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We had a choice?
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928's and associated parts and accessories are quite popular on Ebay. Just about about everyone on this board has bought something there. Many of us have learned from our experience. Here are some tips that you might want to think about BEFORE you bid.

Shop around for that part, many times those OEM or NOS parts can actually be had from the big 3 or other supplier for less money.

WATCH OUT for outrageous shipping and handling charges.

Be wary and leary of claims like "Same material as OEM" or "Better than OEM".

There are pirated copies of Shop Manuals of poor quality going for the same or sometimes higher prices than the originals. Also PET CD's and Shop manuals on CD. (search the archives for more info)

Check their FEEDBACK! New Sellers (those with sunglasses) may be the bad guy just changing his name. Be careful. An occasional negative feedback on a high volume seller is probably unavoidable. However if the seller has 12 feedbacks and six are negative, I wouldn't take the chance.

Private Auctions are generally for HIGH END items such as real estate and the like. It is intended to keep the bidders from being harrased from unwanted and unsolicited emails and offers. Unscrupulous sellers will set up private auctions on low end items so that no one can warn the bidder of the screwing they are about to receive.

Check the bid history on an item. There have been known cases of "SHILL BIDDERS". If something looks suspicious, proceed with caution.

If you are wanting to bid on a 928 and can't go there to check it out yourself, place a post on the board, someone may help you out that lives near the car. I have two friends that bought cars and both essentially got screwed. An MG Midget and a Mercedes 450 SL were both advertised as in "VERY GOOD CONDITION". Both ended up being towed home and actually in "LESS THAN FAIR CONDITION".

"Buy It Now" items are sometimes from a seller that "NEEDS THE CASH NOW".

When I want something, I usually take one of two approaches. Sometimes I will bid the highest amount I am willing to pay up front. If I really want an item, I am there at the end. I don't waste time and money by running up the bid. In the last moments of the auction, if the price is not higher than I am willing to pay, I bid that price. (sniping)

I am fortunate in that I have not been taken. The purpose of this post was not "Who" to watch out for, but "WHAT". Hopefully others will post some more helpful hints.

Before you bid on an item it may be wise to check this site for the seller:


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Post Items For Sale & Cars/Parts Wanted + Rennlist Charter + Sponsorship


If you want to post 928-related items or cars for sale here, or request parts or cars wanted to buy, you MUST be a paid Rennlist Member.

Please include a detailed description and the asking price in all For Sale posts - every item, every time.

Any 'For Sale' and 'Parts Wanted' posts by non-members, or by Members with no asking price, "Best Offer", "Make an Offer", "Highest Offer over $xx", "Email for Details and Price", etc. will be removed without notice.

Membership Has Its Benefits

OK, so you've paid for Membership and want to sell something. Great. While not mandatory, it is recommened that you list a discount for paid Members, or an additional 'fee' for sales to non-Members. You've contributed by joining, why shouldn't they in order to partake of offers presented on Rennlist.


From time to time we encounter individuals who troll the forums looking to sell parts. Be advised that we support our paid Sponsors, and hope you will too.

Unsolicited private sales are NOT in any way endorsed or authorized by Rennlist. and as such, Rennlist may not be able to provide assistance in resolving any disputes. Even paid Members that approach you should be dealt with warily unless you are sure they have a solid reputation.

If you are ever approached with parts for sale via email or PM - by a Member or non-Member - please contact the forum Moderator for guidance before proceeding: Send a PM to the Moderator

Posting Links to eBay Auctions

If you want to post your ebay link here, post a reasonable Buy it Now (BIN) price that you will sell it for.

If you get a taker here, you must end the auction early and sell it to the Rennlister at the BIN price.

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Forum User Profile

It is recommended that you have some basic information contained within your User Profile.

To change your Profile, select the User CP (User Control Panel) link located in the upper left corner of any Forum page.

Access the various functions to make changes to your account and to manage Forum Messages (PMs)

Edit Profile > Location: Enter your City, State, Country - we like to see where in the world you are.

