Granny Caught Doing Nearly 150MPH in Her Boxster!

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This is not your average senior, and at $4,500, it isn’t your average speeding ticket, either.

Getting older doesn’t always mean slowing down. We all have that relative that gives up on showing any pretense or hiding behind a mask and just says what they feel at the Thanksgiving table. Maybe you have one of those super-active older relatives that still competes in triathlons even though they’re old enough to remember watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. That reminds us, we need to hit the gym.

A 79-year-old woman from Namur, Belgium, was reportedly clocked at 147 miles per hour in her Porsche Boxster GTS. Apparently, the story just came to light in the media, but the incident happened in June 2016, when the woman had trouble falling asleep. A high-speed blast in an open-topped Porsche is one heck of a cure for insomnia, if you ask us.


According to Porsche, the Boxster GTS is capable of a top speed of 173 miles per hour. Obviously having some experience with Porsches, we here at Rennlist can absolutely understand how these cars can get away from you and surprise you with how fast you’re actually going. They have such poise and a very solid feel that makes them feel very comfortable and settled cruising at high speeds.


She was in court this past week, where the judge expressed doubt that she was the one driving. Far from a career criminal, the senior speeder stated that she was simply unaware of just how fast she was driving. With no prior record, she was fined about $4,500 and had her driver’s license suspended for three months. Ouch — that’s enough money to buy a rough 944!

She’s a fitting European successor to “The Little Old Lady from Pasadena,” and if she was our grandma, we’d ask her to skip the Werther’s Originals and just take us for a ride in the Boxster when we visited.

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