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No BS GTS vs GT vs S4 Comparison

Old 11-07-2005, 09:16 PM
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What the heck... I'll add my $0.928...

A 928 driver will notice differences between S4s, GTs, and GTSs. Some are subtle some are not. Each has a distinct character even if the differences between them are small. The GTS feels much more at home on a highway or in traffic. A GT does not like traffic: the lack of low-end torque (as compared to a GTS) makes the GT much more nervous and a chore to drive in traffic. (I've not driven S4s in traffic so I cannot comment.) The GTS does not feel quite as sporty as a GT. The 2.20 S4s are in between but with less 'refinement' than either due to less sound insulation and general old-age issues.

Again the differences are subtle. I would say it depends upon what you want to do with the car. If I wanted a 928 to mod the crap out of, I'd get a 2.20 S4 and put a blower on it. If I wanted a car with its primary strength that of a comfortable effortless cruiser I'd get a GTS. (The bottom-end torque is very noticeable.) If I wanted a 928 that loves screaming around the track at 4k+ rpm all the time I'd look toward a GT.

Lastly, I think the best year for 928s is 1989. The digital dash is very handy. You will miss it if you get used to it. The '89s are fully 'Bosch Hammerable' and have all the 'good' updates with the exception of the improved gaskets and carpets that started in 90/91 (91 IIRC) and have none of the 'bad' IMO updates such as airbags and the intrusive knee bolster under the pod. The addition of PSD in 90 may be good or bad depending upon your perspective.

(P.S. No flames about 'how can you hate airbags' please. BTDT. And no, I don't hate the concept, just the first generation execution forced upon us by the gub'ment rather than what the engineers wanted.)
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Old 11-07-2005, 09:48 PM
Daniel Dudley
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For any particular model, some are more equal than others. All things equal, I'd want the 89 GT. I really liked the way my 86.5 went - it was a real screamer with the RMB and chip. I have an 89 S4, and I have chased GTs. Haven't gotten lost yet, but I do have the 89 box and not the 2.2. It's a great car.

Still, I'm always going to want a little more than I'm ever going to get. Try to drive the car you are going to buy. If your hands shake and your palms sweat, take it for that PPI.
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Old 11-07-2005, 11:10 PM
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You know...that GTS wide body looks fabulous...and has to be worth something too. In fact, that's one reason I bought a '94 968...has nice body...newer features and reliability...less money....but alas...the 928 doesn't have much when you hit the gas pedal...comparatively speaking. Nice in the corners though. Too many nice cars. Now...if I sold all my rigs...I could afford a GTS. Hmmmm

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Old 11-07-2005, 11:20 PM
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I grew up surrounded by 928s in the Middle East. Here is my 411...

928 - Umm nothing special there
928S - One hell of a car (ROW spec)... great engine with torque and nice ratio gearbox
928S4 - I love the body style, great upgrades on the electronic front and engine
928GT - If you feel the need for speed, there is no alternative
928GTS - one step too far

What would i stock my garage with?

For a boulevard cruiser that can clean miles of highway while can still galvanize dollies at the local club, a 928S4 is all you need (1987-1991). Chose your year based on how much electronics you want. When i feel i want to be 16 again, there is no substitute for a 928GT; this car is the epitomy of a race bred sports car that has all the luxuries to make me go through the day at the same time. So the GT is for the wild side. If you like it old school and like the raw edges of the original design, the ROW 928S (85-86) or 86.5 928S (US) give is to you... classic looks, one hell of an engine and gears, plus the updated interior.

My 2c for my homies

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Old 11-08-2005, 12:25 AM
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Yet again, the quintessential 928 is what we either own or can afford. The trick is to just decide what we want it for.

You can spend the money up front for a GTS or you can save yourself some cash and buy a GT then throw some spices on it to flavor to your liking. The same can be done with all other 928's as well. Pay less up front and throw large sums of cash at it to get EXACTLY what you want performance wise and body wise. Beware though, you will never be able to make a car a GTS or a GT no matter how much cash you throw at it. They truely are distinctive machines in their own right.

I love them all and absolutely love my 82. I have modified it to my liking and I drive the snot out of it just about every freekin day...and the damn thing just keeps going! I wish I had one of every kind!

But again, if you want something, "LIVE INTO IT", don't settle, find a way to get what you want. The rewards will be so worth it!
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Old 11-08-2005, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyingDog
For regular driving it would not be a concern. For more severe usage, I would be concerned by the reports of oil problems I've seen. It's not just that the GTS injests more oil, it's that the parts to repair a GTS would be more expensive if there was a problem.

Of course this is just mental masturbation on my part since I don't have the money to own one and you have the money to own two.
I think you GTS guys are good people, but you need to get out more .... Bigs drives 3-4k a year, and I saw your post Chuck that your revs stay down. Now, drive like we less-endowed folks drive, and you're starting to test the oiling of your 928. Stay in the higher revs (above 3k and sustained around 5k often) and do (like me) 20k a year in morning commute for 4 years.
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Old 11-08-2005, 12:43 AM
Randy V
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Originally Posted by 928ntslow
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Keith hits 1000!

