Panamera spare tire issue

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Default Panamera spare tire issue

Does anyone have an issue with no spare tire on the Panamera? I am thinking of going from a Carrera S to a Panamera and just can't buy a sport sedan without a spare tire, even it is was to be a space saver. I can somewhat understand not having one on the Carrera S even though I have needed one on two occasions, but not the Panamera. Having TPMS to monitor is NOT like having a spare tire!
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Default No Issue

Tire reliability is superb. An air pump and 'goo' is provided which will temporarily repair the most typical tread damage, nails and other small road debris in the tread.

Large holes and all in the sidewall will require roadside assistance.

Cheers, JohnnyB
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Default Problem with "roadside assistance"

I blew a rear tire on my 993 and had to use the inflatable spare, it worked and got me home satisfactorily........certainly better than the Panamera alternative.
If you blow out a sidewall, etc. and roadside assistance comes, they have only one option; to flatbed you to a repair site. That means they have to drag you onto a flatbed probably damaging your wheel. So now you have to replace a wheel, a tire that has limited availability, and most likely a long wait.
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Have had a couple flats on my GT3 with no spare. What is provided was fine,plus not driving around on sport cups. I did pick up a nail on my PS4 and the TPMS warned me in plenty of time. Got it repaired in short order.
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Read the post in the 997 column about the guy who wasted a day plus because he lacked a spare. I don't think tires are any more reliable and shame on all the manufacturers for trying to save money and space by promoting this canard.
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I have one in my 993 and used the one in my 996 twice, once when I was in the middle of nowhere.....really helped with time factor and got me back on the road quickly.....less overall expense also...

Tire goop can damage the alloy rim and also the tire pressure sensor system....this happened to a person I know......goop is expensive from Porsche and needs replaced from time to time, i.e. every 3 years, to stay stuff from parts stores, not recommended......

See if there is a space saver applicable that works from Vredestein in the Netherlands who makes the Spacemaster for some Porsche cars. They are on the net.

Also check with a Porsche dealer in Europe. Porsche may have a wheel application assigned overseas for Pan, but not for the USA market. That happened with me with my MBenz. They won't have one to order through US dealers - even if you have a part number, most likely, due to legalities, since car did not come originally with a spare....

I just went through this with my SL 65 AMG and was able to secure one from a MB dealer in Europe
(about $ 800.00 with shipping). MB dealers in Europe and ROW had a spare tire application.

I did not have the option of run flats with the 65, too much V-12 power and torque and LSD 40 % lock.......
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I wouldn't feel to confident slapping a flimsy donut on a 4300 lb high performance AWD chassis & wouldn't sacrifice trunk space for a full-sized spare, but perhaps it should be offered as an option like everything else on the car for those who think otherwise. Personally, I shelled out for wheel/tire insurance to cover any potential merde when I took delivery on my 4S & have good 'ole AAA to ship it to the closest Porsche dealer. I wouldn't be too put off by having to use a loaner/rental for the day.
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With the space saver you should keep it under 60 mph per their directions and it works like a charm and gets you where you need to go and you can drop your flat off to be repaired with no interruption of your schedule......

I have driven them over 150 miles on two occasions, once when I was in the middle of nowhere 2 hours from home with a flat that could not be repaired with the goop stuff - glad I had the SpaceMaster.......waiting 2 hours or more for AAA or warranty service be the side of the road would be a waste of time in my life, plus greeting some of the people that are wackos that stop and want to help you with your flat........hopefully most of them are unarmed.......but wouldn't want to gamble on that these days....relatively expensive car with flat may translate into payday for them.......

On the other hand there are opportunities......when I was changing my flat after midnight in the middle of the Cherokee foothills in SC for my space saver........a good looking woman who happened to be really intoxicated stopped and asked me if I needed a place to stay for the night and that she could accommodate..........and make me comfortable for the night........thank god I am getting older and wiser and got that spare on the car in a hurry and headed back to the wife.....LOL......
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Tires and women. Mount 'em right and...

Agreed that spares have advantages for a completely shredded tire, but that's pretty rare in my world. With tire/wheel insurance I have no qualms about gooping away with reckless abandon.

My '97 Boxster came with a spare, but the trunk wouldn't close on the flat.
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Whenever I get into the market for a Panamera I will definitely opt for a space saver spare. At least the Pano provides a place to put the takeoff wheel. With a Carrera, you have no suitable solution.
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Would the 997 space saver spare that Suncoast sells fit? Is there another Panamera specific spare?

Does Porsche supply a spare in other markets as they do with the 997.2?

update, spoke to Suncoast and they can order a spare for the Panamera, they even have a drawing showing a cover and straps to hold it in the trunk.

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This takes up a lot less room than a spare tire and will get you down the road.

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Had to remove my front wheels this weekend to put in silver side vents. Had not even thought about the fact that since I do not have a spare, did not even have a tire iron.

I see the Suncoast spare basically takes up the entire trunk. But fail to see where you would put one under the floor of the trunk. Between the battery and the Bose system, there is room at all under there.
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Even if you make room for the space saver spare, where are you going to put an 11x20 with a 295 series tire?
In the back seat? What if you have four passengers and some luggage?
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