Edit Signature: Enter the model year of your car, plus anything else you'd like us to know. If you are a 'Member', your Signature will automatically be displayed at the bottom of every post you make. This way, you won't forget to enter your car info whenever you are discussing a particular model-specific issue. Signatures are only enabled on paid Member accounts.
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The 'Big 4' 928 parts suppliers:

928 Specialists

928 International


928 Motorsports
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Post 928 FAQ @ Rennlist

The Rennlist 928 FAQ - A compilation of Q&As from the 928 email listserve. Tons of great 928 info:

The 928 DIY Archive Forum
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Signs of impending disappointment for a new 928 owner:

"I spent every nickel I had to buy my shark, I hope it doesn't need any repairs for a while, I'm broke"

"I've never worked on a car myself, I don't even own basic tools"

"I got a great deal. Sold my reliable daily driver because I only have one outdoor parking space at my apartment building. All I own now is the 928."

"I know nothing about mechanical stuff. I did find a mechanic who say's he's seen a 928, but never really had to work on one. He does speak with a cool foreign accent and has foreign cars sitting around his shop."

"I hear the good thing about German cars is that they're built like tanks. I mean, drive the wheels off it for a couple hundred thousand miles and maybe change the oil now and then"

"Sure, the parts are a bit expensive, when you need Porsche originals. So, I save where I can by using generic motor oil, budget coolant, heck, I just snagged a used timing belt off Ebay, in case I ever need one, but I doubt I'll change the timing belt unless it breaks or something."

"$350.00 for shop manuals? I don't think so. I'll just guess and try to apply MY extensive knowledge which I gained by fixing the family lawn mower for years."

"Come on, I only paid $6,000 for this car. I'm not dumping $2,000 in preventive maintenence parts into it...........(hot chick walks by)."hey baby, this was a $70,000.00 car not long ago!!!" (see the irony)

And the number one sign of impending disapointment for a new 928 owner is......"Rennlist, Big 3?, never heard of them!"
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Default The Dark Side

Here's a site that provides guidance on conducting internet transactions, in an effort to to reduce the chance of you being scammed or cheated:

The following site provides a listing of individuals and businesses that you might want to consider avoiding in internet auctions, sales, etc:

Disclaimer: Rennlist does not verify the validity of the claims expressed in the above link, but only provides this informational resource as a 'word to the wise' for the Rennlist community. If you feel you have been wronged in an internet transaction, you might consider posting the information on the site linked above.

What To Do If An eBay Transaction Goes Bad

Courtesy of Wade T:

First, file a complaint with ebay for item sent but not as described. He will then have 10 days to respond in the dispute console.

If the seller hasn't swept their account and there is still money in it, PayPal will have "frozen" the account until the claims are paid out.

If you DID pay using a credit card, you should call your credit card company and just "ask" about the charge back procedure. If they can assure you that you're covered, cancel the PayPal dispute and go with them instead. You cannot do bot at the same time.

In the event PayPal can't get any money back for you and you didn't pay with a credit card that will cover you, start filing with the following agencies.

* eBay's Fraud Protection Program. > >
* Seller's local police department > >
* State, County & City Government Consumer Protection Offices > >
* USPS Mail Fraud Complaint Form > >
* IFCC > > (
* FTC Federal Trade Commission > >
* FTC Consumer Complaint Form > >$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01
****** Or call toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)
* Internet Crime Complaint Center > >
* NFIC National Fraud Information Center > > Call 1-800-876-7060 or visit
* Department of Justice Reporting Computer, Internet-Related, or Intellectual Property Crime > >
* Reporting Schemes, Scams, Frauds:
Includes International Resources and US Federal & State Resources > >
* Auctionbytes Online Fraud Resource Center > >
* Consumer Sentinel > >
* The BBB (Better Business Bureau)> >
* BBB Online Complaint Form > >
* International > >
* Complaint Form > >
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Default Troubleshooting Electrical Gremlins

The Multi-Meter May Be Your Best Friend When Tracking Down Electrical Problems

Here's a cool site that describes the basics in using a multi-meter:
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To make the search function more useful, title your post or reply something descriptive, not "What's up w/this?"
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Default Sending Messages to Other Forum Users

How to Contact Other Forum Participants

To send other participants a Private Message (PM), click on the person's forum name within any post by the person you wish to contact.

