill and Drain Plug Hex wrench size: 10mm.

Replacement parts: 2 aluminum seals (Porsche p/n 900-123-011-30; “Sealing ring A 22 x 27”, Pelican p/n 900-123-118-30-M131)
Tip: This is the same seal used on both engine oil drain plugs. Since they’re inexpensive [@ $0.50], it’s convenient to buy extras for upcoming oil changes, as well.


1. Driving car just prior to this procedure to thoroughly mix the transmission’s oil is preferred.
Overview of procedure items to be used: Fig 11.
[The short piece of plumbing pipe shown was needed in my case to help break loose a (previous) overzealously torqued plug.]
Name:  Fig 11Transmission fluid change supplies used in demonstration.jpg
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Size:  129.4 KB

2. Jack up car at the left/driver’s side, rear jacking point. [Fig 1] Remove left rear wheel.
Name:  Fig 1 Driver's side rear jack (with safety stand).jpg
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Size:  100.3 KB

3. Place catch pan under transmission drain plug. (Expect 1 gallon of fluid to drain fast.)

4. Remove transmission fill and drain plugs w/ 10mm hex. [Fig 2]
Note: Jaime reminds me of his frustration of removing the drain plug 1st, only to find the fill plug impossibly torqued tight.
(How would you refill that scenario?)
Lesson learned: Remove the fill plug 1st, for sanity's sake.
Name:  Fig 2 Overall arrangement.jpg
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Size:  99.1 KB

5. Lower car to (level to) complete transmission draining.

6. Inspect and remove metal debris from drain plug magnet. [Fig 3, 4, 5, 6]
Note: Metal shavings shown in Fig 3 are normal. If metal chunks are present, seek professional review of your transmission.
Name:  Fig 3 Drain Plug Removed.jpg
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Size:  41.5 KBName:  Fig 4 Drain Plug cleaned with old & new seals.jpg
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Size:  49.5 KBName:  Fig 5 Fill and Drain Plugs.jpg
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Size:  61.4 KBName:  Fig 6 Hex Tool 10mm.jpg
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7. Jack up car at the left/driver’s side, rear jacking point.

8. Reinstall cleaned drain plug to 22 ft-lbs. [Fig 7, 8]
Name:  Fig 7 Prior to final draining (off the jack).jpg
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Size:  99.1 KBName:  Fig 8 Reinstalling Drain Plug.jpg
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9. Fill new transmission oil into the transmission fill port until fill port overflows. [Fig 9, 10]
Note: I used a gravity feed to fill the tranny by holding the oil bottle shown above the transmission's level (and punching a hole in the oil bottle) the oil will flow into the tranny. Sure, it's a little slow, but it's a 'no' pressure, works-every-time method I found convenient. There are other oil pumping devices you may choose to use. Many ways 'to skin this cat.'
Name:  Fig 9 Filling to overflow (note drip in mid-air).jpg
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Size:  61.4 KBName:  Fig 10 Overflow draining overview.jpg
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10. Lower car to (level to) allow further overflow of transmission oil. When flow has decreased, jack the car back up.

11. Reinstall cleaned fill plug to 22 ft-lbs.

Transmission oil change complete
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This is grea! Thank you!

The only thing I would add is


There was this time, with my 951... anyway... you get the idea...
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The Delvac was the concensus pick a year ago.
Formulations, new arrivals, and worthy concensus opines may have changed since. I don't know.
I DO know the stuff wasn't easy to find.
Finally found a source, nearby, at Lufteknic in Richmond, VA. (no affiliation)
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