I've had a '79 and a '94 - they're quite different.
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Old 11-08-2005, 08:02 AM
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One thing I like about my '87 5 speed is the tall 5th gear (2.20). It will cruise nicely at 90 without feeling stressed. In a perfect world I would have another gear between 4th and 5th; that would be my only change.
I couldn't and wouldn't spend GTS type money, and like what I have.
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Old 11-08-2005, 09:30 AM
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We had this debate in the UK for a while. The conclusion was that the ultimate 928 would be a Euro spec late 1986 5spd manual with a 5ltr short block and the 8v heads. You would get the 4-pot brembos and the S4 suspension and the briliant Euro S engine. Take it out to 5ltrs and you have a GTS beater - easily!!! All for the price of a song... Who cares about dual Air-Con and Air Bags if you can post 13.07 in the quarter fully stock
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Old 11-08-2005, 09:41 AM
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-There is so much difference in feel between any two 928's that I suspect that it would be difficult to properly generalize about how each particular breed of 928 drives. Each 928 is a unique individual...

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Old 11-08-2005, 10:07 AM
Chuck Z
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Originally Posted by heinrich
I think you GTS guys are good people, but you need to get out more .... Bigs drives 3-4k a year,
Thanks.... probably right about that!
Originally Posted by heinrich
and I saw your post Chuck that your revs stay down.
.......or, did I say when I drive I don't keep it on the red line most of the time?
Originally Posted by heinrich
Now, drive like we less-endowed folks drive, and you're starting to test the oiling of your 928. Stay in the higher revs (above 3k and sustained around 5k often) and do (like me) 20k a year in morning commute for 4 years.
I probably don't drive my cars like your statement implies I should but they don't get babied all the time either. Nor do I put the kind of miles on my 928s you do. Thankfully, none of mine have to be daily drivers. Do I drive more conservatively then you, probably, because I prefer to keep mine in mint condition as opposed to ******* them into tired worn out examples.

From this discussion, everyone has their favorite 928 for valid and varying reasons. What it comes down to is each individuals preference about why they drive the 928 they do, some financial and some preference. Find what you want, buy it and drive in a way that makes you happy.
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Old 11-08-2005, 10:46 AM
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If you are going to modify it (coilovers, blower, etc) get the S4. Cheaper base to begin with and same performance in the end. If you want it stock, go with the GT if you want it raw, or the GTS if you want it refined.

Then again, if you want the sweetest 928 engine made plus the refinement of the later cars, get a '91 GT. It has the lighter power steering, better sound deadening, better door seals, redesigned parking brake, air recirc, etc like the GTS plus the sweetest of all 928 engines (the 5.0 litre with the GT cams, engine management etc). Not to mention that '91 was the rarest of the GT model years. And by the way, Amazon Green is a good choice of colors.

Just my humble, unbiased opinion. :^)
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Old 11-08-2005, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Cheburator
We had this debate in the UK for a while. The conclusion was that the ultimate 928 would be a Euro spec late
There is something about the wild cam engines of the euro and gt. The engine has peak torque at 4k and loves to rev. I redline mine a lot and once you get up to the high revs any increase in pedal will put you back in the seat. It is just an exciting engine.

Does anyone really know the facts about sound insulation because my euro is extremely quiet when just cruising along with windows up.
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Old 11-08-2005, 11:37 AM
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I'm in total agreement with you except for your statement on it being the rarest of GT years. MY89 is the rarest.

I did a little research on this just to see how "RARE" our 91 GTs really are. Now this isn't really very scientific, but its based ont he best data available.

According to 928 Spec website, 263 1991 928's (S4s & GTs) were sold in 91 and 183 in 92 (mine was sold in October 1992).

That's a total of 446 MY1991 928's sold in the US.

I looked at the 928 Registry and there are 86 1991 928's listed, of which 60 are GT's. If this is a representative sample (this is the BIG IF), then we could estimate that roughly 70% of 1991 Model Year cars were GT's (seems high though). As such, there could be as many as 311 1991 GTs. Still a very RARE care indeed.

The 1990 MY is probably the least rare. Total US sales came to 620. Again, according to the 928 registry's total of 84 1990MY 928's, 53 are 5 speeds or about 63%. So if this is a representative sample, there were 391 1990 GT's sold in the US.

And since I brought it up, supposedly 60 1989 GT's were sold in the US. This also jives with the info on the registry - making it the rarest of the GTs

If anyone has information contradicting/confirming this please offer it up.
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Old 11-08-2005, 12:24 PM
Brent 89-GT
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Chuck hit on it pretty well. We all have different expectations and needs from our toys. I think there is a substantial reason for the GT costing more than the S4's. The cams, the exhaust, the rear end ratio all make for a much more sporting flavor. It is just a more intense experience and no amount of money buys it in an S4. I couldn't justify the GTS myself, not for the money. The '89 GT performs within a hair on the dyno and on the street. It doesn't have the GTS's rep for using oil. lastly I wanted to drive the heck out of it on the track and on the street, something I might not want to do in a $40-50k GTS five speed. I also like the mechanical LSD and lack of airbags in my car. The GT suits my needs better than an S4 could, for close to the same money, and sorry GTS guys but that model is the country clubbers special if you ask me. Less likely to be seen tearing up mtn roads, more likely to be parked at the golf course. Just not my intention for a Porsche.
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