You can also email folks in this manner.

Clear Out Your PM Folders!

If your PM account becomes full of messages, others will not be able to send you a PM. You must periodicaly clean out old 'Inbox' as well as 'Sent' messages to maintain the function of your PM account.

To view and delete all messages, click on the 'User CP' link at the upper left of the forum page, then click on the 'List Messages' link within the Private Messages section located on the left of that window.

You will see a colored bar indicating the status of your PM account.

From the 'Jump to Folder' selection, choose 'Inbox' to view and delete old received messages and 'Sent Items' to view and delete old sent messages.

If you attempt to send someone a PM, and the system returns an error message indicating that user's PM box is full, then please send the person an email as described above.

Do not post to the public Forum "Hey, Jim, Your PM Box is Full".

Finally, setup your personal Profile to alert you via email whenever you receive a PM. To do so, click on the 'User CP' link located at the upper left of and forum page and select the 'edit options' link within the Settings & Options area.

Do not post on the public Forum "Hey, Frank, Check Your PMs"
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Default Searching the 'Other' Rennlist Areas

From the Rennlist Admin - John D.:

Hi folks,

I just added another Rennlist Search feature from the Rennlist e-mail discussion lists (the main lists - 911/964/993/Carrera, 924/944/951/968, 928, Racing, etc.) including over 2,000,000 posts from 1998 - 2003. THESE MESSAGES ARE DIFFERENT then those found in the Rennlist Forums - as it's a different Rennlist Discussion venue altogether.

It also had a free text query based interface, so you can type in "questions" - and the relevant threads will appear in ranked order as compared to your question you are asking.

Here is the link:

And no - you do NOT have to be subscribed to the Rennlist e-mail lists to perform these searches.

I hope you enjoy....

John D.
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Acronyms and Terminology- General, Internet and 928-Specific
Compiled by Thom

928 Community:

WWWPD - What Would Wally Plumley Do
WWJBD - What Would Jim Bailey Do

Model 928, Porsche, Rennlist and car-enthusiast specific:

