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Announcements in Forum : The *NEW* Marketplace
09-24-2018 until 12-31-2030
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Posting Rules For The Marketplace

1. Any critical, negative, or nonsense posts in a For Sale thread will be deleted. The person posting them may be subject to an infraction if warranted, or suspension if outrageous. This includes negative price commentary. Negative or disparaging price comments are not allowed. If an item is overpriced it won't sell and the price will eventually be adjusted by the seller - or the seller will not sell it. Resist the impulse..

2. Repetitive postings of the same or similar types of for-sale ads will bring the seller to the attention of the moderators - who will decide if you are a business trying to stiff Rennlist by not becoming a sponsor. It is strongly suggested that members limit themselves to two (2) for-sale ads per month. If you are determined to be a business, you can expect your ads to be referred to Internet Brands - who will discuss becoming a sponsor here. If it isn't resolved, the ads will be removed and there is a chance that you will be removed from Rennlist also.

3. Only paid Rennlist members may post For-Sale, Want to Buy (WTB), or Want to Trade (WTT) ads. You may not post an ad for a "friend". That is the same as a user ad and will result in your getting an infraction and potential suspension. The ad will also be deleted. This is for the protection of all paying Rennlist members. At least with paid members, there is some chance of trace-ability in the event of a scammer.

4. Bumping ads: Only ads where the price has changed may be "bumped" by the member posting the ad. Bumping more than once a day is not permitted and may be grounds for removal of the ad in its entirety.

5. Cross-posting: Cross-posting the same for sale item in multiple threads or forums is not permitted. Only one ad should be created for any item. Any additional ads will be removed by the moderators, and you may receive an infraction for cross-posting.

6. Posting For-Sale Links in tech forums: A single post, providing a link to the official For Sale ad in the Classifieds Marketplace, is usually allowed. However, full-fledged For Sale ads are not allowed in tech forums. Posting links in multiple threads or forums to the same FS item is not allowed. If this becomes onerous to police (too many link postings), this policy may change.

7. Remember to include a price: When posting a For Sale ad, the price MUST be included in the ad. This rule does not apply to sponsors, although they are encouraged to post a price.

8. Also remember proper decorum: At times there may be misunderstandings, conflicts, or disputes between buyer and seller. In such cases, any posting on Rennlist of feedback or information involving the transaction must be done in an adult and professional manner. Posting of PM's is NOT allowed.

9. If You Are a Dealer or Business: You must be an official Rennlist sponsor to post For Sale ads. If you are not a sponsor, your ad will be deleted. Repeated offenses may result in your removal from Rennlist.

10. Neither Rennlist nor Internet Brands is responsible for unsatisfactory outcomes when selling, buying, or trading - including, but not limited to, loss of money by any party, defective products, failure of delivery, or damage in transit. It is the sole responsibility of all sellers, buyers, and/or traders to make their own arrangements for transactions, exchanges of funds, and delivery of purchased or traded items. It is strongly recommended that clear, firm, detailed, and mutually satisfactory terms and method of payment are agreed upon and documented in writing (i.e. via email) BEFORE any money changes hands or is spent on travel arrangements to pick up a purchased or traded item.
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