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Default Disable/Enable TPMS w Durametric Pro

DIY: Disable/Enable TPMS warning on the instrument cluster - FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY.
You can download the PDF version of this here w/ better formatting for printing & readability:

The basic steps to accomplish this task have been posted on rennlist.com/6speedonline – google “Durametric TPMS” and you’re sure to find the original posts. So, I can’t take credit for originality, but I’m merely adding pictures and commentary to the original instructions. It’s been said this works on 997.1, 997.2, 987.1.
The Professional cable is pretty powerful as it offers the owner ability to re-code (i.e., change Porsche factory configurations & settings that may do harm to you and your car.). Hence, this disclaimer: The car owner is solely responsible for their own car. The car owner assumes all responsibility, risks, issues and cost resulting from any modification they do on their own.
The car owner is responsible to make sure their car remains compliant with their local/state/federal laws.

If/when you decide to convert the car back for On-Road Use, you will need to follow the procedure to re-activate/turn-back-on TPMS controller.

  • Durametric Professional cable with software version on a computer. The cable is manufactured by www.Durametric.com. I purchased my cable from www.Softronic.us, but there are resellers/distributors everywhere. If you are able to borrow the cable from someone else, offer to buy the guy/gal a beer or lunch or something…b/c the Prof cable is a rather expensive tool. ☺
  • T15 torx key/screw driver
  • 11mm socket

1. Disconnect the TPMS control unit (997 618 103 06) located to the right of the brake booster.
  • Open front trunk and dislodge the weather stripping that seals the front trunk. No need to remove the entire seal loop from the trunk. You will only need to dislodge the upper portion – so, the top and half way down each of the sides (see yellow lines annotated in picture on next page.

  • Remove the big plastic cover housing that protects your DVD/CDC/Brake booster. Remove 7 screws with a T15 torx screw driver – circled in red. Also removed the light and also a plastic carpet hold-down (red arrows). The plastic cover will come off as one unit and set that aside.

  • The TPMS control unit is the white/grey color box (red box) located next to the brake booster. Use the 11mm socket to remove the plastic nut (red arrow).
  • The connector has a swing arm connection (pretty cool design, btw). You simply need to (1) press down on the small catch tab (red circle), then (2) lift the pink swing arm (see insert).

  • With TPMS control unit disconnected, you can put the control unit back on the car & tuck away the cable. That way, you can reconnect these at later time. I am paranoid, so wrapped the (now disconnected) connector cable in a small plastic bag. But that entire compartment is sealed from the element by the weather seal strip you removed earlier.
  • Put everything back together in the frunk is the reverse order.
  • Recoding with Durametric is next.

  • Make sure you have comm between the Durametric software to your car by following the initiation procedure from the Durametric. For me (may or may not work for you), it was turn ignition to on position (not start the car), turn on hazard signal (supposedly to keep the CAN bus from going to sleep), plug in Durametric to ODBII, connect USB, start Duramtric software.
  • Go to Instrument Cluster node – Coding – remember to Back-up before making changes.
  • a) Coding – change Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to Not Installed, and Nominal pressure display (TPM) to Not Active.

  • b) Reset the Instrument Cluster node – Command – Send Reset. On my car, this caused the oil gauge to come on to say reading will be done in 60 min (counting down)

  • Go Gateway node – Coding – remember to Back-up before making changes.
  • a) Coding – Tire pressure monitor – Not Installed

  • b) I exited Durametric and went back later to do a short test to make sure everything is correct.

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Odd that there was never any comments on this thread.

Can the TPMS system be deactivated but still maintain the tire pressure readings displayed in the dash so that pressures can be monitored? Basically I don't want or need the TPMS for anything other than showing me the tire pressures.
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Thanks so much for this fantastic write up. There were some small differences with my 08 C4s, but essentially the steps were the same.
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