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Tim Moses 03-18-2019 08:07 AM

I知 torn on this 981 trade.... would love feedback from 981 owners!
Hi guys,
I am interested in some feedback from the perspective of 981 owners.
I owned a 1999 first gen Boxster for many years and really enjoyed that car.
Last year the Bullitt edition Mustang came out and I really loved it. The idea of a V8 with a stick shift, a tie-in with the classic Steve McQueen movie, and the toned-down classier look of it was appealing.
So on a whim I traded the old Boxster in for it.
In living with it, there痴 a lot to love, but I致e been losing my enthusiasm for it. The inferior build quality is immediately apparent with several interior rattles, loose marker lights, misaligned panels, and an occasional engine tick. it drives great, but the loud exhaust note, which was initially exciting, has become a bit obnoxious in day-to-day driving.
So on another whim I went to the Porsche dealer and drove a 2016 black on black Cayman S with satin black wheels and 6-speed manual. A nice looking car, with 34,000 miles at $45,000. It is certified, coming with four years of bumper to bumper warranty.
Driving it immediately reminded me of why I fell in love with Porsche products years ago. It was smooth and tight, felt like an extension of the body, felt so refined and it has a much broader power band than my first-gen Boxster. Every second of my brief time in it was pure joy.

So so now I知 tempted to trade the new car in on this Cayman, but I知 torn. I値l be losing a few features like Apple Car Play, air conditioned seats, blind spot warnings, and back up camera, and losing about $6.000 on the trade.

Id just like to hear some feedback from 981 Cayman owners to see your take on this since I have never lived with a newer Porsche.

Sorry for the wordy post, and thank you for checking it out!

vracer 03-19-2019 09:50 PM

Imagine your old Box, (196hp?) with 325 & everything updated vs a too loud, if stylish, Ford with parts rattling & falling off. OK, maybe the last was a bit overstated, but - - -

MidEngineRules 03-20-2019 08:23 PM

Porsche is more synonymous with Steve McQueen than the Mustang he drove in Bullitt. Remember the nice 356 in Bullitt too? Anyway, I would opt for a Cayman over a Mustang any day, but you can recover more with the right one. Find a 2012 Cayman R and you'll have a car that vastly outdrives the 981 S and won't lose value over time. In fact, they are actually starting to climb back up in value. So trade your depeciating car for a better one that won't depreciate. Versus the 981 S, the Cayman R has more power (and better throttle response), is much lighter, better aero and has a superior suspension unless the 981 also has X73 spec'd which not many did. The key is to find a well spec'd one. I've had both a 981 S and the Cayman R. My R had PCCB, limited slip, factory short shift, Bose, Nav, sat radio, spyder wheels, and light weight buckets. Wish I still had it. They're out there. Timing is everything. Oh and the steering on the R is sublime. One of the most balanced Porsches to date in terms of motor and chassis.

bvanlieu 03-22-2019 06:55 PM

981 can be had with cooled seats :)

Ford has made the Mustang handle very well but you will never overcome the big lump up front vs. mid engine feel. Its very subjective to the driver, but i have yet to find a better handling car then the cayman at real world affordability.

Our 07 may have had marginally better steering feel, but the EPS with X73 on the 981 we have is fantastic and unless driven back to back one can't notice any difference (and the chassis is a bit more comfy over the 987 to boot).

Happy agonizing over a decision. #1stworldproblems :D

Tom R. 03-25-2019 11:03 AM

My buddy has a very mint low mileage Roush Stage III. It is a kick when the go pedal is pushed. It also takes turns at very high speeds. It is also very, very loud. About as loud as the 4th gen Z28 I had. I took it on a 700 mile drive one day, dreaded the drive back with the drone. No more exhaust mods for me. I hear what you are saying loud and clear. I would hold the Bullit until you see the perfect replacement. then lose the money. If Apple, seat coolers, and backup cameras are that important, look at a 3 series. Compromise of both worlds.

FASTER THAN MOST 03-25-2019 07:29 PM

i have a 2014 cayman s also have a few american cars and a 83- 944 i had rx7 cars since 95 i think the cayman s is the best car i have had i forget i drove audis since 85 also one a8 enough. i raced 150 mph go karts for 20 yrs on raceway park in indy the cayman is a better handling car than a 911 i love the pdk trans.i forgot i had a 74 911s for 15 or so yrs . but you caint beat a cayman also i am 82.

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