A/C = Air Conditioning
A/T = Automatic Transmission
AAV = Auxiliary Air Valve
ABS = Anti-lock Braking System, Anti-Block System, Anti Blockier System
AFC = Air Flow Control
AFM = Air Flow Meter
ALB = Anti Lock Brakes
API = American Petroleum Institute
ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid
Big 4 = 928 International, 928 Specialists, Motorsport, 928 Motorsports
BTDC = Before Top Dead Center
CAT = CATalytic converter
CIS = Continuous Injection System
CO = Carbon monOxide
CO2 = Carbon diOxide
CE Panel = Central Electric Panel (fuse/relay panel under passenger side footboard)
CTO = Compulsive Teutonic Over-engineering
CTS = Coolant Temp Sensor
DE = Driver Education (track event)
ECU = Electronic control unit. Brains.
EGR = Exhaust Gas Re-circulation
Enzo = The re-posting or re-use of a prior idea, thread, news article, etc. It is derived from numerous threads started about various Ferrari Enzo crashes that occurred. For some reason, RL OT'ers were particularly drawn to news articles about celebrities crashing Enzos so we posted a lot of them - and many were re-posts. In general, "Enzo" is meant to be a humorous way of saying "Repost, you f'ing idiot" when someone starts a thread when there already is one on the subject.
Fins = shark trim, such as front and rear spoilers
FSM = Factory Service Manual
HTD = High Torque Design (round tooth timing belt vs. square tooth)
HVAC = Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system
LH = Luft Heiss = Air Hot (hot wire air flow meter system)
LSD = Limited Slip Differential
M/T = Manual Transmission
MAFS = Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAP = Manifold Air Pressure
MM = Millimeter
MY = Model Year
NOX = Nitrous OXide
OB = Old Bugger, an older 928, model year 1978-1980
OBC = Old Bugger's Club, see above
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
OT = Off Topic
OXS = OXygen Sensor
PCNA = Porsche Cars North America
PET = Porsche Parts and Technical Manual
PN = Part Number
PO = Previous Owner
PPI = Pre-Purchase Inspection
PSD = Porsche Sperr Differential
PSD = Positiv Sperr Differential. A microcomputer controlled locking differential found on later 928's
PSM = Porsche Stability Management
R&D = Research & Development
R&R = Remove & Replace, Rest & Relaxation
RDK = ReifenDruck Kontrollsystem (tire pressure warning system)
RMB = Rear Muffler Bypass
RMVIYS = Results May Vary In Your State
RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
RRFPR = Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator
Shark = Porsche 928
SITM = Sharks In The Mountains
TB = Timing Belt
TBF = Thust Bearing Failure
TC = Torque Convertor
TDC = Top Dead Center
TPS = Throttle Position Switch
TT = Torque Tube
TUV = German vehicle inspection
TXV = Thermal eXpansion Valve
V8 4C 32V = V shaped 8 cylinder 4 Camshafts 32 Valves
VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
WOT = Wide Open Throttle
WP = Water Pump
WUR = Warm Up Regulator-control pressure regulator
WYAI = While You're At It
WYIT = While You’re In There
WYAIT = While You're Already In There
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary, Your Momma May Vomit, Your Mechanic May Vary, Your Model May Vary. Courtesy of Ed Ruiz: “As the first to start using YMMV (YMMV), it means my opinion or comment may be different than yours because your condition, experience, or situation may be different than mine. YMMV.” Ed also claims to have invented the internet.

Email and internet forums usage:

AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AMFAP = As Much Fun As Possible
BBL = Be Back Later
BRB = Be Right Back
BTDT = Been There, Done That
BTW = By The Way
DDT = Don’t Do That
DITY = Do IT Yourself
DIY = Do It Yourself
DRT = Dead Right There
FWIW = For What It's Worth
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
HTH = Hope This Helps
ID10T = Eye Dee Ten Tee error
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid
LNBSASW = Loose Nut Between Seat And Steering Wheel
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
OT = Off Topic
OTOH = On The Other Hand
PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PITA = Pain In The A$$
PMS = well, let's not go there...
QED = Quite Easily Done
ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
RTFM/RTM = Read The Friggin' Manual / Read The Manual
SWAG = Super Wild A$$ Guess, Scientific Wild A$$ Guess
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TTCA = The Target Changed Again
WAG = Wild A$$ Guess
YAFI = Yet Another Failing Idea

For a more complete list, try


BFD = Big Frigin’ Deal
FM = Fudge Me
FUBAR = Fudged Up Beyond All Recognition
NFG = No Frigin’ Good
NFW = No Friging Way
OMFG = Oh My F&*#ing Goodness
POS = Piece Of Shot
SNAFU = Same as Normal All Frigged Up
SOL = Shoot Outta’ Luck
SSDD = Same Stuff Different Day
TS = Tough Stuff
WFO = Wide Frigin’ Open
WTF = What The Fu*k
WTHDIF = What the [email protected]#!! Did I forget?
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My list of useful sites for maintenance and repair information.

These are places with web pages devoted to procedures. Always search/ask here , as well, and get to know the Big 3 for parts and advice.
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We had a choice?
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Cool 928 Diecast, Models, R/C and Toys

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Smile Lubricants for the 928


this Post will be updated in the next few days - July 8 2007

Update as agreed

NOTE: Updated added here on 5th August 2009

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