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958 Cayenne DIY: Repairing/replacing the window shade motor

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Default 958 Cayenne DIY: Repairing/replacing the window shade motor

Recently the sun shade/privacy screen on my rear passenger side door started to malfunction. The motor would still activate and the shade would come up about a third of the way, get stuck, and move up and down rapidly. As I started to research the issue I found that there are typically two common failures: 1) The gears inside the shade motor fail or 2)The motor itself fails. I would like to thank jayi836 from a different forum for posting about his experience as thats where I drew most of my information for my repair. I wanted to add a DIY here so it could be easily found and easy reference for future owners with this problem.

General Information:
-If you decide to replace the motor it is Porsche PN# 958536318013w4, you may need to specify side when you order. It can be found for $300-400.
-If you need gears they are available from Bross Auto Parts out of Turkey but can also be found on eBay/amazon.
-If you end up replacing the gears I would have some kind of a lubricant available to grease your new gears. I am not an expert but chose to use a silicone paste type lubricant, white lithium paste might be another option as well. Your call.

1) Remove the outer door panel. There are several good instructional videos on youtube. This process is very straightforward, just be gentle with your interior pieces so you don't break the plastic tabs or scratch your leather. You may want to have an assistant present when you actually remove the door panel to make it easier to unhook the wires and door latch cable. Having someone there to hold it up while I unhooked everything would have been nice. In addition you will need to unhook the fabric sunshade from the metal rod that moves it up and down. Just open up the flaps and expose the top of shade, in the middle you will see a small rubber piece that I removed with a small needle nose pliers (dont lose it). Once its out simply pull the shade up and it will slip off of the metal rod.

2) Now that you have removed the outer door panel you will see the exposed metal rod and the plastic tube it slides in at the top center of your door. I was able to remove both by simply pulling them upward and out of the door.

3) Now its time to remove the motor. It is located at the bottom of the door next to the speaker and can be seen in the picture/diagram below. Unhook the motor from the power source and remove the three bolts that hold it in place.


4) The rest of the motor assembly is behind the inner door panel and is held in place with two torx screws and retaining bracket. In order to access them I simply removed the speaker and loosened the white plastic retaining screws that run around the outside of the panel (see picture above). The diagram below shows how the motor assembly is mounted to the back of the panel:


5) Once you have the two screws/bracket you should be able to remove the motor by rotating and pulling downward.

6) If you are going to replace the entire motor assembly simply reinstall your new motor and go backwards from here.

7) The last step is to set the shade up limit: Close to retract it, then raise the shade. If it automatically closes, raise it again while keeping finger on switch, then hit the down switch to stop the travel when fully raised. That will set the upper limit. It took me a couple of tries to get it set properly.
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Default Repairing the shade motor

Repairing the motor assembly:

If you decide to try and repair the gears like I did you will need to open up the motor assembly. I removed the torx bolts and the assembly opened into three pieces.

The gears are right there and it will be apparent if they have failed:

I was in luck and hopeful this would save me from the expense of a new motor. I went ahead and ordered new gears and they arrived in roughly 5 days. The only tricky part of the install was removing/installing the plastic gear that mounts on the metal piece as seen above (not sure of the proper name for the metal piece). My old gear was cracked so it was easy to slide it off. I simply pressed the new one using padded jaws in a vice on as seen below:

I put the new gears in, lubricated them, and bolted the motor back together:

From here reassembly is just the reverse, please look at step 7 in the first post on how to adjust the upper travel limit.

Bross-Auto-Parts, Gears: https://www.brossautoparts.net/index...ry&path=66_430
Door Panel Removal:
- in Russian, but sound not really needed.
Door Panel Removal:
- in Australian but close enough to English to be understandable..
Door Panel Removal:
- in Russian with English overlay. Fast to watch for short attention span people.

Overall the project took a couple of hours and shouldn't be that difficult if you take your time and are careful. There may be better ways to do this, just sharing my experience.
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