Porsche 997: Spoiler Modifications

Are you looking to add a spoiler or rear wing to your Porsche 997? Maybe you want an upgrade from your current one? Here's a rundown of all the popular options to help you decide which one best fits your needs.

By Brett Foote - April 21, 2015

This article applies to the Porsche 997 (2005-2012).

A spoiler or rear wing serves for a couple of purposes on the rear end of your Porsche 997. It creates downforce to help the car stick to the road, and adds to the car's visual appeal. While many cars don't need a wing for either of these reasons (for example, grandmother's station wagon), the Porsche brand is synonymous with performance. This is the reason why many models come with a wing straight out of the factory. However, if you have a 997 that didn't have one or you simply want to stand out from the crowd, there are several options available. This article will cover the most popular OEM and aftermarket spoilers.

OEM or Aftermarket Wings

An OEM wing is generally easier to install. It also requires less alterations as long as it is fixed and not active. Factory parts generally just fit better. You may not stand out from the crowd as much, but those who aren't as familiar with Porsche models probably won't notice the difference. On the flip side, aftermarket wings can be anywhere from mild to extra hot and anything in between. Some are easy to install, while others might require some fabrication. It's a good idea to read the installation guide for any OEM or aftermarket modifications before taking the plunge. It may be more difficult that your think.

Figure 1. RSR-styled widebody 997 GT3 with aftermarket carbon fiber rear spoiler.

OEM Turbo Wing

DIY Cost – $100-$1,000

Professional Cost – $200-$1,000+

Skill Level – Moderate to difficult; it depends on which installation route you choose to take.

The OEM Turbo wing has a sleek, low-profile look that isn't too over the top. If you want the spoiler to be functional, it will take a lot of work to install. You can buy an entire turbo decklid; otherwise, you are looking at some major fabrication. By purchasing a used decklid, you simply have to change your cold air intake and purchase a wiring harness for the third brake light to make the swap. Recommended for its sleek and low-profile look.

OEM GT3 Wing

DIY Cost – $1,600-$2,600

Professional Cost – $2,500+ for labor

Skill Level – Moderate; while it requires basic tools, you will need mechanical skills.

The OEM GT3 wing is much bigger, more intense, and functional. If you go this route, it is suggested to add the GT3 front lip spoiler as well. Both pieces are designed to work in unison to create more optimal downforce for the car. The plus side to this wing is it's a fixed piece, which doesn't require the extra fabrication that the OEM Turbo wing does. Recommended for its functionality.

OEM Aero Kit Wing

DIY Cost – $1,000

Professional Cost – $1,500+

Skill Level – Moderate; it requires a little mechanical skill to install.

The OEM Aero kit wing is a very popular upgrade for 997 owners because it is manufactured by Porsche. Plus, it's easy to install. These spoilers give your 997 a nice, balanced look without going over the top. And, there is a front lip option to go with it as well. The perks of this front and rear set are an increase in downforce as well as improved flow to the engine. Recommended for its easy installation.

Aftermarket Getty Wing

DIY Cost – $1,000+

Professional Cost – $1,500+

Skill Level – Moderate; it requires a little mechanical skill to complete.

Aftermarket Getty wings is another popular modification that adds a clean look to the car without going over the top. They look OEM because of their flush style against the 997's body, but the Getty brand just did it right at creating an elegant design. As with the other fixed wing options, the Getty is relatively easy to install, and also won't put a dent in your wallet. It also improves downforce, which enhances your car's handling, engine air flow, and performance. The Getty is a high-quality option for those looking to add a wing to their wingless Porsche. Recommended for its affordable and elegant design.

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