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996geoff 09-09-2003 12:13 AM

993TT wheels on a 996 C2
Does anyone know if the 18"wheels from a '97 993 TT will fit on to a '99 996C2

I know the 996 offsets are 50mm front and 65mm rear and the 993TT offsets are 49mm front and 46mm rear.

I suspect the fronts will fit OK, but I'm not sure about the offsets on the rear as there's a 19mm difference between the 993TT and the 996C2.

I've been using 18mm spacers on the stock 18" 996 wheels without any clearance problems, so does this mean the 993TT wheels should fit with the spacers removed?

Any thought, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

1999 996C2 Red/Tan
1996 Ducati 955SP

Viken 09-09-2003 12:32 PM

The factory rear wheels of the 993 Turbo are 10" and have an offset of 40 mm. If installed on a narrow body 996, they will protrude 25 mm (1") more than the standard 996 wheel with a 65 mm offset. That is usually not a desirable situation.

BTW, the front wheels are 8" and have an offset of 52 mm.

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