EXCLUSIVE: Porsche Packs Chicago with Hot New Releases

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Porsche - Chicago

After Skipping Detroit, Porsche Doubles the Size of Its Display in Chicago

Touted as the “buyer’s auto show,” the Chicago Auto Show is a must-do for manufacturers that want to sell cars. The same Porsche that skipped the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, showed up in Chicago with twice the real estate. Why?

Porsche - Chicago

Well, the Midwest’s largest automotive event is also the nation’s biggest auto show, drawing over one million visitors each year. In comparison, the Detroit Auto Show attracted 815,575 in 2016 according to sources. In a nutshell, Detroit typically offers the most debuts, while Chicago focuses on attracting consumers and selling cars. Ultimately both are extremely important.

Now that you see Porsche’s logic behind the brand’s strategy, let’s take a look at what kind of sheet metal they brought to the Windy City.

The minimalist gray and black booth was adorned by many of Zuffenhausen’s most popular creations. Fancy offerings like the 911 R, Mission E and other “show-worthy” models were scrapped to make room for “the people’s” Porsches. In other words, the stuff Chicagoans actually buy. Porsche showcased several Cayenne and Panamera models, 718 Boxsters and Caymans, the hot-selling Macan, and, of course, the 911 Carrera.

The Lineup

Porsche - Chicago

Among the hybrid Cayenne and Panamera, an Executive Panamera Turbo stood out as the bad boy of the bunch. Displayed with its three-piece spoiler retracted and its doors unlocked, we were able to enjoy the sumptuous interiors and technology within. The $200,000 rocket-ship-like sedan is truly a breathtaking machine with its exquisitely crafted interiors, and long list of luxury offerings that pamper driver and passengers alike.

On a more lively note, the beautiful 718 Boxster S sat in the middle of the primarily white and silver lineup. Its sleek lines and stunning “throwback” GT wheels made it the least-expensive, but also one of the coolest in attendance. Same can be said for a relatively understated 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, which shimmered under the bright show lights.

Porsche - Chicago

Spearheading the entire ensemble was the violent and raucous Porsche 911 RSR race car. The sinister-looking machine broke the monotony established by the other street-legal rides, and proudly highlighted what the German manufacturer is capable of. Its yellow headlights, aerodynamic side mirrors, and intricate rear-end were nothing short of incredible to look at. Truly a moving work of art.

Enjoy the shots, and don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite!

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