Los Angeles Students Offered Free Admission to Petersen Auto Museum

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Petersen Automotive Museum

Museum kicks off 25th anniversary by offering young gearheads opportunity to participate in special art and automotive programs. 

As if having sunny weather everyday and amazing roads for daytripping wasn’t enough to love Los Angeles, now there is another reason to envy SoCal residents. The Petersen Automotive Museum is offering free admission to Los Angeles Unified School District students through February 2. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy special programming throughout the museum. Students will also have access to the museum’s latest exhibits, galleries, and interactive experiences ranging from the Cars Mechanical Institute featuring crafts and games based on the popular Pixar movie franchise, to the Forza Motorsports Experience and the “Cars of Film and Television” exhibit.

“The people of Los Angeles made our growth and success possible over the past 25 years,” said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges. “Our founder Robert E. Petersen’s passion project was supporting Los Angeles schools, so it makes sense to open our doors to these kids this month. It is our distinct pleasure to give back to the community that has given us so much. We’re thrilled to give these kids a place to go when school is out that is both fun and educational and will inspire the engineers, designers, racers and tinkerers of tomorrow.”

Visitors of the museum will have access to interactive exhibits including “The Porsche Effect” and “Legends of Angeles,” which features famous race cars and drivers of Southern California backed by an immersive video experience. There is also “The Roots of Monozukuri” and “Fine Tuning,” which focus on Japanese car culture. The popular “Cars of Film and Television” includes the iconic Batmobile, the Back to the Future Time Machine DeLorean, and more.

In addition to free admission, students will have the opportunity to experience supplemental educational programs designed to help them learn about the history and future of the automobile. Each day, tours, design projects, book readings, and other activities will keep students engaged and provide opportunities for learning about the math, science, and artistry behind cars.

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Other informative exhibits include the Art Center Design Studio, where design students are working on concepts for the future of transportation; the Alternative Power Gallery, that studies the history and future of alt-fuel technology; and “Auto-Didactic: The Juxtapoz School” exhibit, which looks at the uniquely Southern California art movement that formed from the roots of hot rods, lowriders and comic book culture.

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