Author: Bassem Girgis

The Fate of the 911 Hybrid (Photos)

For years and decades, Porsche has been a legendary performance car, but lately, there have been talks about a hybrid 911. While the hybrid has recently gotten a “no” from corporate we’re wondering if that’s actually just a “not right now”.

  Comments | By - May 25, 2017

The Half Million Dollar Porsche 911 Leichtbau

If you love Porsche, then you love hearing about some of their rare special editions, and this one is quite special. Check out the half million dollar Porsche 911 Leichtbau that’s being auctioned.

  Comments | By - May 23, 2017

Crazy Electric Porsche 911 By Zelectric Motors (Photos)

Have you ever thought you’d live to see the day when a Porsche 911 is electric? Thanks to Zelectric Motors, the crazy day has finally arrived.

  Comments | By - May 22, 2017

The Latest Photos From Luftgekühlt (Photos)

The word Luftgekühlt translates from German to air-cooled, and if you’re a fan of the legendary, original air-cooled Porsches, then this Southern California car show will put a big smile on your face.

  Comments | By - May 19, 2017

1968 Porsche with TWO Miles to Be Auctioned (Photos)

Any Porsche from 1968 is extremely valuable, but this one is probably the most valuable around. Check out this old, new 911 with only two miles on the odometer.

  Comments | By - May 18, 2017

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